Miyerkules, Setyembre 12, 2018

VIDEO: JDV on the lack of understanding of the Pinoys on Federalism

Q & A: Former 5-Time Speaker Joe de Venecia known also as JDV on the thorough study of Federalism, say 3 years, because the Filipinos don't understand it yet. 

- He cited a strong run of disapproval (of the Filipinos) is mounting because of lack of understanding.
- Thorough study on the Pros and Cons of Federalism.
- Look what the financial managers feared on the tens of billions expenses and loses (yearly) Federalism bring to the coffer.
- De Venecia during his time under Pres. Gloria Arroyo (his former vice presidential tandem) almost got the nod of the Supreme Court when the SC voted 8-7 against his vaunted People's Initiative to change the Presidential-Representative system to Parliamentary -Federalism in the 1987 Constitution. 

Interviewer: Professor Mortz Mar C. Ortigoza