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Drug Pushers Cowered Away as COP Kills


I’ll not be surprised if a son of a prominent family in a city would be found dead with a bullet hole on his head or stabbed wounds from a knife in different parts of his body.The Chief of Police (COP) of one of the cities in my province, my source told me, is after the scalp of this big time illegal drug pusher whose illegal trade extended to the neighbouring town.Massacro al Movimiento Campesino del Aguan: Guardie private di Miguel Facussè assassinano almeno 4 compañeros del MCA, vari feriti gravi e 2 desaparecidos
“Tina timingan lang namin. Wala pang pagkakata-on para maitumba namin siya”.
In my socialization with several police brass who resort to extra judicial killings ("salvage" in the vernacular) of habitual delinquents, if possible they avoid gunning down the victim, they told me. Instead they want the malefactor stab so the killing would not be part of the number of victims slain in a shooting incident. Shooting has a discriminatory effect to a COP’s tour of duty.

Kim Henares for Vice President in 2016?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – She is probably the best commissioner the watchers of Bureau of Internal Revenue have ever seen – what with the series of reforms she initiated and the collection target she surpassed on a year-on-year basis after she took the tax agency’s helm in 2010.
Commissioner Kim Henares (4th from left) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue poses with
the tax agency's regional director lawyer Arnel Guballa (5th from left) and his top honchos
during the visit of Henares to inaugurate the new swanky Revenue District Office-4 in
Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Would Commissioner Kimi Henares runs for the vice presidency or the senatorial seat if a political party enlists her in the 2016 polls?
An ambivalent Henares said she is not a political person.
“I’m not a political person so I don’t think, di ba? I’m just concentrating on doing my job as best as I can,” she said chuckling.
She explained she wants to look back and tell people on their face that she tries her best to give the country the chance to become develop.
“That’s the most important thing for me, not the political office,” she said laughing.

Move-Out Jueteng, Meridian, PCSO’s Peryahan Coming!

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 Ronald (not his real name) decried the series of raid and arrest done by law enforcers against the uniformed and mobile collectors of Peryahan Games (Peryahan or Games for brevity) in Laoac – a 4th class town in the 48 cities and towns province Pangasinan.
“Noong December 23 at January 12 nandito ang mga taga NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). Bakit nila hina-harass ang mga taga Peryahan e legal na palaro ito dahil pag-aari ito ng PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office?”.
His town just became a host last December 20 of the Games’ franchisee Global Tech Mobile Online.
The self-styled political kibitzer suspected that the raids against the collectors of the Peryahan the NBI alleged to front for jueteng were under the behest of big time gambling boss Atong Ang - whose multi-million pesos a day bet churning Meridian Jai Alai - is threatened by the Games’ 1-to-38 numbered Hulog Holen, a game of chance played like the illegal number game jueteng and Meridian’s Jai-Alai .

Palaro’s Many Games are Copy of Jueteng, Drop Ball, Etc.

Meridian and jueteng are played similarly like Holen but with only 1-to 37 combination as option combination to bettors.
Although there is almost no more jueteng played in the 2.8 populated province, the P10 million a day bets’ Meridian Jai-Alai has been given a semblance of legality after some of its smart-aleck lawyers filled an injunction case at the Court of Appeals that until now - for two years - the appellate court has yet to resolve whether it is legal or illegal. Anyare Court of Appeals?
Many of the games of Palaro are copy cats of jueteng, drop ball, video karera, and others.
“If you can’t beat ‘em, join’ ‘em?
 Probably the imitation was a government strategy how to beat the decades old number games at the same time snare the funds they generate for the government coffer. Based on the Implementation Rules and Regulation (IRR)  of the Peryahan these games are copyrighted and registered with intellectual property rights of the Philippines.They are Hulog Holen, Throw Coins, Gulong ng Swertres, Dart Baloon with Numbers, Rolets, Shooting Ring, Sa Pula, Sa Puti, Color Games, Drop Ball, Beto Beto, Karera, Bingo Dart, Sungka, Trumpo, and Pitik Bulag.
The difference between Peryahan Games and the P9 billion a year Jueteng racket in the country’s 12 provinces, the former remits 2% of the 30% Charity Fund based on the gross sales and receipts of the Games within the province, and 5% of the 30% Charity Fund based on the gross sales and receipts of the Games within the city or municipality while the latter are just, well, scandalous racket where monies go to the pockets of Gambling Lords, governors, congressmen, mayors and law enforcers while the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s personnel hold the empty proverbial bag like a fool.
Meridian’s seemingly spurious character is not spared with suspicion by people in the province. For instance several media men in Pangasinan have been asking why until now it has no office in any of the four cities and 44 towns of the province.
Photo Credit:PhilStar
Peryahan Games Need Not Secure Barangay, Mayor’s Permits