Biyernes, Hulyo 5, 2019

ROK Fetes Warriors with Grand Concert

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

It was heart warming to see recently my 91 years old father and some Korean War’s veterans hugged and saluted by coat and tied South Korean executives at the lobby of the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo at Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in Pasay City.
“Thanks for your heroism and service in saving our country,” a Korean who just darted off from his family embraced my pa’ and other octogenarian and nonagenarian former warriors for their gallantry and intrepidity in the first cold war between the United States and Soviet Union that ensued 70 years ago.

The formal attired event attended by the diplomatic corps lead by U.S Ambassador to the Philippines' Sung Kim, government luminaries, cadet corps of the Philippines National Police, and surviving spouses of the veterans and their descendants, was sponsored by the burgeoning South Korean government dubbed as The Korean War Memorial Peace Concert that celebrated 70 years of the Korean War and mutual exchanges between our country and the Republic of Korea (RoK).

SENTIMENTAL - Some members of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) pose for posterity with the South Korean soldiers during their sentimental journey in June 27 to July 2, 2019 at the peninsula. The journey was bankrolled by the grateful South Korean government. Unlike the Philippine Civic Action Group (PhilCag) who did construction and medical works in the Vietnam War, these PEFTOK guys sacrificed their lives and limbs shooting out with the Chinese and North Koreans in the early 1950s war.
Fourth from left is Army Major Maximo Young, the second awardee of the South Korea's Taegeuk (Medal of Valor) after Army Captain Conrado Yap. Young award was given by the Seoul government during the June 27 to July 2 visit there.

It was showcased by the world class RoK’s Seocho Philharmoniker throught the baton of conductor Jong-hoon Bae, the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, soprano Rachelle Gerodias, baritone Byeong-in Park, Canadian famous trumpeter Jens Lindeman, and other popular talents. 

Oldies Want to Preserve, Popularize Spanish-Era Warehouse

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Old- timers called Jayceeken and a solon seek the government guidance how to conserve, develop, and popularize the abandoned concrete walls of the Philippines National Railway Incorporated (PNRI) warehouse  here.

These storied historic walls played a proud role in the halcyon days when steamed power locomotive trains snaked from Tutuban Station in Manila to Dagupan City and vice versa in November 24, 1892 up to its last day of service in 1988, according to Councilor Jigs Seen, the chairman of the Committee on Cultural Heritage and Arts of this city’s legislature.

 He explained that when the Ferrocarril de Manila-Dagupan (FDMD) constructed a 195 – kilometer railway from its main terminal at Tutuban in Manila to here, this immovable property became an architectural heritage under then railway’s construction supervisor British Engineer Henry Kipping.
Passengers posing in front of the "Ferrocarril de Manila y Dagupan" (c. 1885). Photo Credit:Wikipidea

 “ He later married one of  history characters and resident of Dagupan the beauteous Leonor Rivera – a former girlfriend of national hero Jose Rizal who visited her by traveling to Dagupan from Calamba, Laguna,’ Seen cited.

Bobotantes hit after nixing ex-judges, docs, lawyers

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Political spectators bemoaned the loss of former judges, lawyers, and doctors in the last May 13, 2019 election.
One of them was former regional director of the Department of Interior & Local Government Romeo Prangan.
The former executive deplored the myopia of many voters who elected candidates in exchanged of twenty to one hundred pesos per voter despite their being intellectually inferior.
BEMOAN - A former regional director of the Department of Interior & Local Government bemoans how voters squandered the opportunity to elect and exploit the experiences, intellects, and talents of former Municipal Trial Court judges Florante Gabat (left) and Santiago Marcella, Jr. who failed to win their aspired
]seats in the Sangguniang Bayan (legislature) of Calasiao and San Fabian towns.

Instead of voting those respected members of the bar and medical profession to contribute their intellects to hammer laws at the Sangguniang Bayan these voters preferred those intellectually inferiors’ candidates,”
 Prangan bewailed to this writer about the pathetic preferences of voters to those candidates aspiring for the legislature.
He added that voters’ choice went to the gutter in last poll after they exchanged the future of themselves and their children to those financial paltry given by moneyed candidates. 

It’s Nice to Die in this City

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

When I was buying a hand of lakatan bananas in a talipapa (makeshift store), I asked the spouses who manned it if the place I was standing was part of the city of Taguig where the former lady mayor is the wife of my friend then senator and now  House Speakership’s wannabe Alan Peter Cayetano.

“Barangay Southside po ito sir. Pinagaagawan ito ng Makati City and Taguig,” the husband, a septuagenarian, told me while he wrapped the almost P100 bananas' hand (P70 a kilo) I bought.

“Nasa Supreme Court na iyang away diyan sa BGC (sprawling world class commercial hub's Bonifacio Global City) at mga barangays. Kung kayo ang tatanungin sino mas gusto ninyo?” I asked.

 Both blurted out: Makati!
Image result for cheap coffin philippines
Free coffin, anyone?

I told them that in my province Pangasinan many mayors there give P3000 to P5000 to the bereaved family of the deceased.
“Magkano ang bigayan sa patay dito sa Makati at Taguig?” I confidently asked them since I knew the nuances of how local chief executives forked out sums to lighten up the grief of their helpless constituents.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 12, 2019

Mayor spends P20-M to aid VM

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A reelective mayor spent twenty million pesos not to ensure his victory but to give succor to his vice mayoralty tandem beleaguered by the vote buying resorted by her rival in the recent poll.

“Iyong taga kabila namimili ng P250 per voter noong pakurong. Iyong vice mayor ko P250 kada botante ang kaya kaya binigyan ko ng P250 para P500 kontra sa P250 ng kalaban,” the mayor in Central Pangasinan told this writer.
He did it because his cash strapped mayoral opponent did not resort to use money to win the hearts of the vulnerable voters.
I spent twenty million pesos because I gave two hundred pesos to sell myself to the voters and aided my vice mayor with another sum”.

Image result for money exchange hands philippines

Both candidates for the mayoralty and vice mayoralty are into big contracting business building infrastructure for the government.

Speaker GMA's Nephew Guico Opens to Refile New PSA

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BINALONAN, Pangasinan – The nephew of a former president and House Speaker was receptive to the call to refile her bill that will open the country for more business competition and employment.

Pangasinan Fifth District Congressman- Elect Ramon “Monmon” V. Guico III said that as long as the bill will be pro - Filipinos he will support it.
 His pronouncement ensued after this newspaper exhorted him that he refiles the amendment of the Public Service Act filed in 2017 by Pampanga Representative Gloria M. Arroyo when he joined the 18th Congress on July 1 this year.

CONG-ELECT – Then Pangasinan Fifth District congressional candidate Ramon “Monmon” V. Guico, III (second from left) is flanked by the district bet for the Provincial Board Louie Sison (extreme left), quintessential actress Susan Roces, and Guico’s father and namesake then mayoralty bet of Binalonan Ramon, Jr. Photo was taken while they wait for the motorcade of Senator Grace Poe, prolific actor Coco Martin, Abono Party-List Chair Rosendo So, and political figures in Pangasinan in a mammoth political rally held at the Guicos’ owned WCC Aeronautical and Technological College in the town six days before the May 13 poll. Photo by Mortz C. Ortigoza 
"Ya, anything that will help the people to include the district for more development. But as long as it is not at the expense of the environment of the taong maliit na masasagasaan we will be supportive of this bill,” stressed by Guico.

The solon’s father and namesake the mayor elect of this Eastern Pangasinan burgeoning town is a cousin of the former Philippines president.

Reason Behind Rody’s Rape Jokes at the PMA

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

I was at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City a day after the graduation of the 261 members of the Mabalasik Class of 2019.
My sources there told me that except to President Rodrigo Duterte, the political and military brass, and the parents of the graduating class at the covered grandstand, the Cadet Corp Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) who formed the Long Gray Line at the Borromeo Field and the thousands of spectators outside of it were soaked with the untimely downpour.
Here what my sources told me that did not appear on the media as far as I’m concerned:

·         President Duterte and party arrived at the Summer Capital a day before the commencement exercise at Fort Del Pilar.

·         He and his party checked in at the plush Manor Hotel in Camp John Hay because some officials of the Presidential Security Group told my source that the president is afraid to the ghosts that lurk at some nook and cranny of the historic presidential summer palace’s Mansion House located at ‎Leonard Wood Road.

Image result for duterte pma 2019 rape joke
RELISH - Cadets of the elite Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City relish the rape joke of President Rodrigo Duterte during their commencement exercise last May 26. (Photo grab from the internet)

·          On President Duterte giving the diploma to two graduating cadets and was replaced by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana to finish their distribution to the Mabalasik Class, my source said the president, who was seated and drowsy, was enmeshed the night before entertaining at his guest room in the Manor those electoral candidates who won the May 13   election.

“Kaya late na siyang dumating mga 10: 55 A.M na from the customarily 9 A.M start of the graduation ceremony dahil napuyat sa mga bisita,” my source whispered to me.

Docs are easy to tax than lawyers, moteliers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – Medical doctors are easy to check if they paid their taxes correctly compared to lawyers, motel owners, fishpond owners, and other businessmen , the regional director of the Bureau of Internal Revenue cited.
Director Thelma S. Milabao explained that hospitals’ staff have been reporting to the BIR these doctors’ professional fees they billed to their patients.

A motel in the Philippines.

“Medyo madali kasi. Puwede mo bantayan ang professional fee niya. Itong mga hospitals nag sa-submit sila sa BIR na kung magkano ang naibayad nilang professional fee sa doctors na nag eengaged doon sa kanila,” she stressed.

Milabao said that the agency’s personnel have a hard time implementing the tax compliance verification drive (TCVD) with the lawyers because they directly transacted with the clients without somebody like the hospital staff to report how much they received from those they gave their services.
The same dilemma, according to Milabao, the BIR faces with hotel and motel owners.

“Iyan nga pero babantayan namin at least 10 days para ma established namin kung magkano ba iyong average daily sales o ADS”.

Miyerkules, Mayo 22, 2019

Cash - Awash Voters Wiped Out Resto Stocks

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 A voter in one of the cities in Pangasinan province could not believe that during election day and the day after fast food chains like those internationally franchised Jollibee and McDonald and appliance centers had been flooded with enthusiastic customers.
“First time ganito ka dami pila ng tao na mukhang madami galing sa squatter areas.
P5,500 richers itong mga siste. Madami sila pera today,”
 cited by Butch Tolentino to those high spirited folks who queued in those franchised stores.

Pakurong is Pangasinan term for dole outs in cash or in kind that candidates give to voters surreptitiously in the eve of election day.
Each of the rivals for the mayorship derby gave P2,500 and P3,000 each to the delighted voters who were seen at the streets in late night of May 12 and wee hours before the May 13 election day waiting for the signal to claim their thousands of pesos through a security featured stub given by the bagmen of the candidate who wielded an ultra violet light (UVL) that checked their authenticity.

He Still Wins Despite Non-Backing from INC

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Image result for block voting iglesia

(Photo: Grab from the internet)

When a central Pangasinan mayor learned that the 3,500 members of the bloc voting religion’s Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) in his first class town will be voting for his rival in the mayoralty race which he tangled for the third time he rushed to the bank and withdrew P21 million he would use to vote buy.
“Biyernes noong malaman ko na ang Iglesia doon boboto sa kalaban ko. Ang election sa susunod na Lunes. Binaha ko ng P300 ang kada botante ng Biyernes, Sabado, at Linggo ang bayan at mga barangay,” he referred to probably 40,000 voters in the 2013 mayoralty election.

The rule of the thumb in the Philippines is 75% of the voters vote. So he exploited the mostly gullible, naïve, and poor 30, 000 electorates.
“You have to buy 20, 000 of the voters to win,”
 he told me.

Sen. Poe: Power ng TV Ads, Pagpasa ng PSA

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Sabi ng mga political experts, ang vote buying para lang sa mga tumatakbong congressmen kasi napakaliit ng isang district na pinaglalabanan nila. Dito nga lamang sa province namin may isang district dito na composed ng isang city at apat na bayan at meron dito na walong bayan at malabong magka city dahil kapos sa visions ang mga mayors dahil karamihan mahina ang kukoti.
Ang pagtakbo sa pagiging senator ay imposibling gamitan ng vote buying kasi meron tayong almost 64 million voters unlike sa average na 324 thousand voters sa isang distrito ng vote-rich province Pangasinan.

Image may contain: one or more people
BUWAN - Reelectionist Senator Grace Poe, prolific actor Coco Martin and his Vendetta group belt Juan Carlos’ “Buwan” at the grand rally of the Nationalista Party, Nationalist People’s Coalition, and Abono Party List at the tarmac of the WCC Aviation School in Binalonan, Pangasinan where a sea of wide eyed humanity attended. PHOTO BY MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA
Nadinig ko na rin ito sa ibang pulitiko, pero ito ang post sa Facebook ng isang tumatakbong senator using a different name:

“Alam ninyo ba na ang halaga na ngayon ng 30-second  (television) ad ay nasa P500,000 to P800,000 per slot depende kung sa primetime o hindi ipapalabas? So, kapag may 10 slots sa isang araw, tumataginting na P8 MILYON kaagad! Aba! Bakit ba gagastos ng ganyan kalaki ang mga kandidato araw-araw samantalang P117,000 lang ang sweldo ng isang senador kada buwan?”


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The challenger was unfazed by the size of the political machine and the black propaganda resorted by the supporters of the electoral titan and still beat him in the congressional derby.
“I just backed up my campaign with positive campaigning. I was never affected by the negative propapaganda, the poison letter, the black propaganda. I never smeared sinisiraan ang aking opponent. So it’s just a positive way of campaigning,” Binalonan exiting mayor Ramon “Monmon” Guico, III cited his victory against Pangasinan Fifth District Congressman Amado T. Espino, Jr. after he was proclaimed Tuesday by the Provincial Board of Canvassers of the Commission on Election (Comelec) at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in Lingayen town.

VICTORY JOE – Exiting Binalonan Mayor Ramon “Monmon” Guico, III flashes the Victory Sign before his proclamation by the Provincial Board of Canvassers of the Commission on Election at the Capitol in Lingayen town. Guico trounced out incumbent Pangasinan Fifth District Congressman Amado T. Espino, Jr in the May 13 election. That defeat was considered an upset in the mammoth province’s politics as Espino was considered as Pound-for-Pound marquee politician. Photo by Mortz C. Ortigoza 

Espino was considered as an astute marquee politician who vanquished the province’s political elites in the gubernatorial races like the spouses Jamie and and nine years governor  Victor Agbayani, and former congressman Hernani Braganza, and congressional race rival the then incumbent 5th District Representative Kimi Cojuangco.
The guy was politically invincible who kept winning elections until Binalonan Mayor Monmon drew sword with him,” a pundit, who asked for anonymity, said. “
“He was once like Greek mythology's King Midas. Everything he touched turn into gold,” he added.

High tech vote buying uses security featured ticket

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

One of the mayoralty bets at a town in Pangasinan used a ticket stub with a security feature to avoid its fabrication by his opponent that could sabotage his electoral stocks.
The two inches by two inches’ stub has a combination of blue, green, and brown stripes, a bar code, and the name of the voter taken from the master's list of the Commission on Election.
The security men of the candidate who checked the queue of roughly three thousand voters in a village at the main entrance of huge warehouse used ultra violet light (UVL) scanner to check their authenticity.

“The light of the pen determines if this is not fake if there is a brown square that will appear when the light hits the blue and green stripes,” a portly security aide of the re-elective mayor explained the tiny square that appeared at the blue stripe of the stub.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
PROSTITUTED VOTERS - Filipino voters queue for a thousand of pesos given to each of them by a candidate before they cast their votes in a poll. Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon admitted that vote buying incidents in this year’s polls were worse than the 2016 elections. She also noted that the amount of bribe in exchange for votes has enormously spiked.

Among the voters, who composed most of the electorates in a village, who would be receiving P1,500 to vote for a mayor, vice mayor, and the congressman were 30 men and women caught possessing the fake stubs.
“Nanggaling pa iyan sila sa karatig bayan,” another supporter of the mayor butted - in when someone asked where these people came from.
 The aide could not determine if those spurious stubs were commissioned by the rival candidate to wreak havoc to their bribery attempt or they were just enterprising individuals who copied the ticket after the leader of the candidate distributed them around the village a day before.

Sabado, Mayo 18, 2019

Nut, ex-junkie give voters a chill

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

PANGASINAN – A candidate who talks to himself and another bet who came from illegal drug rehabilitation give cold chills to many voters in this province as the May 13 are few days away.
According to a source, who asked for anonymity, these queer candidates for the May 13, 2019 election are aspiring for a higher position.

“Iyong si sira ulo hindi na pinapansin ng mga kamag anak at supporters kahit na nagsasalita siyang mag isa,” the source cited in Filipino.

Image result for insane
He said that it is an asset nevertheless that the bet has the gift of gab and blabber because it is a valuable talent to converse even to a concrete wall and an electrical post.
“Mabuti iyan at least bawi ang pasuweldo ng gobyerno kaysa doon sa mga miyembro ng silent committee sa town and city councils saka sa congress,” he deplorably told this writer.

The second bet had treatment during his rehabilitation in Manila after he became addicted to dangerous drugs for several years.
Both of these bets are members of the affluent families in their places. The first one however reeled with personal and matrimonial problems.
Despite being a laggard in the polls, both are very confident they will in a landslide in the post they aspired for.

“Hindi na mapipigilan ang pagkapanalo ko,” one of them, who probably was in his lucid interval, told the source.

Sabado, Mayo 4, 2019

Voters Price Depend on Another Rival’s Capacity to Give

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The amount that a rich candidate will give to voters as election approaches depend on the price his rival shelled out to each of the electorates, according to a barangay (village) chairman tasked by a mayoralty bet in this town to do his bidding.
“Depende iyan sa kalaban. Pag nagbigay siya ng P1000 sa botante, iyong boss ko magbibigay siya ng P1,500,” the village chief in Pangasinan, who asked for anonymity, told this writer.

This conversation ensued when he was asked if vote buying can breach the P2,500 mark for each electorate comes election time.
“Puwede pag nagbigay ang kalaban ng P2000. Pero I doubt kung kaya ng rival kasi limitado ang pera niya”.
Image result for vote buying philippines
VOTE FOR SALE: A leader (R) of a political candidate in the Philippines shell-out sums to buy the vote of an electorate.

 When asked how much his patron spent on the truckloads of voters who were ferried in a warehouse to receive P500 each two weeks before the May 13, 2019 election, this what he retorted:
“My estimate was P1.5 million. P500 multiplied by 3,000 of these voters  who were brought there to attend some pep talks with the mayoralty bet and some councilors”.

Stunts Done by Politicos to Win Poll

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

With roughly 3,000 lead votes by Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez against mayoral rival and Vice Mayor Brian Lim in the recent scientific poll, the former and her supporters should guard themselves on the surprises the latter can pull as the May 13, 2019 election approaches.
Then re-elective Bonuan Gueset Barangay Chairman Angel Gumarang lost to challenger and come backing kapitan candidate Rico Mejia when then Dagupan City Mayor Benjie S. Lim struck out a drama that saw the reelective village chief, with all the resources of the huge village at his disposal, lost to Mejia.
Gumarang told us media men then that he could not do his hustings effectively to the various sitios of the biggest village in the city, mind you guys its population bigger than those fourth class towns, because the police through the order of Lim watched him and his men closely.
 Image result for political stunt

He even suspected that his driver was bribed by the other camp to incriminate him and change the momentum of his campaign strategies.
 “Kap, pagasulinahan natin ito mamaya. Problema pa natin iyan baka maubusan tayo ng gasolina pag umikot tayo,” the driver told him in the eve of the October 25, 2010 barangay election.
He said another two of his unwitting aides accompanied the driver.

Firearms "Planted" by the Police

After the clock hit midnight, the car was cruising to the gasoline station in the village but was immediately flagged down by policemen manning a newly installed check point.

How Other Mayors Create Economics Opportunities to People

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Major news magazines and newspapers printed in Imperial Manila have news about the newly acknowledged Guinness World Record’s tallest steel framed and engineered bamboo panels’ Saint Vincent Ferrer statue in Bayambang, Pangasinan.
Their news features jibe with the Holy Week as Filipinos went to their provinces and spend the long religious holidays and weekends there.
I will not talk about religion here since I’m not competent about it. The only verses in the Bible I could memorize is John 3:16 and the other one whenever I quaffed a half  glass alcohol contained 80 proof 750 ml Tanduay and White Castle in high school and college's “Verseculo Baso Kapitulo E.S.Q“.
E.S.Q is Extra Smooth Quality as come - on by Tanduay to young but poor drinkers like me.
I’m going to talk about the economics opportunity for the people created by local government units like the town of Bayambang to attract tourists to visit the historic town. The town was  5th Capital of the Revolutionary Philippine Republic during the Filipino – American War in 1899.
Last week I wrote about Bayambang under the administration of business tycoon and Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao as one of the top four richest first class towns in the 44 towns and four cities’ Pangasinan.

Image result for visionary

“We have PhP506 million budget this year where some come from the disposal of assets in Magsaysay,
” he told the crowd from the public and private sectors who witnessed the inauguration of the proposed LGU housing project to be given to municipal hall’s employees in Barangay Bical Sur of the burgeoning town.
Quiambao told reporters that every year his family controlled corporations like Stradcom and other businesses like a mall pay more than PhP 80 million of their taxes  in the municipality.

Even the PhP250 million price tagged of the 50.23-meter statue to commemorate the 400th year of the establishment of Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish in Bayambang and the 600th death anniversary of the saint on April 5, 2019 was personally paid by Quiambao and his gorgeous wife actress Mary Clare Judith Phyllis “Niña” Jose-Quiambao, the multiplier effects that can be created by the mammoth statute could be incomparable.

“Attention: there is NO entrance fee to go inside and around the Prayer Park. FYI. Thank you, God bless you all,” I saw the post of Mrs. Jose- Quiambao at her Facebook account.
 The surge of people who motor to the pilgrims’ town like those vacationers who will make side trip in Bayambang from their Manila to Baguio City’s rendezvous, will be a spark plugged for more franchisees to own Jollibee, McDonald, Mang Inasal, Starbucks, Dunkin Donut, Yellow Cab Taxi, hotels, banks, gas stations, malls, and others to put shop there. That could spike employment in the town and even the province of Pangasinan and more business and real property taxes for the LGU.

Biyernes, Abril 26, 2019

Surveys at Facebook, Radio not Credible

Image result for fake survey

Who is Stupid Between Me and This Ex-Solon, Radioman?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Angelo Palmones is an average if not a mediocre broadcaster and a former Agham Partylist congressman, he did not know economics as based on my recent  squabbles with him at Facebook.
His ignorance was exacerbated by his gall to call me “stupid” after I wrote last week on my blog cum column that North Cotabato is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. 
ANGELO PALMONES: Whoever invited this stupid blogger is insulting the people of North Cotabato. He tossed up his sponsors with flowery piece by pulling down the efforts of all people of NCot. Better research will guide you boy on how many products of my beloved province are now sold abroad. Violence is more prevalent in Metro Manila, check your stat before making generalization. North Cotabato is not M’lang!"
(When a common friend at Facebook Luvin Candari, an Ilonggo, tagged me on Angelo’s attack, here was my answer)
MARK MACHEVELLI ORTIGOZA (MY OTHER NAME AT FB): Sabton ta na’ kung sino mas stupid sa amon ni Angelo (I’m going to rebut him and show who is stupid between me and Angelo) . The son of a gun was shooting from the hips. I only need to cite a NEDA report in my column. Luvin Candari is smarter than this congressional has- been. Im going to school him he he he.
PALMONES: That NEDA report has been disputed. The most recent and relevant basis of North Cotabato’s standing, including some of the well-performing towns and Kidapawan City, is DILG’s SEAL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. You can Google it for better understanding.
ORTIGOZA: My arguments will be anchored on the number of poor Filipinos to buttress my argument that your province is one of the Top 10 Poorest Provinces in the Phillippines. SEAL is primordially on management level. I will talk in my column about economic threshold in peso term as based on the data of the Philippines Statistics Authority, National Anti- Poverty Commission, and NEDA.
PALMONES: Good luck for that piece. I hope it will improve rustic Mlang.
My argument on my blog that got the goat of Palmones was not new to me since I used, for example the Annual Per Capita Poverty Threshold (APCPT) on my radio and newspaper commentaries in Luzon whenever I compared the provincial and municipal local government units in the northern part of the country.

Now let’s go to the jugular.
 You readers decide whom between me and Angelo is stupid after I cite and explain here why North Cotabato Province  is the seventh (7) province with more poorest families in the Philippines according to the Public Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2015. The next survey results of the PSA will be in 2019.

Here’s table:

As what the table above illustrates North Cotabato is No. 7 with the most number of households, composed by five members each, classified as poor. Cebu Province was No. 1 due to its 2.93 million (exclude its three highly urbanized cities) biggest population outside Metro Manila. It's ironic that the almost one million populated Cebu City burgeoned while its province deteriorated.