Martes, Hulyo 28, 2015


After  U.S presidential bet Donald Trump mocked that he did not like Senator John McCain as a hero because he was caught by the North Vietnamese troop in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, and dug on
Texas Governor  Rick Perry who uses  a pair of eye glasses to look intelligent, political commentator Mortz Ortigoza discusses the forth coming U.S election with Philippine Former 5-Time Speaker Joe de Venecia (JDV) who was a former candidate for the Philippine presidency. Excerpts:
Political Commentator Mortz Ortigoza (3rd from left) , former 5  - Time Speaker Jose de Venecia (5th from left) and politicians inside the office of Congresswoman Gina de Venecia in Congress.

MORTZ: What’s your take on the U.S election? Would Hillary Clinton losses to a Republican candidate because she has an albratros breathing on her neck like Benghazi?

JDV:  Well, I don’t want to interfere on the internal affairs of the American politics. But you know she is good and so are the many leaders in the Republican Party like Jeb Bush...

MORTZ: Like Senator Ted Cruz, New Jersey Governor Cris Christie. How about Donald Trump?

JDV: Donald Trump is a colourful personality, a rich man in America. All of them (candidates) have the plusses and minuses. At the end of the day the political order and citizens of the United States will make a decision.