Sabado, Pebrero 13, 2016

Are Actors like Edu Manzano Competent in the Senate?

Watch the video below after I quizzed Edu Manzano who runs for the 2016 Philippine Senate Race. But before you click the video, here were the texts of my posers to Manzano - an llonggo like me.

Q: I’m Mortz Ortigoza, political columnist of The intellectual class in the Philippines looked down on actors and actresses like Manny Pacquiao, Alma Moreno, Amay Bisaya running for the Senate. They looked at them as an aberration and a big joke that only undermines the integrity of the August Chamber. 
ACTOR. Actor Edu Manzano (blue shirt) with reporters after the press
conference in Dagupan City he and presidential front runner
Grace Poe attended.

My questions, our country faces high employment rate and the solution is to amend the economic provision of the constitution, are you amenable for it? Our country has the highest cost of electricity per kilowatt, are you in favour for the constructions of Nuclear Power Plants to lessen the prices of power? Filipinos breed like rabbits that cause for their penury or kahirapan, are you amenable for a strong population control like aggressive distribution of free contraceptives in the barangays?