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Surveys at Facebook, Radio not Credible

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Who is Stupid Between Me and This Ex-Solon, Radioman?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Angelo Palmones is an average if not a mediocre broadcaster and a former Agham Partylist congressman, he did not know economics as based on my recent  squabbles with him at Facebook.
His ignorance was exacerbated by his gall to call me “stupid” after I wrote last week on my blog cum column that North Cotabato is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. 
ANGELO PALMONES: Whoever invited this stupid blogger is insulting the people of North Cotabato. He tossed up his sponsors with flowery piece by pulling down the efforts of all people of NCot. Better research will guide you boy on how many products of my beloved province are now sold abroad. Violence is more prevalent in Metro Manila, check your stat before making generalization. North Cotabato is not M’lang!"
(When a common friend at Facebook Luvin Candari, an Ilonggo, tagged me on Angelo’s attack, here was my answer)
MARK MACHEVELLI ORTIGOZA (MY OTHER NAME AT FB): Sabton ta na’ kung sino mas stupid sa amon ni Angelo (I’m going to rebut him and show who is stupid between me and Angelo) . The son of a gun was shooting from the hips. I only need to cite a NEDA report in my column. Luvin Candari is smarter than this congressional has- been. Im going to school him he he he.
PALMONES: That NEDA report has been disputed. The most recent and relevant basis of North Cotabato’s standing, including some of the well-performing towns and Kidapawan City, is DILG’s SEAL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. You can Google it for better understanding.
ORTIGOZA: My arguments will be anchored on the number of poor Filipinos to buttress my argument that your province is one of the Top 10 Poorest Provinces in the Phillippines. SEAL is primordially on management level. I will talk in my column about economic threshold in peso term as based on the data of the Philippines Statistics Authority, National Anti- Poverty Commission, and NEDA.
PALMONES: Good luck for that piece. I hope it will improve rustic Mlang.
My argument on my blog that got the goat of Palmones was not new to me since I used, for example the Annual Per Capita Poverty Threshold (APCPT) on my radio and newspaper commentaries in Luzon whenever I compared the provincial and municipal local government units in the northern part of the country.

Now let’s go to the jugular.
 You readers decide whom between me and Angelo is stupid after I cite and explain here why North Cotabato Province  is the seventh (7) province with more poorest families in the Philippines according to the Public Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2015. The next survey results of the PSA will be in 2019.

Here’s table:

As what the table above illustrates North Cotabato is No. 7 with the most number of households, composed by five members each, classified as poor. Cebu Province was No. 1 due to its 2.93 million (exclude its three highly urbanized cities) biggest population outside Metro Manila. It's ironic that the almost one million populated Cebu City burgeoned while its province deteriorated.

Brahmos Hopes AFP will Buy its Deadliest, Fastest Cruise Missiles

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

PASAY CITY – A representative of the deadliest and fastest medium sized supersonic cruise missile in the world market today was optimistic that his company and the Armed Forces of the Philippines  will have a rapport after India failed to sell her cheapest priced frigates to the Philippines. 
 Colonel JP Uniyal, Director of Business Development & Product Support, told this writer that Brahmos Weapon System, a Russian-Indian’s consortium, sells cruise missile from land to sea, ship to land, land to land, and land to ship.
Cruise missile, according to Collins Dictionary, is a long range, jet propelled winged missile that can be launched from an airplane, submarine, ship, others, and guided to a target by a remote control.
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The brochure given to this writer showed Brahmos’ missiles can be launched from a  jet fighter to hit an enemy’s ship and troop on the sea and the ground.

“I am not aware what happened earlier. But now we are in good coordination with the authorities. Hopefully now we will be able to cooperate with the Philippines especially the Brahmos Weapon System is concerned whether it is for ships or for the land,”
 Pathak stressed.

The general characteristics of the missile for the navy and the army are the following: Maximum Range; 290 kilometers: Maximum Velocity; Mach 2.5 to 2.8: Altitude Cruise; 15 kilometers: Altitude Terminal; 10 to 15 Kilometers: Warhead Mass; 200-300 kilograms: Dimensions; 9000 millimeter (Length); 700 milliliter (Diameter): Weight; 3000 kilogram.
For the airforce, it has the same features with that of the navy but it has only a lesser weight of 2,550 kilograms.
Brahmos missile replaced by multiple times the most popular subsonic missiles in the world.
It has 3 times in velocity, 2.5 to 3 times in flight range, 3 to 4 times in seeker range, and  9 times in kill energy.
According to Wikipidea, one Brahmos cruise missile cost U.S $2.6 million or P109 million.

Earlier, Gripen Vice President for Communication Robert Hewson told this writer that the Sweden based multiple role fighter (MRF) jet manufacturer said it has been a cut above the rest of the fourth generation rivals because of its RBS15 anti ship guided smart missile.

“What you’re looking is the Saab missile known as RBS15. This is one of the things that really set apart the Gripen with its competitors. In fact, almost no other modern fighter has a modern anti ship missile integrated. None of them have a weapon attached. The latest version of this missile which we unveiled in the Farnborough Airshow”.

Colonel JP Uniyal, the representative of the deadliest and fastest cruise missile's maker Brahmos Weapon System. Brahmos is a Russian-Indian's consortium.

The distinctive RBS15 missile that even the United States made F-16 Viper lacks is a game changer.
The Maryland, USA made Viper is the closest rival of the Gripen in the more than sixty billion pesos procurement of the Philippines for a multi-role fighter (MRF) combat jet.
The smaller than Brahmos cruise missile’s RBS-15 (Robot System 15) is a long-range fire-and-forget surface-to-surface and air-to-surface, anti-ship missile. The later version Mk. III has the ability to attack land targets as well. The missile was developed by the Swedish company Saab Bofors Dynamics (Wikipidea).
According to Uniyal , the brand name BrahMos is "coined from Brahmaputra  River of India and Moskva River of Russia”.

It is the world's fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation.


The Saga of Leopoldo Bataoil Continues

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

From chasing hardened Moro commanders in Mindanao and Basilan, this battle experienced military and police officer went back to his alma mater the Philippine Military Academy to mentor the cadets of what he learned in the skirmishes and warfare at the battle fronts.
Ang first assignment ko was Mindanao 54th PC Ranger Batallion kaso po ang inihanda talaga ng PMA upang maging effective front line leaders, platoon leaders po kami noong second lieutenant sa isang PC Ranger battalion kaagad-agad dinala doon sa Mindanao kaagad - agad dinala kami sa Basilan. At doon namin hinahabol si Chairman Nur Misuari at Chairman Gerry Salapudin. Ito ang mga leaders ng mga MNLF noong araw wala pa iyong MILF noong araw so MNLF ang kalaban ng gobyerno,” cited in Filipino by former three-  star police general and congressman Leopoldo Bataoil, PMA Class of 1976, to this writer.

Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, rendered his snappiest salute to an old war veteran during a war anniversary.

He said as a Constabulary Ranger he idolized his commanders at the First and Second Ranger Battalions who even joined him and his men in the battle fields against the fiery Moro insurgents in the two islands in the Southern Philippines.
Bataoil was a trained member of the British inspired commando’s the elite Special Action Force.
“There were really true leaders and they were really very inspiring leaders na ang feeling namin they are the best example of.  I remember General Dictador Alquiza my First Battalion's commander . I remember Agerico Cagaoan my Second Battalion's commander in another battalion. They were really leaders na very inspiring na they talk to you the very critical area iyong mga battle area. They will die for you. Ang iyong feeling  namin he will die for our country and people all together we will die for our country and people”.

He cited one officer’s conspicuous bravery and extraordinary courage awed him. Glyxe Sua, Bataoil recounted, even asked his men to locate the sniper concealed behind the coconuts and the tree’s leaves  above sniping them.