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Corrupt Philippines’ generals should commit suicide, too

Probably retired four-star-general Angelo Reyes is a believer of the credo of the Japanese warrior class.
For a samurai, a graceful exit from a shameful act is through the tip of the sword that he plunged into his heart or abdomen. The coup d’grace is by him pushing the sword upward.
In the feudal period in Japan, samurai considered it a privilege and duty to commit hara-kiri, rather than live with shame in their lifetime.
Reyes used his .45 calibre pistol to shot his heart rather than be in jail without bail for a probable plunder case.
Marine Lt. Colonel Vlad Mata, a graduate of the National Defense College of the Philippines and married to Japanese told me otherwise.
He said Reyes is probably a believer of Tom Cruise’s movie “A Few Good Men” than Cruise’s “The Last Samurai.”
In the said flick, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Andrew Markinson, in his extravagantly decorated full class A full blue dress uniform, faced the mirror and shot himself in the mouth with a .45 calibre pistol.
Col. Markinson was involved in an anomaly at the U.S Marine based in Guantanamo, Cuba.
Can’t those suspected malefactors who amassed government funds follow Markinson or General Hasegawa of the “The Last Samurai”?
It seems incriminatory evidences are all over former Generals Ligot, Villanueva, Cimatu, and other retired and incumbent generals in case some whistleblowers come from the wood works to collaborate what Retired Colonel George Rabusa has exposed.
The shame they and their families would face would be unbearable especially if they are convicted by the court of laws.
They would be the object of ire and ridicule by people who know them.
Look at Retired General Carlos Garcia and his family. Before the eyes of the unwashed they are scoundrels based on the preponderances of evidences thrown to them. The honor, prestige, and wealth the family have stolen, er, reaped before have diminished.
Can they still walk in the public with their heads up?
Thus many people doff their hats to Gen. Reyes. At least he has delicadeza to end his life because of the shame he brought to himself and his family.
Curse those callous-faced generals who still circulate in public with their stolen wealth.
The honourable sacrifice they can give to the mother land is to cock their lethal .45 pistol and pump a single bullet to their heart.
“Wag na naman sir,” my friend Tado, who worked as waiter at the officers club at Camp Aguinaldo, cried.
“Why?” I posed to him.
“Pambihira naman kayo, pag nag-suicide ang mga generals natin na kawatan, puro colonel na lang ang maiiwan sa atin. Wala na tayong generals na ma-i-pagyayabang sa peace keeping missions natin sa United Nations,” he emphatically continued.
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