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Story Behind the Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover

(Transcribed by Mortz C. Ortigoza)

Wow, I was listening to Paul McCartney being interviewed by Howard Stern and radio co-anchor Robin Quivers what’s the story behind the iconic poster of the Album Abbey Road.

STERN: I heard Abbey Road was not supposed to be called Abbey Road.  You would to call it something like Mt. Everest or something.  Is this true?

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A framed poster of the Abbey Road Album inside the house of a Beatle's fan in the Philippines.

MCCARTNEY: That ‘s true. Y’ know you’re makin’ an album and towards the end of the album you’re thinkin’ oh we need a title on this. An Engineer  Jim Emerick was smokin’ cigarette called Everest it kind  like of menthol cigarette at that time and kind of look at that “Everest,  y’know it’s big. That could be good for the album. So that’s the workin’ title but the more we thought it “No, this is not great”.  And one day we were just coming in Abbey Road working and I was lookin’ why not Abbey Road? We did that, we can just run outside there is a crossing and we can just stand there and we got photograph and come back to work and take two seconds and it’s not about title. You know Abbey road to us it was kind of just the name of the studio. But for us you take a couple of context it can be Monastery Lane, Abbey Road.
STERN: Is it not word a simple though like that can be a legend and iconic now?
MCCARTNEY: Yah, it was a cheap approach.

Meanwhile, don't you know that the first, popular, and timeless "Come Together" song at the A-Side of Abbey Road was composed by John Lennon as a political jingle in 1970 for a gubernatorial candidate in California?
Lennon composed it for Democrats candidate Timothy Leary's California governorship stint against actor Ronald Reagan.
The first draft was written at Lennon and Yoko Ono's second bed-in in Montreal, Canada.

Lennon said on the song: "The thing was created in the studio. It's gobbledygook; "Come Together" was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and tried, but I couldn't come up with one. But I came up with this, "Come Together," which would've been no good to him—you couldn't have a campaign song like that, right?"
"Come Together", according to author Adam Clark Estes, fared much better than Leary throughout all this, though. The song topped the charts in the United States and became an anthem of sorts for the anti-war movement. It's also served as an excellent addition to many movie soundtracks, including the blockbuster Michael Bay filmArmageddon. How different the album version was from the campaign song remains a mystery, but Leary would later speak about the first time he heard it. He said:
Although the new version was certainly a musical and lyrical improvement on my campaign song, I was a bit miffed that Lennon had passed me over this way… When I sent a mild protest to John, he replied with typical Lennon charm and wit that he was a tailor and I was a customer who had ordered a suit and never returned. So he sold it to someone else.



Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album by English rock band the Beatles, released on 26 September 1969 by Apple Records. The recording sessions for the album were the last in which all four Beatles participated. Although Let It Be was the final album that the Beatles completed before the band's dissolution in April 1970, most of the album had been recorded before the Abbey Road sessions began.[1] A double A-side single from the album, "Something"/"Come Together", released in October, topped the Billboard chart in the US.

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Perez, Parayno, Espino for Urdaneta City Mayor?

MARQUEE - Pangasinan's 5th District Congressman
 Amado Espino, Jr (above photo) and former Ambassador
 Amadito Perez, Jr.


I recently rubbed elbows at the meeting of the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines –Pangasinan Chapter new Urdaneta City Vice Mayor Julio F. Parayno III and new Pozorrubio Vice Mayor Ernesto Salcedo.
The gathering was held at Jeck’s in Dagupan City.
I said the duo were “new” since Parayno became the second most powerful man in the Cattle City when he assumed office in June 30, 2016 while Salcedo, the highest vote getter alderman, was catapulted to the vice mayoralty after the town mayor Artemio Chan was sacked by the Ombudsman and replaced by Vice Mayor Ernesto Go, a bitter rival, for the mayorship.
Parayno answered my query if he will run for the top post of Urdaneta City after mayor Amadeo "Bobom" Gregorio Perez IV bowed out as his third term expired in the 2019 election.
 Parayno, a young law graduate of Saint Louis University in Baguio City, told me that in the next election it would be a tandem of Perezes versus the pair  of Paraynos clashing in the burgeoning city. 
Paano maging Paraynos versus Perezes?” I posed in the vernacular.
He said the probable bets would be former Ambassador Amadito Perez, Jr. and daughter Councilor Tet Perez- Naguiat (wife of former PAGCOR Chair Cristino Naguiat) and him and his nephew Jimmy D. Parayno the present councilor of the city.

Martes, Oktubre 24, 2017


When I "interviewed" Boxing Icon Manny Pacquiao ten years ago in Las Vegas, Bonuan.

ME: How's the Peace and Order situation in Mindanao, sir?

PACQUIAO: Pis, what kind of Pis, Pis na pandikit? Pis na kama-o, Pis na peste, Pis na mukha o Pis na Isda? Kasi kung fish, many Pis in Gen San sa Fish Market like Tuna pero business is bad, No Order? Kaya bad ang Pis and Order sa Mindanao.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, beard and outdoor

HATE THIS HAIRY FACE. Boxing Commentator Mortz Ortigoza posed decade's ago with Hurt Business World Champ Jorge Luis Linares. 
Linares is a Venezuelan professional boxer who was a four-time world champion in three weight classes, having held the World Boxing Association and Ring magazine lightweight titles since 2016.
How times fly, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was breaking heads in the ring a decade ago. Now, the son of a gun breaks the heads (without Pacquiao studying even his assignment) of those intellectual giants like Senator Franklin "Elephant' Drilon in the Halls of Senate - the effing highest law making body in the rambunctious country Philippines.
Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell as quoted from Wikipidea485 U.S. 46 (1988), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that the Firstand Fourteenth Amendments prohibit public figures from recovering damages for the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress(IIED), if the emotional distress was caused by a caricature, parody, or satire of the public figure that a reasonable person would not have interpreted as factual.[1]
In an 8–0 decision, the Court ruled in favor of Hustler magazine, holding that a parody ad published in the magazine depicting televangelist and political commentator Jerry Falwell as an incestuous drunk, was protected speech since Falwell was a public figure and the parody could not have been reasonably considered believable. Therefore, the Court held that the emotional distress inflicted on Falwell by the ad was not a sufficient reason to deny the First Amendment protection to speech that is critical of public officials and public figures.


Hustler's parody, depicted above, includes the unauthorized use of a publicity photograph of Falwell and a near-exact duplicate of the typesetting used in a concurrent Campari advertising campaign.[3]
Known for its explicit pictures of nude women, crude humor, and political satire, Hustler, a magazine published by Larry Flynt, printed a parody ad in its November 1983 issue[4] that targeted Jerry Falwell, a prominent Christian fundamentalist televangelist and conservativepolitical commentator.[5]
The parody was mimicking the popular advertising campaigns that Campari, an Italian liqueur, was running at the time that featured brief contrived interviews with various celebrities that always started with a question about their "first time", a double-entendre intended to give the impression that the celebrities were talking about their first sexual encounters before the reveal at the end that the discussion had actually concerned the celebrities' first time tasting Campari.[4]
The Hustler parody, created by writer Terry Abrahamson and art director Mike Salisbury,[6] included a headshot photo of Falwell and the transcript of a spoof interview, where, misunderstanding the interviewer's question about his first time, "Falwell" casually shares details about his first sexual encounter, an incestuous rendezvous with his mother in the family outhouse while they were both "drunk off our God-fearing asses on Campari." In the spoof interview, "Falwell" goes on to say that he was so intoxicated that "Mom looked better than a Baptist whore with a $100 donation," and that he decided to have sex with her because she had "showed all the other guys in town such a good time." When the interviewer asked if Falwell ever tried "it" again, once again mistaking the interviewer's intention, "Falwell" responded, "Sure... lots of times. But not in the outhouse. Between mom and the shit, the flies were too much to bear." Finally, the interviewer clarifies that he's asking if Falwell had tried Campari again, "Falwell" answered, "I always get sloshed before I go out to the pulpit. You don’t think I could lay down all that bullshit sober, do you?"[7]
The ad carried a disclaimer in small print at the bottom of the page that said, "ad parody—not to be taken seriously", and the magazine's table of contents also listed the ad as: "Fiction; Ad and Personality Parody."[8]
Falwell sued Flynt, Hustler magazine, and Flynt's distribution company in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia for libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.[9] Before trial, the court granted Flynt's motion for summary judgment on the invasion of privacy claim, and the remaining two charges proceeded to trial. A jury found in favor of Flynt on the libel claim, stating that the parody could not "reasonably be understood as describing actual facts about [Falwell] or actual events in which [he] participated."[10] On the claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress, the jury ruled in favor of Falwell and awarded him $150,000 in damages.[10]
Flynt appealed to the Fourth Circuit. The Fourth Circuit affirmed, rejecting Flynt's argument that the actual-malice standard of New York Times Company v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964) applied in cases of intentional infliction of emotional distress where the plaintiff was a public figure, as Falwell concededly was. The New York Times standard focused too heavily on the truth of the statement at issue; for the Fourth Circuit, it was enough that Virginia law required the defendant to act intentionally. After the Fourth Circuit declined to rehear the case en banc, the U.S. Supreme Court granted Flynt's request to hear the case.

Opinion of the Court[edit]

"At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. The freedom to speak one's mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty – and thus a good unto itself – but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole. We have therefore been particularly vigilant to ensure that individual expressions of ideas remain free from governmentally imposed sanctions." The First Amendment envisions that the sort of robust political debate that takes place in a democracy will occasionally yield speech critical of public figures who are "intimately involved in the resolution of important public questions or, by reason of their fame, shape events in areas of concern to society at large". In New York Times, the Court held that the First Amendment gives speakers immunity from sanction with respect to their speech concerning public figures unless their speech is both false and made with "actual malice", i.e., with knowledge of its falsehood or with reckless disregard for the truth of the statement. Although false statements lack inherent value, the "breathing space" that freedom of expression requires in order to flourish must tolerate occasional false statements, lest there be an intolerable chilling effect on speech that does have constitutional value.
To be sure, in other areas of the law, the specific intent to inflict emotional harm enjoys no protection. But with respect to speech concerning public figures, penalizing the intent to inflict emotional harm, without also requiring that the speech that inflicts that harm to be false, would subject political cartoonists and other satirists to large damage awards. "The appeal of the political cartoon or caricature is often based on exploitation of unfortunate physical traits or politically embarrassing events – an exploitation often calculated to injure the feelings of the subject of the portrayal". This was certainly true of the cartoons of Thomas Nast, who skewered Boss Tweed in the pages of Harper's Weekly. From a historical perspective, political discourse would have been considerably poorer without such cartoons.
Even if Nast's cartoons were not particularly offensive, Falwell argued that the Hustler parody advertisement in this case was so "outrageous" as to take it outside the scope of First Amendment protection. But "outrageous" is an inherently subjective term, susceptible to the personal taste of the jury empaneled to decide a case. Such a standard "runs afoul of our longstanding refusal to allow damages to be awarded because the speech in question may have an adverse emotional impact on the audience". So long as the speech at issue is not "obscene" and thus not subject to First Amendment protection, it should be subject to the actual-malice standard when it concerns public figures.
Clearly, Falwell was a public figure for purposes of First Amendment law. Because the district court found in favor of Flynt on the libel charge, there was no dispute as to whether the parody could be understood as describing facts about Falwell or events in which he participated. Accordingly, because the parody did not make false statements that were implied to be true, it could not be the subject of damages under the New York Times actual-malice standard. The Court thus reversed the judgment of the Fourth Circuit.[11]

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Mortz Hobnobs with Philippines Presidents

ALL HAIL THE CHIEFS - Mortz C. Ortigoza
 interviewing or interacting with
 the present and past Philippines' Presidents.
CLOCKWISE from left: Political Columnist Mortz Ortigoza exchanging pleasantries with incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte; Former President Fidel V. Ramos, a four-star general and West Point grad, in an abdominal and push up contests with the pen pusher Ortigoza; Joseph Estrada before the start of the Question and Answer, and drinking wine with former President Gloria Arroyo.


Former President Fidel V. Ramos

Former President Fidel V. Ramos told me the U.S and China need not plunge themselves to war because it would be mutually assured destruction for them and to the U.S allies in the East Asia Region.
“You visit your homework. I wrote about this since 12 years ago. In the 21stCentury you don’t talked about the 19th or 20th Century. Nobody wants war especially World War III because of the massive destruction and the thermal radiation wave of modern weapons,” he said to me when he graced the inauguration of the satellite office of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Ramos cited an instance that the latest hydrogen bomb is 5000 times more lethal than the atom bomb dropped by the B-29 Super Fortress bombers at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan on August 1945.
“You don’t need a B-29, you just pressed the button. But the U.S study says counter-strike. Somebody has to push the button with the coordination of the 38th Parallel. With the strike and counter strike all of a sudden all that will disappear,” Ramos, who is known as FVR, said last Sunday.
He explained that a war between these military and economic powers will wipe- out the entire 7.2 billion world’s population.
I disagreed with the prognosis of the former president.
I said the Chinese is restrained to use nuclear arms because it has no capacity to counter strike and hit the U.S mainland while she is vulnerable from the bombs in the U.S bases in Japan and the Philippines and the aerial and naval armaments of the U.S in the South China Sea.
The U.S is in the strategic location in case war explodes as a result of the brinkmanship done with each other by these two powers”.
 The most modern Chinese long range strategic bomber H-6K and its next generation bomber’s H-10 that carry CJ-10A cruise missiles with conventional or nuclear warheads, could not strike and hit the Mariannas, Guam, Hawaii, and U.S West Coast without putting bases somewhere in the Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. The Chinese ballistic missiles could be identified by modern radars of the U.S and destroy them on air," I cited.


ME: Sir, are you not threatened by the pronouncements that the military and the U.S will harm you?

MAYOR DUTERTE:  If God wants me to be there. If it’s destiny to be assassinated…hangang diyan lang ako!

ME: They are apprehensive because they said when you become president it means good bye to EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) and the military aid from the U.S would stop…?
DUTERTE: Who?! Mga Amerikano?!
ME: I read that on the community page of the military at Face Book.

DUTERTE: Let us see why? Are we dependent on the United States for our problem here?
Is the United States ready to die with us for us on the Spratly issue?
It we start war because talagang hinde na makapasok ang fishermen we are deprived of a rich fishing ground, and we declare war, is America, is EDCA useful to us? May pakinabang ba sila sa atin?

Wowed by the elite Scout Ranger attire of the Philippine President when he graced the occasion of the black panthers.
I'm presently locking horns with my analysis how economic zones catapult cities in the country. After that article, I am going to deal my lengthy interview of Marawi City's battle hero Scout Ranger Captain Jeff Buada (remember that gung ho PMYer who save the little girl?), haba ng interview ko dito makukwentuhan ko na naman kayo ng giyera para mag amoy pulbura na naman kayo sa blog ko.

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Duterte's Poll Stocks Fall: Was SWS Wrong Again?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

When the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in January 30 to March 6 this year took over the War on Drugs, narcotics proliferate again in the market thus the members of the Philippine National Police were called back to continue the fight against the peddlers. In October 10 this year President Rodrigo Duterte issued a memorandum circular pulling out again the superior in number cops and hailing the small in number PDEA’s agents.
Image result for duterte sws october 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte. Photo Credit: RMN
Evidently, the decision of the president was anchored on the Social Weather Station polls that showed his popularity rates cascaded to 18 percent after some policemen were charged executing innocent individuals like Kian delos Santos and Carl Arnaiz and other adverse issues that haunted his administration as played to the helm by the acrimonious Philippines media?
Was Duterte impulsive to drag out the PNP despite survey outfit Pulse Asia poll bannered “88% of Pinoys support war on drugs; 73% say EJKs happen—survey” by Philippine Daily Inquirer 's issue last October 16?
Would the war on narcs weakened as the PDEA has only 2000 personnel nationwide while the police have 175,000 men literally implementing the “long arm of the law”?
Here was my comment at Face Book after Pulse Asia showed its polls taken almost on the same dates with that of its rival SWS:

Anong nangyari?
 SWS Duterte’s 48% popularity versus Pulse’s 73%.
SWS 23-27, 2017 polls showed President Duterte got 67% (Satisfied) 14% (Undecided), 19% (Di -satisfied) or 67 minus 19 equals 48% net Satisfaction rating. Pulse Asia’s 80% (Satisfied) 13% (Undecided), 7% (Dissatisfied) or 80% minus 7% equals 73% net Satisfaction rating. 48 % and 73% ran smack on that days issues, as stated by SWS, issues like the Senate probe into the shipment of P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China, in which the President’s son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, and his son-in-law, Manases Carpio, appeared. Both denied allegations they were involved in smuggling.
Another was the “revelation” of Duterte that Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th had a secret bank account in Singapore, which the senator disproved. The President later admitted that he just “invented” the bank account numbers that he had announced in public supposedly to “bait” his critic.
The killings of teens Kian delos Santos, Carl Arnaiz, and Reynaldo de Guzman also dominated the headlines in August and early September, fanning public outrage and criticism of Duterte’s war on drugs, and others.

Who was telling the truth in these two poll outfits?

I recently rubbed elbows at the meeting of the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines –Pangasinan Chapter new Urdaneta City Vice Mayor Julio F. Parayno III and new Pozorrubio  Vice Mayor Ernesto Salcedo.
The gathering was held at Jeck’s in Dagupan City.
I said the duo were “new” since Parayno became the second most powerful man in the Cattle City when he assumed office in June 30, 2016 while Salcedo, the highest vote getter alderman, was catapulted to the vice mayoralty after the town mayor Artemio Chan was sacked by the Ombudsman and replaced by Vice Mayor Ernesto Go, a perennial rival, for the mayorship.
Parayno answered my query if he will run for the top post of Urdaneta City after mayor Amadeo "Bobom" G.E. Perez IV bowed out as his third term expired in the 2019 election.
 Parayno, a young law graduate of Saint Louis University in Baguio City, told me that in the next election it would be a tandem of Perezes versus the pair  of Paraynos clashing in the burgeoning city. 
Paano maging Paraynos versus Perezes?” I posed in the vernacular.
He said the probable bets would be former Ambassador Amadito Perez, Jr. and daughter Councilor Tet Perez- Naguiat (wife of former PAGCOR Chair Cristino Naguiat) and him and his nephew Jimmy D. Parayno the present councilor of the city.

Parayno told me that his deceased father former Vice Mayor Julio Parayno, a man of the masses, should be the mayor of the 132, 940 populated (2015 census) city but gave way to kin Dr. Rodoldfo E. Parayno. He cited the latter ran for the mayorship and won as the quintessential politico Amadito Perez ended his third term and became the congressman of the 5th District.
Parayno told me he can also seek reelection while Fifth District Congressman Amado T. Espino chooses to run versus the "ole man" Perez, his bête noire, for the mayoralty seat.
Parayno said to us media men that it is the dream of the solon, who told him, to be a mayor of the 34 villages city.
Espino and Amadito Perez had a legal rift being heard by the court after then Governor Espino sued with libel the octogenarian (or was it nonagenarian?) Perez after he defamed Espino at the meeting de avance of gubernatorial candidate Mark Cojuangco at Lingayen Plaza in 2016 Election.
Cojuangco was defeated heavily by the son and name sake of Espino on that election.
In case Espino runs for mayor, political pundits see the District would be seeing outgoing Urdaneta Mayor Bobom Perez clashing with outgoing Binalonan Mayor Ramon “Mon-mon” Guico III for the eight town and a city’s Congressional District.
“Nobody is more viable to run in the district with these two names,” Edwin Bautista, a media practitioner, said.
Edwin, my student in political science at Lyceum Northwestern University, is the pet peeve of Pozurrobio Vice Mayor Salcedo who told us that he could not forget Edwin suing him at the court because he accused the then No.1 Councilor for rampant vote buying in the 2016 election. Edwin was No. 9 or a hundred of votes shy to the No. 8 Councilor.
A vacancy in No. 1 post means I’ll be the No.8 dad in the town that could put a stop on my series of failed streaks in the post,” Edwin told then his best friend broadcaster Harold Barcelona about his plan, strategy, and chutzpah.
But Murphy’s Law had its way, son of a gun, Salcedo became Vice Mayor after the Ombudsman fired Mayor Chan for allowing somebody to solemnize marriage and pulled up by operation of law Vice Mayor Go and Salcedo to the top two posts of the local government unit.
Now Edwin’s fellow media man and fellow perennial losing candidate for the councilor's post Blas Ople’s factotum and Marcos Era Journalist and book author Mel Jovellanos was recommended by the new vice mayor, an independent bet, to be the No. 8 dad.
“How can Mel be the No. 8 when he was a tail ender and I got thousands of votes in that election than him?” Edwin, as Harold narrated, wildly, er, emphatically posed to friends.
“He who caused the vacancy recommend through his party or the Sanggunian if he is independent,” I quipped to Publisher Ronel de Vera, a law graduate, the legal dictum in the Local Government Code of 1991 I taught to the classmates of Edwin while he was taking a pee in the comfort room away from my lecture on that topic while Salcedo gave us media men, Manaoag Vice Mayor Domie Ching, and Vice Mayor Parayno a smirk of a smile of “Sweet Revenge” to Edwin where the former could not forget telling the Municipal Trial Court’s judge that Salcedo flooded the villages with “sets of palanggana or plastic basin.

Susmariosep, this how luck and fate ensued in local politics a politics where my favorite House Speaker, not the rabble rousing Joe de Venecia nor the arrogant Pantaleon Alvarez, but the non-pareil  Tip “All Politics is Local” O’Neil (Democrats) whose anecdotes loaded book "Man of the House with William Novak" gave me a view point how politics could make or unmake a person.

(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too

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Filipino Folk Rock Singers in Makati

Southern Man by Folk Rock Singer Canadian Neil Young excellently played especially the guitar riff and strum by Loloy of Davao City and Jun Lahi.
 They warmly welcomed me at Makati Avenue because I wrote a blog on them titled Anatomy of a Folk Rock Singer.

"The lyrics of "Southern Man" are vivid, describing the racism  towards blacks in the American South. In the song, Young tells the story of a white man (symbolically the entire white South) and how he mistreated his slaves. Young pleadingly asks when the South will make amends for the fortunes built through slavery when he sings:
I saw cotton and I saw black,
tall white mansions and little shacks.
Southern Man, when will you pay them back? (Wikipidea)

"The song also mentions the practice of cross burning.
Young was very sensitive about the song's message as anti-racism and anti-violence. During his 1973 tour, he cancelled a show in Oakland, California because a fan was beaten and removed from the stage by a guard while the song was played (Wikipidea).

Geez, my video when I sang at the folk-rock house Cuervo Makati. My favorite watering hole whenever I am in this effing jungle asphalt.
Mortz Baby singin' Don Henley's Desperado while the White Apes Caucasians from North America and Europe applauding his antics buttressed by Philippines best crooners Loloy of Davao and Jun Lahi. I wrote a blog on Loloy and Jun titled: "The Anatomy of Filipino Folk Rock Singer" thus their warm hospitality whenever I am at their bar.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE By Billy Joel and sang by inebriated (hindi pa naka toma') Political Columnist Mortz Ortigoza. Gamot pa lang sa high blood at Vitamin iyong nainum niya diyan when he sang with Dagupan City's best band Bossing.

Sabado, Oktubre 7, 2017

This politician misleads the ignorant ?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The debates on the transfer and construction of the new Dagupan City Hall became “nagkakainitan na” or acrimonious as the days passed by.
What aggravate the situation were for people like Vice Mayor Brian Lim telling half of the story or concocting or exaggerating another story that inflame the emotions of a large number of gullible, stupid, and ignorant people in the City.

VITRIOL. Dagupan City Vice Mayor Brian Lim (extreme left) attacks Mayor Belen Fernandez and her family on this radio interview held at DWIZ - Dagupan City last Thursday
Here were some of his salient declarations on his more than an hour interview yesterday at DWIZ – an FM radio station owned by the Cabangons, another nemesis of City Mayor Belen Fernandez.
Why the then administrations of then Mayors Cipriano Manaois, Libring Reyna, and Al Fernandez did not relocate to their family owned land the transfer of the new city (unlike what Mayor Belen was doing)?
MY ANSWER: Traffic congestion, the danger imposed by the rickety worn out wood made government edifice, and flooding did not pose so much inconveniences and dangers before as what they posed today. Beside, there was no Kerwin Fernandez before who has the benevolence today to donate 1. 2 hectares of land worth P400 million as situs for the new City Hall.
That’s a lot of saving for the Dagupan City’s government if she can be spared to borrow from bank just to buy a land.

When Lim was asked about the legal opinions of City Lawyer Vicky Cabrera and the legal luminaries of the Department of Interior & Local Government and the Commission on Audit that the donation and the transfer of the deteriorating government building was not illegal, Lim cited the following:
“The opinion of Cabrera was nothing. The decisions of the COA and DILG can be bought (opinion nasalew).
So, for me, whose opinion is credible?
 As far as I know, Lim was not able to cite any jurisprudence or legal opinion from an entity to back up his charges of corruption against Fernandez.
He only said that opinion should be from the court calling it “judicial opinion”.
Nakita ko may illegal, siguradong may illegal,” he said.
MY ANSWER: It’s Brian’s opinion versus those lawyers from the government. Many observers like me could pin point that there was no anomaly on the donation, the transfer, and the properties of the family of the mayor surrounding the location of the proposed edifice that Lim said would benefit on the presence of a government building.
Here’s my column on “My Debate with a De Venecia on the City Hall's Brouhahas”:
“I told the quite skeptical Dagupan City former Councilor Alex that the mayor said in 2013 that she divested her interest at the corporation thus she is relieved to any anti-corruption case.
“Besides, her signature of the ordinance (for the acceptance of the donation) will be ministerial as she can even refuse to sign it and the ordinance became a law in ten days, you know that as a former dad, or she can even veto the ordinance and the bill still becomes a law after two-third members of the City Council override it,” I told Alex who was a two-term councilor of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council). I explained that the "Voice of the People is the Voice of God" or "Vox Populi Vox Dei" was represented by the council members who empowered the mayor to accept the donation.
Since the issue of the relocation of the city hall is divisive, Alex, a law graduate, said that a referendum is necessary to get the sentiments of the people. I disagreed because it is only lengthy and it’s only an option but not compulsory for the Council as the law did not mandate it”.
Opps, before I forgot, Lim refuted the COA and DILG opinions since the people there can be bought and suggested that the local government unit gets a judicial opinion.
Lim, as a Bachelor of Law graduate should know the jurisprudence (as seen on Nobleja vs. Teehankee (L-28790)) that says “It is not the function of the court to give advisory opinions in relation to Section 12 of Article VIII (Judiciary) of the Constitution”.
He cited that Mayor Fernandez and family “Kumita ng bilyones, umutang ng bilyones. Kita sa dalen (lands near the proposed city hall) around 1.5 billion, sa utang 1.5 billion’.
MY ANSWER: The last time I saw the accusation at Lim’s D’Dagupan Dream Face Book Community Page that the Fernandez Administration was plotting to borrow P500 million from government bank for the construction of the edifice was three months ago. Then the P500 million became P1.2 billion last month. At his radio interview yesterday, it ballooned, son of a gun, to P1.5 billion to P2 billion.
Susmariosep, where did Lim get all these exaggerated and baseless financial figures that made many people crazy and furious in the Bangus City?
Now these gullibles are threatened and afraid that they would not be drowned by the delap or flood but by the two billions of pesos of loan the vice mayor painted before their eyes.
Gold plated siguro ang dingding ng bagong munisipio kaya two billion pesos na! Next month I’m afraid Lim would say it would be P3 billion. Salamabit, that would be a budget for the construction of an economic zone where skyscrapers made by the Ayalas, Gokongweis, Sys abound.
City Councilor Netu Tamayo said that there was no such thing as hundreds of millions of pesos loan because the legislative body has not discussed it yet.
Mayor Fernandez, when I asked her about these amounts, told me a month ago that she would be looking for funding for the new city hall from the powers that be.
Here’s another talent of Lim in “fomenting unrest” to go against Fernandez:
The old city hall would be used for the business of the family of the mayor. 
Susmariosep, this was not true. I saw a proposed plan to make the old city hall, a heritage site, as a museum.
Here’s another audacity of the vice mayor to misinform the hoi-poloi.
When asked that his father sold the city owned former five star hotel seven-storey McAdore Palace for a song that disadvantaged the city, Lim said that the city government instead earned in that transaction.
That sale is now being litigated in court.
We bought that property for P50 million, we sold it for P119 million. P119 minus P50 million equal P69 million profits we have,” he told his two interviewees as seen on Face Book’s video.
But that was half of the story, here’s the truth that many suspected greed rear its ugly head.
Mayor Fernandez said that the real price of McAdore in early 2000 when then Mayor Benjie Lim, father of then Councilor Brian, bought the property from the government owned Asset Privatization Trust was P200 million. It was fire sale sold to the City for P50 million because of the intercession of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose mother was a Pangasinense, acquiesced to the request of then Mayor Al Fernandez and Albert Balingit – a family friend .
Then Mayor Lim later wanted to sell the Palace for P68 million with the local government here still required to pay the 6 percent Capital Gain Tax and the 1.5 percent Documentary Tax at the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the sale.
“Compute ko iyan sabi ko mayor hinde pa (ba) tayo nalugi diyan? Dahil iyong lupa na binigay sa atin ng mura kailangan ibalik natin at gawin nating city hall,” Fernandez, who was the vice mayor then told Lim.
She added to Lim that if he was persistent to sell it he should trade the 11,000 square meters hotel at P400 million in the prevailing market value of the real properties located at the heart of this city.
But Lim and those councilors that  included Lim’s son Brian succeeded in selling to the AMB ALC Holding  which won the bidding for P119 million or approximately P18,500 per sqm in January 28, 2013.
Critics slam that the sale as anomalous and disadvantageous to the local government because then Mayor Lim sold in 2005 his nearby 715-sqm property to Land Bank for P35, 000 per sqm.

My poser: Was Brian Lim lying just to mislead the people of Dagupan City? That’s for you readers to interpret.

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Lunes, Oktubre 2, 2017


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

My elementary classmate Nathaniel “Ontoy” Fabila in Mindanao frantically called me last Monday morning in Dagupan City if I know Northern Luzon Correspondent Frank Cimatu of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI).
I told him Cimatu was based at the Baguio City’s bureau – an almost two hour’s ride from my city.

Why you called?” I posed to Ontoy, who is a radio bloc timer of Secretary Manny Piñol of the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (DAF).
"Basaha bala ang Face Book's community page ni Sec Manny (Read the Face Book's community page of Secretary Pinol)," my classmate badgered me in Ilonggo.
 Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol 

When I browsed Piñol, a town mate, FB he was pugnacious and was craving for Cimatu’s blood in a libel case he mulled to file with his lawyer.
He posted that Cimatu’s post "Agri Sec got rich by 21-M in 6 months. Bird Flu pa more” was a criminal defamatory case.
Piñol stressed to exchanges with supporters at his FB account and at Cimutu’s public FB where he argued with a Cimatu’s friend, that the Philippines Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) Report was all about the Statements of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) that required public officials like him to file annually.

“The PCIJ, in citing my case said: "Across a seven-year period, a fantastic P21,956,632.23-increase was recorded in the net worth of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, or from P3,643,000 in the SALN he filed as of Dec. 31, 2009, to P25,599,632.23 in his latest SALN as of Dec. 31, 2016,” he said.
He cited that his assets and liabilities he declared in 2016 SALN were consistent with his Income Tax Return (ITR) with the Bureau of Internal Revenue he declared in 2015.
In the period July 1 until today, there were no P21-M added assets, either in money in the bank or in acquired properties”.
A livid Piñol dished at Cimatu the following: “Utterly careless and irresponsible as a journalist” “You are nothing but dirty trash” “Ano ibig mo sabihin sa "bird flu pa more?" Kumita ako sa bird flu? Napaka gago mo! Magkita nga tayo para magkaalaman” since he could prove with evidences that he got a P10 million loans from a bank to start poultry breeding business and earned a profit in that six years period when he was out of the government.
Author poses with's correspondent Frank Cimatu (center) and Philippine Daily Inquirer's reporter Gabriel Cardinoza. Cimatu faces a Cyber -Libel Case from Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol. Photo taken during the 3rd Children Journalism Summit held at the sprawling air conditioned world class Stadia in Dagupan City.

My First Impression

My first impression on Cimatu’s imprudence was his patent irresponsibility in imputing maliciously that Piñol pocketed that P21 million even the former Vice Governor of Cotabato Province left his last government office in 2009.
“Was he not thinking about the legal consequences of his blunder?” I asked myself.
I was sued with libel too by a member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Legislative Board) of Pangasinan but unlike Cimatu I knew from the beginning that I have a legal ground against it because I just quoted in my column “ORTIGOZA: Are we criminally liablefor Libel?” the bravado of another board member.
The legislature told me and three media men that he was one of the few members of the Board who declined the P40 thousand monthly payola from the maintainer of the illegal number game’s jueteng. 
 Piñol on his  September 24 FB’s post said that upon arrival from Hungary he would talk to his lawyer and file a case at his residence in Kidapawan City, Cotabato Province.
“Malayo ang Baguio City to Kidapawan City para sa arraignment and hearings,” I told friends in the Bangus City after I arrived  last Monday morning in a rough and tumble trips through van, airplane, taxi, and bus from M’lang, Cotabato Province (20 minutes ride to Kidapawan) to Dagupan City after I got my media award there, but that’s another story.
My poser: Does Cimatu not only faces a 4 years and 2 months to 8 years conviction with civil liabilities on the moral damages he inflicted to the Secretary in Republic Act 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012) but will be forced to travel from his residence in the Pines City to that Central Mindanao’s city?
Sued with felony son of a gun in Face Book and not on his Rappler’s reporting, Cimatu would be obliged to travel round trips in a hearing by shelling out roughly P7 thousand plane either in cheap airlines and bus ticket rides every time the Office of the Prosecutor and later the judge there calls him for a hearing.
And we are not yet talking about the lawyer’s fee he coughs up every time he appears in those offices in Kidapawan.
But on the September 27 post of the Secretary of DAF, I saw him with two of his lawyers filed the case at the prosecutor’s office in Quezon City.
They probably read the jurisprudence on Bonifacio vs. RTC of Makati (G.R. No. 184800, 5 May 2010) where the Supreme Court said that If the offended party is a public official, the criminal case can only be filed in either of two places, namely: (a) in the place (whether in or outside Manila) where he holds office at the time of the commission of the crime; or (b) where the alleged defamatory article was printed and first published.
“Another case, this time the civil aspect of the crime which would demand damages, would be filed next week in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato,” the Secretary however posted last September 27.

Lesson for Everybody

The Cimatu’s brouhaha would be a lesson to us media practitioners and even those who unwarily post at social media Face Book to practice prudence because Cyber Libel carries more weight than Ordinary Libel. Ordinary Libel as seen on the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines carries only up to prision correccional medium (2 years, 4 months and 1 day to 4 years and 2 months as seen on Article 355) jail time. But the convict ain’t got to go to prison because of Probation Law if his or her conviction by the RTC was a first offense. But the government is harsh on those convicted by the Cyber Crime Law because he or she soldiers on till the Supreme Court convicts or exonerates him.
 If sentenced in a litigation that runs to 10 to 15 years  from the lower court to the SC, the accused would be “maghihimas ng malamig na rehas” in the slammer in Muntinlupa that goes up to eight years.

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