Martes, Oktubre 11, 2016

Media men for a fee

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

With roughly 30 local legitimate and fly-by-night newspapers’ tabloid size in my almost three million populated province Pangasinan, we have roughly 250 authentic and pseudo –practitioners that include the village idiots who were whisked up by those two kinds of practitioners starting as errand boy and account executives that disseminate advertisement flyers until they (idiots) discovered the “bankability” of the trade.
Image result for corrupt press
This sorry picture of the media in my province epitomizes the larger picture of the Fourth Estate in the country.
One of the ugly facets was their bastardization of the English language that still sees print on newspapers and even on news blogs.
Just like their counterparts in radio, these print media practitioners are not paid if not paid well thus their news were all about the glorification of the “greatness”, holly molly, of a politician who could not even passed the average I.Q test.
These politicians, pockets fattened by corruption monies, flattered by the story give them three hundred pesos to two thousand pesos as their headline and photo as they depend on the prominence of the items on the eight pages weekly newspaper.