Martes, Marso 22, 2016

U.S wants to achieve balance of power in SCS - JDV

Calls all parties to demilitarize the areas
By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The saber rattling of the United States in sending recently an aircraft carrier’s group at the disputed South China Sea (SCS) was to achieve balance of power's projection, according to the founding chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties.
U.S. Aircraft Carrier's Stennis and three of her escort battle ships
were sent lately by the U.S to make sail by at the disputed Spratly Group of Islets. But afar Chinese warships, undeterred, follow them.

Jose de Venecia, known as JDV and a former five-time Speaker, said after the United States and allies like Australia, Japan, and others achieve “equivalence”  the concerned parties including China should unite and demilitarized the areas. “But after this we should all unite together to demilitarize the South China Sea, to demilitarize the Islands of the South China Sea, so that we can convert the zone of crises into the zones of peace, reconciliation, and development,”. The four-ship U.S. Stennis Carrier Strike Group patrolled lately the disputed South China Sea but was followed by Chinese warships.
He said war should be averted at the SCS. “We must absolutely avert it. We have to avert it!” The sending of the air carrier group is only for temporary basis, he said, when asked if the past actions of the United States in sending battle ships for sail by and bomber jets like the B-52 for fly by at the SCS in the past were politically correct to deter the incursions of the Chinese on the reefs and shoals there. Satellite photos last February discovered that China had militarized the Paracel Islands by deploying advanced batteries of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) in Paracel Islands
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