Biyernes, Hulyo 5, 2019

Bobotantes hit after nixing ex-judges, docs, lawyers

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Political spectators bemoaned the loss of former judges, lawyers, and doctors in the last May 13, 2019 election.
One of them was former regional director of the Department of Interior & Local Government Romeo Prangan.
The former executive deplored the myopia of many voters who elected candidates in exchanged of twenty to one hundred pesos per voter despite their being intellectually inferior.
BEMOAN - A former regional director of the Department of Interior & Local Government bemoans how voters squandered the opportunity to elect and exploit the experiences, intellects, and talents of former Municipal Trial Court judges Florante Gabat (left) and Santiago Marcella, Jr. who failed to win their aspired
]seats in the Sangguniang Bayan (legislature) of Calasiao and San Fabian towns.

Instead of voting those respected members of the bar and medical profession to contribute their intellects to hammer laws at the Sangguniang Bayan these voters preferred those intellectually inferiors’ candidates,”
 Prangan bewailed to this writer about the pathetic preferences of voters to those candidates aspiring for the legislature.
He added that voters’ choice went to the gutter in last poll after they exchanged the future of themselves and their children to those financial paltry given by moneyed candidates. 

Prangan cited those who lose their councillorship bids were former Municipal Trial Court Judges Santiago Marcella, Jr. (No.18 for the eight slots) and Florante Gabat (No.11). Marcella and Gabat ran but failed to win in San Fabian and Calasiao towns in Pangasinan.
He said that lawyers Ray Basbas (No. 11) of San Fabian and Gerald Tabadero (No.9) of Manaoag lost the electoral derby.
Tabadero is the legal counsel of Pangasinan Fourth District Congressman Christopher de Venecia.
De Venecia beat overwhelmingly in the congressional race this city’s former vice mayor and lawyer Alvin Fernandez.

Other members of the bar who lost the poll were Arsenio Merrera (No.5 for the two slots) who ran in the provincial board at the province’s Second District, Francis Tinio (No. 4) who attempted a seat at the Fifth District, and former Board Member Angel Baniqued who ventured for the vice governorship of the 44 towns and three cities’ Pangasinan.

Doctor Maria Rolyn Gubatan (NPC) failed to clinch too the San Fabian’s vice mayoralty race against former councilor Noy de Guzman (PDP-LBN) when the latter edged her out with 3,006 votes.
Another medical doctor former San Fabian vice mayor Leopoldo Manalo lost the councillorship by landing poorly at No. 11.
The law mandates that every town should have at eight seats for lawmakers while second class city like here should have ten seats.


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