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Was the Pacquiao-Mosley's Bout fixed?

By Marcelo Ortigoza
Top Rank's God Father Bob Arum

A city official smarted by telling me that he conditioned himself to watch a bloody Pacquiao-Mosley tiff because I told all and sundry at TV stations GMA-7 and ABS-CBN that the fight of Filipino Superman would be his toughest compared to his gory outing with Eric Morales (1), and competitive tussle with Juan Manual Marquez.
Although I did tell through the boob tubes the public that the younger Manny Pacquiao will win, the tussle was an outright flop.
My fight with my sister when we were tots were more violent.
I told the official that his frustration was synonymous with those spectators who bought tickets at MGM. They were guys who paid for their hotel accommodations, and who chalked-up a hair raising airplane trips from places as far as the Philippines.
Everybody thought before that the pugilistic encounter would see bloods splattering everywhere from the two warriors, thus bleachers at MGM overflowed that tickets have been sold-out weeks before the fight.
I saw the tiff in two different ways:
First, Manny’s left was too powerful for Shane to absorb, thus Shane’s became a one-left arm pug as he stuck his right glove all night long to his right chin to repel any nuclear-backlash from Pacquiao’s left

hook or straight.
Second, has somebody written at some news sites about a word “fixed” or “swindled”?
If Antonio Margarito’s face particularly absorbed all the things including the bleachers and the ring posts Manny thrown to him before, why could Shane not absorb all the punches of Manny when he could absorb all the punches of Margarito and hard hitting Miguel Cotto when he(Cotto) was undefeated during their encounters?
Holly Molly, even those syndicates selling pirated DVDs worth P40.00 (0.83 U.S cents) at the sidewalks of Dagupan City would not bite selling this fight to the public.
“Masyadong buuuring ang laban ni Pakyaw, mukhang nabayaran si Muuusley na tumakbo buong gaaabe (That fight was a bore. It seems Mosley has been paid to run all night),” emphatically told to me by my Tagalog halting speaking Muslim-vendor pal.
Was there a backdoor negotiation that Mosley was asked to run while Manny chases him for a knock-out?
Is boxing the Red District of sports? Maan, we could only speculate.
Anyway, the Pinoy Superman, Batman, Captain Barbell, Bruce Lee, Justin Bieber all combined won by more than $20 million inclusive of Pay-Per –View.
And, yes, my dear Shane “Shame” Mosley wins too, by $6 million inclusive of the PPV.
Former world champions Kelly Pavlic and Jorge Arce , who were part of the under cards, could only cry their hearts-out. They were paid a minuscule $ 120 thousand, $250 thousand, respectively, while Bob father Arum earns more than what Manny had.
The losers, son of a gun, were those people I mentioned who went to Vegas, and those who paid an arm for the $55 PPV for a fight dubbed as one of the “greatest swindle (?)” in modern boxing history.

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