Linggo, Oktubre 29, 2017

Story Behind the Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover

(Transcribed by Mortz C. Ortigoza)

Wow, I was listening to Paul McCartney being interviewed by Howard Stern and radio co-anchor Robin Quivers what’s the story behind the iconic poster of the Album Abbey Road.

STERN: I heard Abbey Road was not supposed to be called Abbey Road.  You would to call it something like Mt. Everest or something.  Is this true?

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A framed poster of the Abbey Road Album inside the house of a Beatle's fan in the Philippines.

MCCARTNEY: That ‘s true. Y’ know you’re makin’ an album and towards the end of the album you’re thinkin’ oh we need a title on this. An Engineer  Jim Emerick was smokin’ cigarette called Everest it kind  like of menthol cigarette at that time and kind of look at that “Everest,  y’know it’s big. That could be good for the album. So that’s the workin’ title but the more we thought it “No, this is not great”.  And one day we were just coming in Abbey Road working and I was lookin’ why not Abbey Road? We did that, we can just run outside there is a crossing and we can just stand there and we got photograph and come back to work and take two seconds and it’s not about title. You know Abbey road to us it was kind of just the name of the studio. But for us you take a couple of context it can be Monastery Lane, Abbey Road.
STERN: Is it not word a simple though like that can be a legend and iconic now?
MCCARTNEY: Yah, it was a cheap approach.

Meanwhile, don't you know that the first, popular, and timeless "Come Together" song at the A-Side of Abbey Road was composed by John Lennon as a political jingle in 1970 for a gubernatorial candidate in California?
Lennon composed it for Democrats candidate Timothy Leary's California governorship stint against actor Ronald Reagan.
The first draft was written at Lennon and Yoko Ono's second bed-in in Montreal, Canada.

Lennon said on the song: "The thing was created in the studio. It's gobbledygook; "Come Together" was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and tried, but I couldn't come up with one. But I came up with this, "Come Together," which would've been no good to him—you couldn't have a campaign song like that, right?"
"Come Together", according to author Adam Clark Estes, fared much better than Leary throughout all this, though. The song topped the charts in the United States and became an anthem of sorts for the anti-war movement. It's also served as an excellent addition to many movie soundtracks, including the blockbuster Michael Bay filmArmageddon. How different the album version was from the campaign song remains a mystery, but Leary would later speak about the first time he heard it. He said:
Although the new version was certainly a musical and lyrical improvement on my campaign song, I was a bit miffed that Lennon had passed me over this way… When I sent a mild protest to John, he replied with typical Lennon charm and wit that he was a tailor and I was a customer who had ordered a suit and never returned. So he sold it to someone else.



Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album by English rock band the Beatles, released on 26 September 1969 by Apple Records. The recording sessions for the album were the last in which all four Beatles participated. Although Let It Be was the final album that the Beatles completed before the band's dissolution in April 1970, most of the album had been recorded before the Abbey Road sessions began.[1] A double A-side single from the album, "Something"/"Come Together", released in October, topped the Billboard chart in the US.