Biyernes, Pebrero 6, 2015

Pastor sexed with Drunk Mom, Sober Goat


Political satires have been written on news magazines, newspapers, and others. Some of them became viral. But one of them, for me, was a standout. It was the satire of smut magazine Hustler publisher Larry Flynt posting on his prurience catering mags Baptist Reverend Jerry Falwell having sex with his drunk mother and a female goat in a barn on the putative Camparari ads “You’ll Never Forget about your First Time.
An enraged Falwell sued Flynt with libel and millions of dollars moral damages. The case, Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988), was not only dismissed by the U.S Supreme Court but became bedrock of jurisprudence on Freedom of Expression that legal practitioners and scholars in democratic countries like the Philippines zealously quote.
Here’s my attempt on satire and not necessarily my bet for a Supreme Court’s libel suit classic jurisprudence since my editor and I have been wary of libel charge that hits us in this paper years ago. You can accessed that satire news entitled
God Saves the Filipinos" at
Q & A: The interview of Republican Attack Dog Southern Baptist Minister Jerry Falwell
on his purportedly, er, parody coitus with his drunk mom and the defenseless
goat inside their barn in the U.S.


Here's a broadcaster (a pastor who accidentally became a radio commentator of a religious station) who asked the mayor of a city why the hizzoner practiced double standard on filling a corruption cases against the city treasurer, cashier, and a clerk who were found to have Prima Facie (Latin words “on the first appearance”) on the cases they allegedly committed.