Martes, Pebrero 7, 2017

It’s the U.S not the Colombians that destroyed Escobar

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A friend reacted why the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and not the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) would declare on its intelligence report that the Bolinao town shoreline in the Philippines that faces the Chinese Mainland was not used by the notorious shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride or meth for brevity) merchant Sinos as route to dump their dangerous substance that make Filipinos “Flips” as their other moniker  and criminals to sustain their addiction with the illegal substance.
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Colombian troop milled around the dead body of then world's No. 1 Drug Baron Pablo Escobar after a firefight ensued between them and Escobar and his body guard at a suburb in Medellin, Colombia in December 2, 1993.

His poser happened because of my latest article “U.S DEA clears Bolinao as drug route from China.
My retort: “Because the DEA has not only the financial capability to do the global sleuthing about the nuances of narcotics but was concerned that the Chinese, just like the Mexicans of Drug Baron Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and Columbians of Narc Lord Pablo Escobar, have been destroying through their drop points in the Philippines the mental and physical endowments of the increasing numbers of American youth who craved to the meth and help spike looting, robbery, rape, murders in the richest country in the world"..
I told him about how the DEA, Central Intelligence Agency, and even the SEAL (Sea, Air, and Land Team) through DEVGRU (Task Force Blue (often referred to as SEAL Team Six or within JSOC as Task Force Blue ) that descended to Colombia in the late 1990s with hammer and tongs after Pablo Escobar was threatened by extradition to the United States’ jail started killing 12 Supreme Court justices through the left-wing guerrillas  M-19 (yes Virginia, the Reds there unlike in our country conspired with drug barons), three presidential candidate through the sicarios (motorcycle riding hit men) and countless car bombings that killed  ten to fifteen thousand Colombians.

Here’ my summary from Wikipidia how shrewd, notorious, and moneyed Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria until his death through the intercessions of the Gringos who were pissed off because thousands of American youth died and were dying because of their dependence to the cracks from Colombia.
During Escobar’s prime in the 1990s, his cartel supplied an estimated 80% of the cocaine  smuggled into the United States.
“Corruption and intimidation characterized Escobar's dealings with the Colombian system. He worked to implement an effective, inescapable policy for dealing with law enforcement and the government, referred to as "plata o plomo" (literally "silver or lead", colloquially "[accept] money or [face] bullets"). Its execution resulted in the deaths of hundreds of individuals, including civilians, policemen, and state officials. At the same time, Escobar bribed countless government officials, judges, and other politicians. He was allegedly responsible for the 1989 murder of Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, the heavy favorite in the 1990 Colombian presidential election, as well as for the bombing of Avianca Flight 203 and the 1989 DAS Building bombing in Bogotá. The Medellín Cartel would also be involved in a deadly drug war with its primary rival, the Cali Cartel, for most of its existence”.
To put a stop of the flow of cocaine, marijuana, and meth (yes Virginia, our present shabu) supplied to Escobar by narcotics peddlers in the nearby countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru, the U.S in 1992 with intention to kill him used state-of- the-art gadgets like mobile phone listening device from a flying Cessna plane to locate the absconding  Central America’s King  of Coke who was worth US $30 billion by the early 1990s (equivalent to about $55 billion in 2016), making him one of the richest men in the world at his prime.
“The war against Pablo Escobar ended on December 2, 1993, amid another of Escobar's attempts to elude the Search Bloc - Colombian electronic surveillance team, led by then Colonel Hugo Martínez,” Wikipidea said.
With the aid of the Yanks, Martinez and his selected combat troop used radio triangulation technology to track Escobar’s radiotelephone transmissions and found him hiding in Los Olivos, a middle-class barrio in Medellín.
 With Martinez men who rode shot gun on their motorcycles closing in, a firefight with Escobar and his bodyguard, Alvaro de Jesús Agudelo (a.k.a. "El Limón"), ensued.
The two dreaded criminals attempted to escape by running across the roofs of adjoining houses to reach a back street, but both were shot and killed by the excited men of Martinez.Pablo Escobar suffered gunshots to the leg and torso, and a fatal gunshot through the ear.
The ear shot was believed a coup de grace (pronounced as "ku de graz",idiot he he) from a Colombian police or a sniper shot from the American Special Forces where the latter located earlier already the hideout of Escobar and was waiting for the drug kingpin outside.
But his brothers Roberto and Fernando told media men that Escobar committed suicide as he told his kin in case the authority would corner him.


Winning the Philippines Crime War: Less robbers and drug pushers now

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  1. Felipe Turado Lumabas to dahil sa kabobohan ni Jim Paredes. HAHAHA! Wala na talagang chance mga yelloe tae.
    Like · Reply · 2 hrs
    Ronde D. Alicaya
    Ronde D. Alicaya nakita ko rin sa tv5 newscast kagabi, sinabing colombia government ang nakapatay kay escobar. nagkulang yata sila sa research. it was actually the US who train colombian police, provided communications equipment and intelligence, and personnel to track down escobar and eventually killed him

  2. The ear shot was believed a coup d’ grace from a Colombian police or a sniper shot from the American Special Forces where the latter located earlier already the hideout of Escobar and was waiting for the drug kingpin outside.

  3. Danee Rivera Was it really belittling or was it jut giving an advice? It seems Filipinos now can no longer differentiate things.
    Like · Reply · 11 hrs · Edited
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Colombia's former president advice on Duterte's drug war was premised on a negative way. I saw it as belittling. Duterte was even offended by the advice thus he called Gaviria as idiot. He felt probably , just like I felt Gaviria belittled his drug war. It's a matter how we see ones opinion.
    Like · Reply · 2 hrs · Edited
    Danee Rivera
    Danee Rivera Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza That is how you and Duterte interprets it, but not everyone has the same interpretation of the ex-president of Colombia.
    Like · Reply · Just now
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza And everybody loves our interpretation thus this blog goes viral with countless thousands of hits .
    Like · Reply · Just now
    Danee Rivera
    Danee Rivera and you cannot force your interpretation to others.
    Like · Reply · Just now
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Yes, the few like you
    Like · Reply · Just now
    Danee Rivera
    Danee Rivera So I guess the Philippines is now a country were dissenting opinion makes one bad guy now?
    Like · Reply · Just now
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza No sir, I respect your opinion. I'm only saying that hundreds of thousands read my blog because they love it

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