Lunes, Abril 11, 2016

Video Analysis: Pacquiao - Bradley 3: Manny wins with 2 KDs

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The Pacquiao-Bradley rubber match last Sunday was exciting as the two, in a chess match, exchanged hard flurries of blows. It became more exciting after Manny gave a powerful left hook on the right face of the plunging Bradley that caused his knock down at the seventh round after his gloves touched the canvas. 

ABS-CBN interviews me on my post analysis of Manny Pacquiao's win 
against Tim Bradley on their rubber match or 3rd Fight.

Any parts of the body except the sole of the shoes that touches the floor would be deducted by points. Those are the perennial rule in boxing.
In the ninth round fight fans, especially the screaming bakya crowd in the Philippines, jumped hysterically from their seats and cheered Pacquiao after he hit with his left power punch the American that caused him to somersault at the canvass.

ABS-CBN TV interviews me after Manny Pacquiao won with 
two knocked downs against Timothy Bradley.

"Manny so powerful this time he could knock down opponents again,” my errand boy Procopio shouted.
“Manny so powerful this time, his political stocks at Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia would shoot up from Number 8 to the stratosphere. Delikado si (senatorial bets) Tito Sotto and Franklin Drilon lalo na nag aantay na kay Manny Pacquiao ang maingay at mahabang motorcade sa Manila,” I silently told myself, too.
  As what host Bill O’Reilly would pose at his guest at Fox News TV: “What say you, (senatorial aspirant) Walden Bello?
Compute na lang natin kung ilan ang kina-in ng media hype sa allowable by the Commission on Election na radio and television propaganda hours the Filipino Superman had accumulated.
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