Linggo, Mayo 29, 2011

The Anatomy of Motels according to the BIR

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Days of motel owners who make mambo-jumbo with their manipulated lower assessed valued income taxes are numbered.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has found a formula how to assess the number of couples who patronized these lucrative tryst businesses in this tropical country.
Assistant Revenue District Officer Maria Bernadette Mangaoang said that the national tax office has formulated a plan where a BIR personnel lists how many cars entered the motel everyday.
She said usually the lists are recorded on the logbook of the motel security that mans its gate.
“Hindi naman everyday may BIR. Kaya nga e kukunin na lang nila iyong average, “ Mangaoang explained.
Mangaoang said that her office that over sees 15 towns and a city in Eastern Pangasinan did not implement it since most of the motels in Urdaneta City are mostly branches of motels whose main office is either in Manila or in Dagupan City.
She said branches only pay P500 registration fee with the local BIR like RDO-6, while they remitted the bigger Value Added Tax at their main office.

Miyerkules, Mayo 18, 2011

Bigcas probably learned from ... (Deleted as Requested)

Alledged smuggler Filipino-American  Lynard Allan Biscag

Was the Pacquiao-Mosley's Bout fixed?

By Marcelo Ortigoza
Top Rank's God Father Bob Arum

A city official smarted by telling me that he conditioned himself to watch a bloody Pacquiao-Mosley tiff because I told all and sundry at TV stations GMA-7 and ABS-CBN that the fight of Filipino Superman would be his toughest compared to his gory outing with Eric Morales (1), and competitive tussle with Juan Manual Marquez.
Although I did tell through the boob tubes the public that the younger Manny Pacquiao will win, the tussle was an outright flop.
My fight with my sister when we were tots were more violent.
I told the official that his frustration was synonymous with those spectators who bought tickets at MGM. They were guys who paid for their hotel accommodations, and who chalked-up a hair raising airplane trips from places as far as the Philippines.
Everybody thought before that the pugilistic encounter would see bloods splattering everywhere from the two warriors, thus bleachers at MGM overflowed that tickets have been sold-out weeks before the fight.
I saw the tiff in two different ways:
First, Manny’s left was too powerful for Shane to absorb, thus Shane’s became a one-left arm pug as he stuck his right glove all night long to his right chin to repel any nuclear-backlash from Pacquiao’s left

Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Corruptibility, comedy, and stupidity of Filipinos

A chief of police of a town in Pangasinan is sad despite the daily dole-out of P500 a day from the operator of a gambling game Jai-Alai to his station.
During the proliferation of illegal number game Jueteng, this game’s operator did not only give meal money to policemen but gave a bigger amount to the chief, and a much bigger sum to the mayor for his personal expenses.

My other source said some police chiefs received more or less P100 thousand a month while each member of the Provincial Board received P45 thousand to P60 thousand a month. Many mayors averagely received P300 thousand a month. This not to mention some town and city mayors who received P1.2 million each as an average a month.
Recently, Mayor Gregorio “Bobom” Perez of the burgeoning Urdaneta City unveiled a P3 million huge black granite statute of a seemingly angry carabao located at the intersection of the city’s busy swanky highway that accommodates travelers to the North, South, East, and West of major cities in Luzon
The water buffalo, with a backdrop of comforting electronically operated springs of water at the foreground of a wall made of imposing black granite
too, show the bullishness of the city.
But what worries me every time I passed in that intersection is the possibility of the carabao jumping from its more that ten feet perch and run berserk and “horning” scampering and screaming travelers and commuters.
It’s my prayer that Mayor Bobom and the officials of Urdaneta leash (tali-an) that menacing animal before it could hurt unwary human beings.

Linggo, Mayo 8, 2011

Pacquiao – Mosley: Analysis

by Mortz C. Ortigoza
Pacquiao emulates Southpaw Winky Wright who defeated Mosley twice. Sand bagged with the gloves and steamroller Mosley with those lethal left and right hooks"
This tiff is the toughest Filipino pug Manny Pacquaio faces in May, 7, 2011.
But explosive Manny is a 6-1 favorite as the fight nears
Aside from the ear-drum beating “punishment” pop music buffs all over the world have endured to this Justin Bieber-Bruce Lee’s look a-like newly released rendition of Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Torch, er,Touch”, can he also punished Mosley the way he bludgeoned awkward- moving- slow punching Antonio Margarito on this awaited tiff?
The following assessment could probably answer our question:
Advantages of Mosley against Pacquiao
-Bigger, stronger, and most dangerous opponent who has been put in front of Manny by BobFather Arum;
-Has 72.22% Knocked-Out ratio in his 54 fights against Manny’s 66.67% KO in his 57 tussles;
- Although paces like a duck in the ring, he is not a sitting duck as he has an excellent slick lateral foot movement. He could dart in-and-out the way he victoriously did to Oscar dela Hoya in their two epic battles in the early 2000s when the Golden boy was at his peak;
-Has an unpredictable left jab he converts to power left hook that either TKO or KO Fernando Vargas, Ricardo Mayorga, and Antonio Margarito;
-Has looping right hook he converts to the Beatles’ bang-bang “Maxwell Silver Hammer” that nearly knock down Floyd Mayweather in their 2nd Round outing and zapped-out the durability out of Margarito’s chin;
- Has a chin as thick as the callousness on the faces of Filipino government officials who malversed scarce public funds just to watch solon Pacquiao in Vegas;
-Never experienced how to be in the dreamland on the dais unlike Manny who experienced how it felt to be KO or TKO thrice at the platform.

-Has 74-inch reach against Pacquiao’s 67.

Advantages of Pacquiao against Mosley
- Every time he fights, survivors of Nagasaki atomic bombed blast are either traumatized or have nightmare as they remembered how that more than four tons “Fat Man" bomb born by a B-29 bomber wrought havoc to them in that fateful August of 1945.
-His hands speed would look Jason Statham knife-stabbing prowess a child’s play in the flick “Expendable”.
-You ask Democrats Senator Harry Reid of Nevada how violently explosive Congressman Pacquiao is?
What Mosley should do in this fight?
-As he backpedals as Manny chases him, he fires his Hellfire missile-likes right or left hook to the Filipino’s chin;
-He should always raise his right or left lower arm to deflect Manny left or right hook before he counters him;
- Incessantly left jabs Manny’s face and moves clock-wise to frustrate Pacquiao’s setting his lethal left cross and hook;
-He shot a power left hook or cross at Manny’s right chin as the latter has the propensity to lower his right hand;
-Fire 1-2 combination to Manny and then clinch or crowd him to prevent his hay maker. If fellow African-American Bernard Hopkin can do this with gusto by defeating his difficult foes, why not Shane to Manny ;
- After he hits the left face of Manny with his signature flush looping right hand, follow it up with power left upper cut or left hook;
- Hit Pacquiao with a right hook then immediately bend and weave his head to his right to avoid Manny’s dangerous counter left hook. He can back pedal, too, to frustrate the Filipino in hitting him;
- In a clinch position, he can sneak a right hook to Manny’s chin;
- After Manny lower his hand to pause, Mosley attacks him;
- He moved laterally to the right or left by complementing it with sneaky right stiff jabs. Then set and fired that killing right overhand hook;
- Body punch Manny
What Pacquiao should do in this fight?
-Make Shane busy the entire round. He tired and decreased the rates of his punches in the second half as shown in his fight with Miguel Cotto and Mayweather;
- Shane’s propensity to double left jabs only makes him open to Pacquiao's flushing signature hit left hook to the chin of the Pomona, California native;
- Emulates Mayweather who waited for Mosley’s left jab by either blocking it or bobbling his head, then counter it with a power left cross at Shane’s right face;
- After Shane’s launched his right cross, Manny backtracks just like Mayweather to avoid being hit from that right hand and Mosley’s smoking left hook;
-Mosley has difficulty setting his bunches of punches after an out-of- angle flurries Mayorga’s brought to him;
-He emulates Southpaw Winky Wright who defeated Mosley twice. Sand bagged with the gloves and steamroller Mosley with those lethal left and right hooks;
- Just like in dela Hoya and Margarito’s fights,Manny stick, slip-out and throw punches again before Mosley is able to regain his defense;
-- After Shane’s lower his hand to pause, Pacquiao attacks him just like what Mayweather has effectively done;
- Manny treats Shane with a 1-2 body combo, and 1-2 chin combo. Just like the oil riched Philippine claimed Spratly –Islands, Mosley’s body remains unexplored to hard drilling.The late VernonForrest, who floored him twice, and defeated him twice, showed that Mosley is vulnerable to a body assault. “Nobody ever went to Shane’s body before because they were intimidated by his hand-speed,” said Forrest’s trainer Ronnie Shields.

Every time Mosley fires his left jabs, Manny preemptively unleash his left whack-whack guns that has damaged Morales and Cotto, Mosley is hittable at his right face as he sets his right hand;

-As Shane’s stick and dance, Pacman attacks as if there is no tomorrow.Forrest showed that a flat-footed moving Mosley is vulnerable to a determined attacker;

- Mosley is vulnerable with left hook as he lowered his guard to his right chin;
- Watch Mosley’s upper cut as he fired it, then he pauses or backpedal. That’s the time Manny lunged a right straight or fires his right hook;
-Manny should see to it that a disturbed Mosley could not set an angle to unleash his signature right hand;

Huwebes, Mayo 5, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Mosley: My interviews with Philippine Giant TV Networks

Author Ortigoza (right) was interviewed this morning at GMA-7 TV (April 6) on his analysis of the Pacquiao-Mosley tussle
Filipino Superman's Wonder Woman Mother Dionesia. Shane Mosley said he did not experience to be Knocked-Out, but Manny experienced it thrice, while Mom Dionesia once -- when Antonio Margarito hits Manny with a flushing left hook at the right kidney's area in the 7th round of their fight that caused his mom's collapsed at the front seat of the Cowboy's Stadium in Texas, USA.
ANALYZING THE PACQUIAO-MOSLEY TIFF AT ABS-CBN TV. At right is author Mortz Ortigoza. Photo was taken in May 5, 2011 at the Capitol Ground in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Filipino Superman Except Superman's Handsome Face

ANALYZING THE PACQUIAO-MOSLEY TIFF  with GMA-7 last May 4, 2011 at our house. Extreme left is Northern Luzon GMA-7 reporter Sheila Finuliar. She covers Pacquiao with an almost daily regularity in his training in Baguio City.

Miyerkules, Mayo 4, 2011

Corruptions at the Philippine Education Department

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
This is a story told to me by a public school teacher. This story can be better re-told in the vernacular:
Girl: Manong Bayad (Big brother, my jeepney fare)
Driver: Saan galing? (Where did you come from?)
Girl: Student, Nursing, St. Paul, bagung sakay (I just rode your jeep).
Boy: (Affronted by the air of the girl, paid P500)
Manong Bayad (Big brother, my fare)
Driver :( Angry) Ilan sa P500? (How many passengers for the P500?)!
Boy: Isa lang, Kip d change, seaman, bagong baba! (Only one, but you keep the change of my money, . I am a seaman who just disembarked from my ship).
Woman: (Feeling affronted by the arrogance of the boy, paid P1000!) Bayad, paki-abot! (My fare, please give to the driver).
Driver: Anak ng … Wala bang barya? (Son of Bi___, you don’t have loose change?)
Woman: Sa inyo na lang iyung sukli manong, teacher po bagong loan!
(The loose change yours, Mr. Driver. I am a public school teacher. I just received my loan.)
Why do some lending institutions that cater to teachers thrive at the Department of Education?
They are in cahoots with the public school’s Regional Director and the paymaster.
A lowest ranked teacher who receives P18 thousand a month but who borrows P50 thousand has to pay it for two years in a monthly amortization of P 2,521 -inclusive of the P438 interest- a month
He/she would find himself/herself receiving a monthly check of P15, 479. The same situation if he/she borrows using the P15, 479.
It’s a windfall for these lucky-as-Lotto-winner financial institutions that earned up to 21.024% interest for a P50 thousand loan.
Interest per month is efficiently collected because somebody in the regional office like the laughing- to –the- bank regional director, and other conspiring bigwig-malefactors give the imprimatur to the paymaster to deduct the loan payment before they would be released to the provinces.
Why are some public school supervisors and principals bullish every graduation day?
Because they get a financial cut from every rented toga and cap, and graduation picture from the captive impoverished parents and students who join the commencement exercise in the kindergarten, elementary, and high school levels.
A toga and cap for a graduate in the three levels are rented for P40. But unwitting graduate and parent do not know about the fast one done to them after they paid P100 for the package, as corrupt school officials pocketed P60 from each of the graduates.
“Sometime it is the principal only who pockets the overprice,” my source told me.
It is the same situation with those graft-ridden pictures that cost P100 for each graduate.
“The jacked-up price reached up to P25, where the student pays P125,” my source told me.
A former implementer of government-owned Land Bank of the Philippines told me he has read my “How Philippine officials pocketed some loans from gov’t banks” in my Blog that saw some thousands of hits,ahem, already because of the “intrigued” I sowed.
He said that mayors and councilors could easily pocket some portions of the loan, say P7 million for the P50 million loan vis-à-vis the “progress-building” policy of the LBP of how much loan it releases to its funded town hall , market building, and other public infrastructure.
He said progress building means LBP inspector go to the work site and check how much of the building is finished as based on the cost of the loan before the bank releases the money.
“Usually the cost of the project is jacked-up by those municipal officials,”
He said these officials already earned from the cut the mayor’s gave them.
He told me officials of the LBP do not check the priced-up invoices of the materials as it is the work of Commission of Audit.
He said some mayors use dummy to construct a municipal project.
He said aside from the portion of the loan illegally pocketed by the mayor, he gets another 10% from the Overhead Contingency not to mention his 10% as Contractor’s Profit .All of these percentages are sanctioned by law.
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