Biyernes, Oktubre 14, 2011

Pacquiao in Training

Trainer and Pacman's dietitian Nonoy Neri - an ilonggo who came from Negros but now stays in Davao City

One of the two very expensive BMW motor trikes of Manny . These babies were driven by his close-in from Cooyesan Hotel to either Santa Lucia or Teachers' Camp or Burnham

Lightweight no. 1 contender Linares. El Venezuelan, eh? "31 fights, 20 knockouts" he answered me
"My right hand is my power punch, while my left is for jabbing. He still learned a lot from Manny how to dance on the stuffs spread on the rubberized tracks in Baguio
With conditioning coach Alex Areza. El Columbiano, eh? I have a lengthy one-on-one take-no-prisoner-no-holds-bar interview with him on Manny's taking drugs, and Manny's not on the level of Mayweather

First time I saw this baby here in the Philippines. Have you seen the no. 8 at the SUV's plate? That's the no. of a congressman. Senators, Justices, president have their own no. too