Miyerkules, Mayo 6, 2015

I boldly predicted Mayweather outclasses Pacquiao


Please bear with my Bragging Right's antics: Thanks to diligent research and meticulous observation on the strengths and weaknesses of the richest sportsman on earth Floyd Mayweather and Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao, I did not only win against those gullible bettors, but against all odds including those boxing analysts in the Philippines, I fearlessly predicted on my TV and radio interviews and on my column Mayweather would defeat Pacquiao on their Flight, er Fight of the Century's match last May 3.

Here's the access of my analysis, Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather: ANALYSIS, that offended many Pacquiao fans (since many of these 'idiots" thought I committed treason) when I wrote the Filipino superman would be dominated and defeated by Mayweather because of his superior skills I have been diligently following since the time he was knocking out the likes of  KO artist Diego Corrales and the rugged Arturo Gatti:READ: I boldly predicted Mayweather outclasses Pacquiao 
Thanks to veteran Manila Bulletin and Sunday Punch's scribe Jun Velasco, who since time immemorial enthusiastically shared my takes on the ring brilliance of Maywealther. He even wrote my observation at Sunday Punch  what would happen on the biggest fight since modern boxing (Marquess of Queensberry Rules) was invented in 1867. Here's the excerpt of Jun V's column "Think about it" "On the other side, our boxing analyst Mortz Ortigoza says there’s no way our PK(Pambansang Kamao) would beat Mayweather.
Using boxing science lingo, Mortz says he is just being factual about the Yankee’s big edge — big, not small edge – over our national treasure. His computer-like analysis has impressed his audience with his blow-by-blow account, as if the match was already over.