Miyerkules, Marso 9, 2016

Smart Bombs: Weapons needed to defeat insurgency in Ph

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A drug addict, a former driver of a police official, was arrested with other illegal drug sellers by policemen in a town near Pangasinan.

Even he was not caught in flagrante delicto (caught in the act) selling shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride, the cops nevertheless included him on the complaint sheet.
Since he could not bail, as selling of shabu is non-bailable, he was told by the prosecutor to shell-out one hundred fifty thousand pesos for the striking out of his name on the charge-sheet for a lengthy hearings at the Regional Trial Court.
Luckily, the detainee has relatives who are overseas foreign workers that cheap-in to raise the sum for his liberty.
They even gave a big stuffed toy to the prosecutor “kasi mahilig si fiscal sa stuff na galing abroad”.
Who says working with the Department of Justice is a thankless job? A lot of drug pushers are being apprehended every day. Susmariosep, that would be a lot of monies for a mulcting and enterprising fiscal.

"Gloves are off" between presidential rivals Marco Rubio and Donald Trump," says by CNN subtitle recently as both U.S presidential rivals exchanged acerbic charges in a debate.
"Clinton-Sanders on dead heat tie", "gloves are off" or “knuckles are bare” are idiomatic expressions seldom used by Philippines' newspapers as title.
“Gloves are off”, to the tricycle drivers who read this column, means people start to argue or fight in a more serious way.
I love how the American media described their acrimonious and rambunctious campaign season as bets ripped off each other’s throat to the November presidential election.
FARC or Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, the richest guerrillas in the world, thanks to cocaine and marijuana they sell to the huge U.S mainland, fought the Columbia government since the late 1960s.
Lately they asked for a unilateral ceasefire, yes Virginia, unilateral ceasefire, with the U.S Central Intelligence Agency's supported Colombia government because their top brass have been successively killed by the incessant aerial bombings by the government.
 Salamabit, how did the Colombian government do it so the Armed Forces of the Philippines can replicate it in Mindanao and other areas in the country inhabited by the half a century old insurgency?
Thanks to the smart bomb produced by the high budgeted research groups in the U.S that saw a series of successes in killing with accuracy guerrillas who were cooking their food or resting on a hammock in Columbia.
To adopt his new technology, the French and the Americans were deprived of this in Vietnam in the 1950s to the early of 1970s, a country like the Philippines needs the following: A Cessna A-37 Dragon Fly Plane that carries the Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) or smart rockets guided by the Global Positioning System (GPS) from satellite at the space, several A-39 Super Tucanos (the rugged single engine bombers ordered by the Philippine Air Force from Brazil) that can dropped unguided bombs, a C-130 cargo plane with 20 mm Gatling guns blazing to mow the absconding bad guys, and Special Forces from either Huey, Sokol, or Sikorsky helicopter to seized the computers and documents of the dead enemies.