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Historical Photo versus Historical Puta


HISTORICAL PHOTO VS HISTORICAL PUTA. ‘I shook up the world!!!’ Cassius Clay (later named Muhammad Ali) famously screamed after knocking out a world heavy weight champ and KO artist Sonny Liston 51 years from now.
Half a century from the night a brash loquacious kid name Clay beat a terrifying brute of a man for the world heavyweight title and in so doing challenged America to confront its own dark reality
SCREAMED, TOO. PH wannabe boxing commentator Mortz Baby did an Ali famous
scream after an effeminate "nota" hungry Aswang (witch) poised to eat him.

Mortz Baby known as Mortz Ortigoza, a Flip, er, a Filipino, was probably the only Filipino boxing scribe and radio commentator who boldly predicted, against the consternation of his compatriots who thought he was an obnoxious "puta (bitch)", that Floyd Mayweather would defeat Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in their mega fight last  May 2014. That deplorable tussle saw many fans and bettors walking without their shirts, cursing, and suing Pacquiao for the damage and swindling he had done to them in the sin city called Las Vegas, USA.
Ortigoza did not only predict in his TV and radio interviews from stations all over the Philippines two weeks before the slam bang but challenged everybody to bet against him and Mayweather.
Since he could not find reputable bettors in the educated sectors who can "Walk the Talk" but just content themselves to "Talk the Walk" that Pacquiao would kick the ass of Mayweather, Mortz look for those people, the formidable bobotantes (idiotic voters) and those with the I.Q level of Pacquiao for a wager.
 He criss crossed the "bagsakan (entrepot)" market of Urdaneta City and challenged those Igorot vegetable suppliers and bet against those bangus (milk fish) whole sellers at the wet market of Dagupan City for a six - figure break or make bet.
Mortz, unknown to his wife Miles, brought all the family savings and tuition fees of their kids just to bet for Mayweather that he confidently predicted would school Pacquiao, the senatorial wannabe, in the over hyped fight.
"More than one year after those Fraud, er, Fight of the Century, those Igorots and Bangus merchants have not recovered  until now with their seed monies thanks to their gullibility and ignorance where they believed that the Filipino Superman except Superman's handsome face would be invincible against the scientific and slick American boxing phenomenon," he said shaking his head.
But Mortz baby has another challenged for everybody for a wager. Pacquiao, because of the bobotantes who root for Alma Moreno, Bong Revilla, and Lito Lapid in public office, will win the senatorial race in 2016 in spite of his pathetic four attendance as congressman in the  last year's 16th Congress and his failure, on the rumours I heard, to identify John and Jane Does during his rare congressional debate whether both are siblings or cousins, or just a police character, or whether he would help defend a person sued with Anti-Fencing Law in spite the absence of a destroyed fence.

Here's  Mortz ballyhooed column, a month before the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight, that bankrupt those simpleton mountain and fish pond people:

ANALYSIS: Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather
By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Many boxing aficionados predicted that Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s haymakers would dominate Welterweight pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on May 2 (U.S dateline) mega tussle of the century.
Since a boxer is as good as his last six fights, let’s dissect if Pacquiao whirling dervish southpaw attack has still the superiority or pop to deck out Mayweather.

When Pacquiao fought the “Walking Punching Bag” Brandon Rios and the “Run Away Bride”, er, Boxer Cris Algieri compobox bared Pacquiao unleashes a total punch rates of 790 for Rios and 669 for Algieri in the entire 12 Rounds.
In these two lopsided match ups, Pacquiao looks superb as based on his total punches  just like during those exploding years where he TKO’d (technical knocked out) and KO’d (knocked out) the bigger but dehydrated or struggling in weight Oscar dela Hoya, Antonio Margarito, and Miguel Cotto.
When Manny however fought Juan Manuel Marquez in 2011 and 2012, he unleashes only a total punch of 578
and 256 (before he was knocked out cold at the 6th Round) or an average punches of 48 and 42 per round on their 2011 and 2013  tussles, respectively.
Why the bone lazy punches from the Filipino to the Mexican compared to his bunches of punches on Rios and Algieri?

Biyernes, Oktubre 30, 2015

Why PH dawdles on her defense versus China


In the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Modernization Act (RAFPMA) or what is known as Republic Act 10349,  I saw that after we completed procuring a squadron  or 12 South Korean made F/A-50 Lead-In-Fighter-Trainer (LIFT) supersonic jets next year as part of RAFPMA’s Horizon-1 (2013 to 2017, P75 billion to P90 billion for 33 items), we will be procuring on Horizon II (2018-2022) multiple roles jets like the 4.5 Generation American made F-16s, Jas 39 Swedish made Gripens, French Mirage Rafaeles, or Euro fighter Typhoons that would make us at par if not better than the air forces of our South East Asian Region’s neighbors. Delivery of these multiple role jets would be in 2019 or 2020 if we will be gearing for a brand new. Why on that year? Since Congress will debate and appropriate the budget for them on 2017. The order will be on 2018 and delivery could be in the 2019 or 2020.
U.S made F-22 Stealth Jet Raptors

 Bakit masyadong malayo? Why our government procrastinate in buying those lethal jets as  deterrence to the Chinese intruders of our islands and reefs at the West Philippines Sea (WPS)?
Just take a look at the 33 projects intended for the Horizon 1, aside from the F/A-50 jets and the Bell Helicopters Bell 412EP from the Canadian Commercial Corporation those shopping lists in the Navy and Marine Corp mandated by RA 10349 are still pipe dreams.
They are the Anti Submarine Warfare capable Naval Helicopter; Frigate; Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mk.3;  Amphibious Assault Vehicle;  Marine Forces Imagery and Targeting Support System; Base Support and Logistics;  Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Combat System Alignment Phase 3;  Jacinto, class Patrol Vessel Marine Engineering Upgrade for PS-37; 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle;  5.56mm Standard Weapons System and those in the Philippine Air force like the 7.62mm Design1 Air Surveillance Radar; Close Air Support Aircraft; F/SAA/LIFT Munitions; Long Range Patrol Aircraft;  Full Motion Flight Simulators; C-130T; Basing Support System for F/SAA/LIFT; Basing Support System for Air Surveillance Radar; Basing Support System for Long Range Patrol Aircraft ted Marksman Rifle; 5.56mm Standard Weapons System need to be bided and purchased one year before the end of Horizon 1 in 2017 while Horizon 2 (from 2018 to 2023 worth from P140 billion to P500 billion shopping list) is just around the corner.
What’s the delay under the exiting Aquino Administration? The Chinese have been streaking into land and sea grabbing frenzy of our properties in the WPS and Scarborough Shoals.
 As what Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus says “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (If You Want Peace, Prepare for War)
 Is it because we rely so much on the United States superior fire powers that we slacken in our defence in case a shooting war between us and the chink eyed trespassers break at the WPS?

Probably Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, who got rid of his video games addiction with nephew Josh, and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin have seen how superior the Yanks against the Chinese that they neglected our Armed Forces to modernize.
Russian Made Sukhoi 30 Flanker Multi-Role Jets. Russia's answer
 to American made F-15 Eagles

Probably they saw at YouTube-History Channel documentary video’s “Dog Fights of the Future - Combat for Fifth-Generation Jet Fighter”.
For those who were glued to the AlDub’s make- believe- love story phenomenon at noon time show GMA-7 TV, the video’s synopsis was about the simulation war between the U.S using its four Generation 5 F-22 stealth jet’s Raptors versus the enemy’s 14 Mikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum Generation 4 fighter jets.
In 2016, the voice over of the video said, a commercial jet was shot down by a heat seeking missile somewhere at the WPS.
A U.S Navy’s  Sikorsky SH-60/MH-60 Seahawk helicopter probably from the guided missiles destroyer USS Lassen (that just mocked the Chinese on their self proclaimed 12 nautical miles territorial water at the Spratlys) came to the succor of the plane’s survivors but was shot down from one of the 14 Russian Fulcrums (Russian advanced version of the American F-16 jet fighter) heat seeking rocket .
But unknown to the bad guys, four F-22s , probably from Clark Philippines or Okinawa, Japan, were coming after them.
Would the engagement be a lopsided bout because of 4 U.S jets versus 14 Chinese fighter jets?
The host of the program says that in the future air war, the U.S will prefer quality and not quantity in fire powers.
As the four stealth U.S fighters came ablazing, the pilot of the Mig 29s did not see them on their radars.
 When the F-22s unleashed their AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles from the jets’ bay area it was too late for the pilots of the Fulcrum to release the chaffs and flares to deceive the missiles locked - in as they exploded in thin air.
 AMRAAM is a modern beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) or fire-and-forget missiles that replaced the previous generation Sparrow missiles. They are all-weather day-and-night operations. Designed with 7" diameter instead of 8" diameter form-and-fit factors, and employing active transmit-receive radar guidance instead of semi-active receive-only radar guidance.
While the enemy pilots could not see the Grim Reapers that would chop their heads off in an ambush 120 miles away, the Russians and the Chinese try their best to be at par with the U.S on the Generation 5 technology 20 years from now.
I heard the Russian and the Chinese have stealth jets in T-50 and Chengdu J-20 (or Shenyang J-31), respectively.
But their reliability is still under scrutiny unlike with their U.S counterpart whose super cruise and pitch-axis thrust vectoring nozzles are state-of-art technology that could hardly be beaten.
Super Cruise, according to Wikipidea, means compared to other fourth and fifth generation jets of other countries, the F-22 is among only a few aircraft that can sustain supersonic flight without using fuel-inefficient afterburners; targets can be intercepted which subsonic aircraft would lack the speed to pursue and an afterburner-dependent aircraft would lack the fuel to reach.

Huwebes, Oktubre 29, 2015

Q & A: Vice Presidential Candidate Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

Political columnist Mortz Ortigoza interviewed recently vice presidential candidate and Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr on foreign direct investment (FDI), nuclear power plants in the Philippines, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and Presidential bet and tandem Senator Merriam Santiago and her keeping off to the public her Stage -4 lung cancer’s medical report. Excerpts of the interviews mostly done in Filipino:
COJUANGCO MEETS MARCOS. From left: Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco in a tete-a-tete with Vice Presidential Candidate and Senator Bong Bong Marcos. At extreme right is Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay who runs as vice gubernatorial bet of Cojuangco who runs for the governorship of the vote rich province's Pangasinan. Marcos graces the 12th Congress of the Barangay Health Workers in the 5th Congressional District of Pangasinan.
MORTZ: Last year ang Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) invested  in Vietnam, $9.2 billion, Indonesia $22,580 billion, Mainland China $128.5 billion sa Pilipinas kulelat ang FDI, $6.201 billion lang. Sabi nila ayaw pumunta ng investors dito kasi dahil sa 60-40% business sharing sa business that favoured the Filipino sa foreigner. Are you amenable for the amendment of the 60-40% provision sa Constitution?
MARCOS: Unang una I don’t think that’s the problem kasi ang sinasabi sa atin ng ating mga kaibigan na gusto nila mag invest dito. Ang problema ay iyong kuryente masyadong mahal, masyadong unreliable. Pangalawa, iyong ating batas ang pabago-bago hinde sila stable sa financial market.  Iyong mga financial institution natin naman iba, nagbabago ang kanilang polisiya bawat pagpapalit ng bawat pangulo kaya kailangan iyan ang mga tinitingnan natin. Kaya bukod pa roon ang infrastructure natin kulang. Mahirap sa investors na pumunta sa Pilipinas. Pasyalan nila ang airport natin ay congested. Ang mga Puerto natin congested.
Iyong nangyayari nga sa ibang negosyante kung maalaala niyo iyong tatlong buwan ang delay mapilitan silang magbabayad ng malaking multa dahil mag aantay nga ng ilang buwan bago makapag unload ang mga barko. Itong mga bagay bagay na ito ay dapat siguro tingnan kahit na palitan mo ang Constitution.
MORTZ: Sabi ninyo kuryente mahal. Nuclear power plant mura, ang coal (power plant) madumi, are you amenable for nuclear power plant to help buttress our power deficit?
MARCOS: I am amenable to any solution that is environmentally sound. Pinakamalaking driver ng industrialized and developed (country) are the production of plants. So ang kailangan, kung basta magpakita safe, halimbawa iyong nuclear hangang ngayon marami pa ang nagpapatayo ng nuclear sa France, sa Europe, sa U.S at Italy kailangan nila iyong kuryente. Iyong coal gumaganda na dahil, sinabi dating madumi, totoo naman pero nagbago na ang tecnolohiya parang mas mura na rin ang coal fired na planta. Iyan ang dapat nating pag aralan para naman unang una mga support ng power supply. Pangalawa, ang maibaba natin ang presyo.
Columnist Ortigoza (right) meets Senator Marcos

MORTZ: Sir, curious lang ako. Kasi noong bago kayo mag file ng CoC (Certificate of Candidacy) you went to Davao (City) and talked with Duterte . Peter Cayetano went there, too. Sabi ng iba, ideal daw Duterte-Marcos kasi Ilocos- Davao City, Samar and Leyte – Davao City ang combination.
Bakit hindi nangyari iyong ganoong tandem?
MARCOS: Bakit mo itatanung sa akin? Ha, ha, ha. Tanung mo kay Mayor Digong (Crowd around laughed). May bago na namang balita! Bago, mag substitute siya!

Martes, Oktubre 27, 2015

Tubong Lugaw: How contractor profits from gov't project

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

I had a chat recently with a government contractor. Every time we crossed path we talked about my usual curiosity how the State monies changed hand to the contractor and government officials.
The profitable re-graveling project
We discussed about re-graveling and riprap where incomes for the contractor have been a windfall.
Riprap is those loose stones used to buttress banks for breakwater that connect the two edges of the concrete bridge) while re-gravelling is putting of sand and gravel to the road in the villages so it would not be muddy for vehicles.

Huwebes, Oktubre 22, 2015

This police station hosts VIPs

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANAOAG – Being assigned as chief of police (COP) in this police station entails a big responsibility.
This pilgrimage town’s station is host to luminaries like the president of the Republic, senators, congressmen, cabinet members, to name a few.
VIPS. Manaoag Chief of Police Senior Inspector Eric Gonzales (extreme left)
posterity poses with Congressman Pol Bataoil and Police Regional Director
Chief Supt. Ericson T. Velasques in front of the visitor's lounge of the station. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA
The personages come here because of the world’s famous Minore Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag where they attend mass.
According to the newly installed COP Senior Inspector Roderick Ylan Gonzales, while just barely warming his seat he had already been a host to Senator JV Ejercito Estrada, Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan), Governor Amado Espino, Jr., Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim, businessman Edward Aguilar, Regional Director Police Chief Supt. Ericson T. Velasques, Chief Supt. General Diosdado Valeroso, to name a few, at the world class multi-million pesos two-storey visitor’s lounge of the police the national government funded to boost up the Philippine National Police’s station here.
Since September when he took the reign of the police here from Chief Inspector Edison Revita, Gonzales expedited the procurements of needed equipments like the two P15 thousand worth Epson F-20 printers and P16 thousand high resolution cameras.
He said he bought them through solicitations with friends when he was just two weeks in office.
“We will be using them on the police civil relation, tactical operation centre. We have been printing a lot of documents here, and we need these equipments badly. Sira –sira na kasi ang printers namin dito”.
The other solicited gadgets he chalked up from businessmen's friends are the 15 brand new hand held two-way radios his police would be using in their patrol and operation.
Gonzales said he relied on asking donations because he could not use the P49 thousand a month Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) because it is only appropriated, as ordered by higher headquarter, on gasoline, office supplies, and others of his station.

Miyerkules, Oktubre 21, 2015

Hired goons in Ilocos Norte and Abra

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

During the birthday celebration and distribution of Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) early October of former Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco, Pangasinan’s gubernatorial bet, I met Tayug Mayor Tyrone Agabas, a lawyer, who told me he would be duking it out with the town’s Vice Mayor Carlos Trece Mapili for the mayoralty in the 2016 election.
When I bumped again with him lately at the provincial office of the Commission on Election in Dagupan City he told me he and Mapili patched it up and agreed to run in tandem just like in 2013.
“So you’re running unopposed (for the mayoralty)?” I posed.
He said there was a man who challenged him. But he was a “nobody politically in the town”.
His kind words in stopping short calling the opponent as nuisance.
Tyrone, whose wife is Congresswoman Marlyn Primicias-Agabas, told me he was a son of a mayor, too, in the rambunctious Abra province. His father was the chief executive there from 1960s to 1970s.
He thought when he lived in Manila and studied law there at San Beda College he would be shunning away from politics, but he was wrong.
“Marlyn who was my law classmate had a political lineage in Pangasinan that smitten her thus here I am now in politics,” he told me.
The congresswoman came from the illustrative family of the Primicias who produced a governor, congressman, and senator in the humongous province.
Tyrone used to be a Board Member while his wife Marlyn was the provincial vice governor, before he became a hizzoner of the Wild-Wild West Tayug town where its former mayor the tough Guerrero Zaragoza was assassinated.
“In my watch Tayug became a peaceful town,” Mayor Agabas said.
I was all ears with the mayor when I asked him about the political families and supporters of former Abra Governor Vicente Isidro Valera and Abra Rep. Luis Bersamin where the former was implicated for the murder of the latter.
He said one of these families is a relative.
I could not fail not to mention or think about Abra, I told him, whenever election in Pangasinan looms because some mayors in the province either hired goons from the place or Ilocos Norte.
When I told recently BDO-Dagupan City’s manager Henry Arce, a resident of Ilocos Norte, about the Ilocos goons hired by Pangasinan’s politicians, he told me Ilocos politicians hired Abra goons too during election barnstorming and voting.

Huwebes, Oktubre 15, 2015

Billionaire - mayoralty bet uses feng shui for date with Comelec

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG – A feng shui expert told a billionaire-mayoralty bet here that October 13 was a lucky date to file his certificate of candidacy (CoC) at the Commission on Election (Comelec).
Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.
TICKET. The mayoralty ticket of Dr. Cezar Quimbao (4th from left)
meets the press and his hundreds of supporters at the convention
 hall of his Royal Mall in Bayambang after  they simultaneously filed
their Certificate of Candidacies at the Commission of Election.

Business tycoon Cezar S. Quimbao said that he should be filing his CoC on October 12 to avoid October 13, that represents misfortune, because of a business trip abroad on October 14.
“ Sabi sa akin ng feng shui master, sir Quimbao mag file kayo, 13 is a good day from 9 Am to 11 (Am) so nakita ninyo ho nag file kami. Nag simba kami,” he told media men and his supporters at a press conference held at his Royal Mall here an hour after he and his ticket filed their CoCs at the Comelec.
He said the feng shui expert told him October 13 showed that he would be changing his career from being a businessman to a politician.
 “Pero hindi ako magiging traditional politician. If ever given a chance magalit na kung sino magalit, gagawin natin kung ano ang nararapat, wala akong vested interest sa pulitika,” he told the roaring and applauding crowd.
Quimbao had already gave hundreds of millions of pesos to this first class town’s coffer as business taxes after he registered here his mammoth businesses like Strategic
Alliance Holdings Inc , U.S $80 million Build-Own-Operate’s Land Transportation Office-Information Technology’s Stradcom project , U.S$ 120 million Lares computerization of the Land Registration Authority, and others that are mostly based in Manila.
In one of these years he paid P20 million in business taxes that this town’s used to buy several heavy equipments like bulldozers and funded some infrastructure projects.
He was known to bankroll the mayoralty victory of Mayor Leocadio de Vera in 1997‘s election and supported incumbent Mayor Ricardo Camacho during the latter earlier term in office.
But his relationship with the mayor turned sour when the latter was implicated to a series of corruption issues.
Quimbao sued Camacho at the Ombudsman after this town Councilor Levin Uy discovered at a seminar in Baguio City that Camacho approved the released of P1,896 million from the coffer to pay the 8,000 grills for an 8 kilometers interconnected grills that Quimbao had already paid in the town’s bid for the Guinness  World Record’s longest grill during the fiesta’s street grilling with   112,000 pieces of freshwater fishes.

Martes, Oktubre 13, 2015

2 ways govern substitution of 2016 election bets

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 The recent rule passed by the Commission on Election (Comelec) talks only of the two periods of substituting a candidate who vies for an elective position in the 2016 election.
This  candidate can be either running for the presidential, vice presidential, senatorial, congressional, governorship, vice governorship, provincial board, mayorship, vice mayorship, or councillorship.
SUBSTITUTION.  Actress Lucy Torres-Gomez (middle) who substituted her
husband  Actor Richard Gomez who was vying for the 2010 congressional
election in the Visaya Region. PHOTO CREDIT: PEP
Resolution No. 9984 said the first period that will commence from October 12 to December 10, 2016 covers about the substitution of a candidate in case of death, disqualification or withdrawal of another.
Section 19 of the Resolution cited that an official candidate of a duly registered political party (PP) or coalition, who dies, withdraws or is disqualified for any cause after the last day for the filing of Certificate of Candidacies (COCs) which is October 12 may be substituted by a candidate belonging to, and nominated by the same PP or Coalition.
The law says, however, that no substitute shall be allowed for any independent candidate.
“The substitute of a candidate who has withdrawn may file a COC for the Office affected on or before December 10, 2015 so that the name of the substitute will be reflected on the official ballots,” Section 19 stressed.
In the second period it also says that no substitution due to withdrawal shall be allowed after December 10, 2015.
Section 19 provides that the substitute for a candidate who died or is disqualified by final judgment, may file a COC from December 11, 2015  up to mid-day of election day; Provided that, the substitute and the substituted have the same surnames.
“If the death or disqualification should occur between the day before the election and mid-day of Election Day, the substitute candidate may file a COC with any Board of Election Inspectors, Election Officers, Provincial Election Supervisor or Regional Election Director, as the case may be, in the political subdivision where such person is a candidate, or in the case of a candidate for President, Vice-President or Senator, with the Law Department; Provided that, the substitute and the substituted candidate have the same surnames,” the law says.

Huwebes, Oktubre 8, 2015

Pulse Asia is more credible than Social Weather Station

 Did SWS flirt with its client?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Polls like what two major Philippines survey outfits’ Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia (PA) have been doing became a major factor for the strategy of an elective candidate to map out how he /she improves his /her weakness or strength in an area or stop his/her endeavor to save time, efforts, and monies as election nears.

Earlier, some political kibitzers criticized SWS how it came with 137% total sampling respond on its September 2 to 5 2016 presidential polls where it found 47%  for Senator Grace Poe,  39% for Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, 35% for Vice President Jejomar Binay, and 16%  for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte  as against the standard practiced of a 100% based percentile poll.
The credibility of SWS had been questioned again by some sectors when it came days later with Survey No. 2 that was polled in the same September 2 to 5, 2015 period of Survey No.1 where a presidential aspirant Roxas landed No. 2 in the first survey while he landed No.3 in the second poll.
In No.1 poll, the top four presidential wannabes were sparsely distributed from each other while they were densely distributed in the No.2 poll. How these happen my dear SWS President Mahar Mangahas when those who were asked to answer were the same 1,200 people?
With 1,200 respondents divided by the 100% based percentile, the No.2 survey says 26% Poe, 24% Binay, 20% Roxas, 11% Duterte, 4% Roxas, 4% Senator Francis Escudero, 3% Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, 2% Senator Merriam Santiago, 1% former Senator Manuel Villar, and 5% undecided and others.
Was there a manipulation that ensued in the Ranks 2 and 3 (between Roxas and Binay) to appease a customer after he saw how close the race for the presidential office?
Why the distance, in Survey No. 2, of Binay to Grace became statistically tied and that of Roxas to Binay became almost tied as based on the margin of error (MoE) of plus 3 or minus 3?
Why survey No. 2 differed to survey No. 1 when, again, they have the same interviewees?
From the projection of 60 million voters that would go at the voting precincts in 2016, each plus or minus is 600,000 votes. Does your math how the distances of each candidate to those behind or above them count.
In Survey No.1, SWS said that Poe dusted off by 8% or 4.8 million votes Binay. If you add the 3 plus or 3 minus MoE that 4.8 million could be 6.6 million votes or 3 million votes.
Why the wide discrepancy on Survey No.1 versus Survey No.2?

Lunes, Oktubre 5, 2015

Marcos on the Spratly, Vice Presidency

Q & A: Philippine Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. talks about the Philippines and Chinese claim on the islets and reefs in the West Philippines Sea and his probable run for the vice presidency with political columnist Mortz C. Ortigoza. Excerpts:
Senator Bong Bong Marcos (C) poses for posterity with
Veteran Scribe Ruben Rivera and Columnist Mortz
Ortigoza  (extreme right).

MORTZ: Sir, lately I was watching the Spratly and Scarborough Islets (in the West Philippines Sea) brouhahas there were 16 Pangasinan fishermen who wrote a complaint to the United Nations, then I saw your statement there that you were for the Bilateral Agreement with the Chinese.....
SENATOR BONGBONG MARCOS: No, no, no. I am for the Bilateral Talks with the Chinese..
MORTZ: Ya, Bilateral Talks with the Chinese...
MARCOS: Because, because for the first time in the entire situation the Chinese has agreed to talk in the framework of international law or the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) which is something that they never done before. Tapos noong nakaraan they talked about the 9 Dash Lines. Now they are willing to talk about under UN. That’s new. Hindi rin ni-rerecognized ng ating DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) hindi ata nalalaman kung gaano kalaking pagbabago ito. So we continued to do nothing except making our case in the jurisdiction ng UN.
MORTZ: The perception in the Philippines is the Chinese could not be trusted. One of the examples there is the Panatag Shoal’s hullabaloo where the BRP Pampanga left (in 2012 after it replaced the country’s frigate BRP Gregorio Del Pilar) with the Chinese as agreed. They, the Chinese ships, did not leave the place that’s why Scarborough Shoal or Panatag Shoal now is controlled by the Chinese.

Linggo, Oktubre 4, 2015

My critique on the film "Heneral Luna"


Nakakita rin ako ng puwang sa busy schedule ko as media man na mapanood ngayong gabi iyong niha-hyped nilang “Heneral Luna” film sa Robinson-Calasiao. As a former Philippine History professor sa Manila and Dagupan City and combat buff columnist ito po ang masasabi ko:


1) Grabe naman si DirectorJerrold Tarog, bakit naman ilang mahabang minute na nakatayo si Heneral Luna habang siya ay pinagbabaril ng Spanish M93 and Remington Spanish rifles and hacked by the treacherous soldiers of Kawit Company of President Emilio Aguinaldo. It started when the brash Luna chided some of the soldiers at the camp in Nueva Ecija that caused his unrealistic demised from the other soldiers who were hiding somewhere and assaulted him.
Akala ko nanonood ako ng super heroes film gaya ng Hancock ni Will Smith kasi noong nauubos na ang power niya (Hancock) kahit anong baril sa kanya nakatayo pa rin siya at pilit lumalapit sa kalaban. 
Iyong mga mahigit lima na bumaril kay Luna ang bala noong riffles nila parang Springfield long firearm whose bullet is liked those in Garand Rifle na nakikita ko noong bata pa ako sa Cotabato. Isang tama lang sa iyo nyan bubulagta ka na sa lupa. Okay lang sana kung kasali si Luna sa Jurumentados na Tausog Warriors noong American Colonization sa Jolo Sulo kung saan pinagtatali-an nila ang mga katawan at kamay nila para ang dugo na galing sa tama ng bala ay hindi dumaloy palabas. 
Sana ginawa ni Direk Jerrold na kahit pinagbabaril si Luna he was lying prone or supine on the ground to make the film more realistic.

2)  May isa akong nakita doon na ayaw sabihin ni Direk ang real story. Nakita ninyo ba doon ang kabit na maganda ni Luna (where the film insinuated that she was also the girlfriend of General Tomas Mascardo)?
Ang pangalan ng matalino at maalindog na dilag ay si Isidra na taga Tarlac. Isidra who?
Sa ibang media sources ang babae ay si Isidra Cojuangco, the grandmother of former President Cory Aquino and Peping Cojuangco. 
The story was Luna surreptitiously brought the monies, gold, and silver of the Philippine treasury at the house of Isidra in Tarlac. The American government in the Philippines was at a loss for the whereabouts of those hundreds of millions of pesos in the present denomination.
Sources said those Luna’s wealth created and bankrolled the Hacienda Luisita's estates of the Cojuangcos. 
Here’s the video of that story to those who are curious:

1) Bilib ako sa cinematic effects ni Direk, siguro nanunood siya ng combat movies ng Hollywood at nakuha niyang gulatin ang mga manonood. Example, noong nag popped- out ang ulo ng Philippine soldier sa trench na kung saan tinamaan at sumabog ang ulo niya sa bala ng kanyon ( now ko lang nalaman na may sharp shooter na kanyonero na pala) na naging dahilan na nabasa ng dugo ang mga mukha at uniporming rayadillo ng mga kasamahan niya, iyan ika ko ang influenced sa pelikulang “ Saving Private Ryan” ni Steven Spielberg at “Full Metal Jacket” ni Stanley Kubrick kung saan bumubulwak ang dugo at lumilipad ang laman ng tao sa ere.
Pampasarap o embellishment sa film iyang mga motion na iyan.
Noong pagbabarilin ng mga bayolenting Amerkano ang mga bata at ang mga walang kalaban labang mamayan, sabi ko impluwensiya ito, anak ng bakang dalaga, ng violence  style ni Oliver Stone sa “Platoon”.

2) Expected na papatayin ang mga tulad ni Luna kasi naging threat siya kay Aguinaldo. Gusto niyang ipilit ang gusto niya kahit pang political desisyon na ng gobyerno. E heneral siya hindi siya executive or elected official na kung saan sinusunod nila ang pasya ng presidente o commander- in- chief kahit giyera na noon. Example, noong pag aarestuhin niya ang dalawang cabinet members Felipe Buencamino and Pedro Paterno because they quarreled sa cabinet meeting in the presence of President Aguinaldo. That was an affront to the president. When he arrested General Mascardo for insubordination in Pampanga and questioned Aguinaldo the following days why he released Mascardo, he was challenging the authority of the president. When he was heard by soldiers that he would even arrest Aguinaldo and his plan to overthrow the president, he dug already his grave because he made himself a threat at the power-that-be.

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