Lunes, Hulyo 29, 2013

Rich PNP Captain, poor Army General

By Mortz Ortigoza

 Last week a national newspaper carried on its front page for almost the entire week the brouhaha raised by the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association through Philippine National Police’s spokesman Reuben Theodore Sindac on the possibility of the PNP accepting on its officers corps graduates of the Philippine Military Academy. I was relishing reading the almost successive negative comments posted by readers on the broadsheet’s online version. A reader said the plan to get alumni from the Baguio City- based academy was because being assigned at the PNP is a lucrative post than being assigned in the Army, Navy, or the Marines.

PNPA grad hits arrogance of PMA alumni

Cadets of the elite Philippine Military Academy (Photo by Gabriel Ortigoza, former member Corp of
Professor PMA)


 DAVAO CITY – A mid level officer of the police who is an alumnus of the Philippine National Police Academy assailed the hubris and elitist mentality of some members of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) after they recommended that the Philippine National Police should start accepting again graduates of the PMA. The decorated official, who was assigned in Pangasinan, said the members of the Philippine Military Academy  Alumni Association (PMAAA) and generals at Camp Crame failed to see how graduates of the PMA and PNPA, the lateral entry, and those officials who rose from the rank live in harmony at the PNP. “The entry of PMA graduate to the PNP to infuse a brand new kind leadership is a non-issue,” he said.