Biyernes, Pebrero 5, 2016

Henares rebuffs “Dunkin’ Donuts” protector’s tag

Uncollected P1.56B taxes

By Mortz C.Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY – Despite the expose’ of a disgruntled former Examiner that the Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue protects alleged big time tax evader, the latter argued that her omission to collect P1.56 billion was correct and dismissed tag as coddler of “Dunkin’Donuts”.
BIR Commissioner Kim Henares cuddles in this cartoon Ms
Marixi Prieto, Secretary of Dunkin Donuts' franchise and
 Chairperson of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Tatlong reinvestigation na kami sinasabi mali po siya. Papaano mo pipilitin ang isang mali sa isang taxpayer assuming natin na ma-assess ko iyan. Gagawin ng taxpayer pupunta siya sa Court of Tax Appeal ku-kwestionin niya,” stressed by Commissioner Kim Henares after the inauguration of the new revenue district office here.
Othello Dalanon, the resigned BIR Examiner, cited he discovered in his assessment that Golden Donuts, Inc.(GBI), the exclusive Philippine franchisee of the global brand “Dunkin’ Donuts” was liable to pay P1.56 billion after it did not protest the Formal Letter of Demand and Assessment Notice (FAN) of the tax agency.
Dalanon personally reported GDI’s omission to Henares and recommended to her criminal prosecution for tax evasion of GBI under the much vaunted “Run After Tax Evaders” program of the Bureau; but she intentionally did not pursue the fraud case against the company because its secretary – Marixi Prieto who is also the chairperson of the Philippine Daily Inquirer – is President Aquino’s friend, according to Deputy Commissioner Estela Sales.
The former Examiner cited the deficiency tax assessment done by the BIR obtained finality because GDI failed to file a valid protest against the FAN.
Ms. Prieto, Dalanon added, talked to Henares and then BIR Regional and the incumbent Assistant Commissioner Nestor Valeroso on different occasions who both gave leniency to GDI.
Henares intentionally did not collect it, because representatives of GDI complained to her that Dalanon’s assessment was faulty. She, according to Dalanon, ordered two re-investigation.
Dalanon said however that there is no law that authorizes the commissioner to order two re-investigation of a final, executory, and demandable assessment.
Henares assailed Dalanon’s insistence, he reported in the mass media, for her to collect the P1.56 billion.
Siguro tinanong muna siya bakit siya pursigidong ganito. Ano ba ang nawala sa kanya? So, ano ba ang para sa akin?”
She said how could she insist to collect the sum when what she will be doing is illegal.