Sabado, Mayo 18, 2019

Nut, ex-junkie give voters a chill

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

PANGASINAN – A candidate who talks to himself and another bet who came from illegal drug rehabilitation give cold chills to many voters in this province as the May 13 are few days away.
According to a source, who asked for anonymity, these queer candidates for the May 13, 2019 election are aspiring for a higher position.

“Iyong si sira ulo hindi na pinapansin ng mga kamag anak at supporters kahit na nagsasalita siyang mag isa,” the source cited in Filipino.

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He said that it is an asset nevertheless that the bet has the gift of gab and blabber because it is a valuable talent to converse even to a concrete wall and an electrical post.
“Mabuti iyan at least bawi ang pasuweldo ng gobyerno kaysa doon sa mga miyembro ng silent committee sa town and city councils saka sa congress,” he deplorably told this writer.

The second bet had treatment during his rehabilitation in Manila after he became addicted to dangerous drugs for several years.
Both of these bets are members of the affluent families in their places. The first one however reeled with personal and matrimonial problems.
Despite being a laggard in the polls, both are very confident they will in a landslide in the post they aspired for.

“Hindi na mapipigilan ang pagkapanalo ko,” one of them, who probably was in his lucid interval, told the source.