Miyerkules, Nobyembre 8, 2017

Ranger Capt Uses Men as Bait to Locate Muslims' Snipers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

“Son of a gun, so the PC had the likes of  Colonel Amado Espino while the other branches of service had their heroes. Were you familiar with Army’s hero Julius Javier (PMA '70) and legendary artillery man Army General Rodolfo Canieso (PMA '56)?" I posed to Congressman Leopoldo "Pol" Bataoil.
 Si Julius Javier may movie pa titled the Scout Ranger!” I enthused.
Bataoil, a former police two-star general, emphatically told me the feats of Javier, an Ilonggo like me.
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Filipino elite soldiers Scout Ranger
“Even as company commander he joined patrol and engaged the Muslim rebels in Mindanao in a fire fight. There was an incident where Moro snipers were hiding on the trees in the forest and they were pinning down his troop”
Bataoil recalled how Javier ordered one of his men to run as bait for the sniper.
“Ninerbiyos ang sundalo but he had to comply while running as the sniper tried to pin him down. Javier watched where the shot came from then Javier fired at the location of the sniper”.
Sometimes the sniper, the solon explained, could not be hit and he had to order another soldier to run as bait.
“One of the soldiers dreaded that he would die would not comply with the order. An angry Javier then asked him to watch and fire where the shot came from as he would use himself as the running target.
After he ran, he shouted at the nervous soldier if he hit the shooter from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).
“Hinde po sir,!” the soldier shouted back.


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