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Incompetent Cathay Pacific


Just saw on the TV evening news a father, who earlier maltreated his young children, was arrested and charged with criminal cases. "My apology, I did it because I don't have work," he remorsefully said
.Boeing 747-467 aircraft picture
Geez, this what I was saying before: As long as we have no effective family planning programs where government gives free contraceptives to the poor, as long as we have this 60-40% xenophobic business equity in our Constitution in favor of the local businessmen, as long as our power/electricity bill is one of the most expensive in the world that discourages foreign investors to come here and provide jobs , scene like a parent scandalously abused their children will continue as our runaway population balloon. How can the Catholic priests and those Holier-than-thou individuals in our country answer this demographic problem’s poser?

Think twice in case you want to avail the service of Hong-Kong based Cathay Pacific (CP). Two Filipinos, one lives in Great Britain and one in Mindanao, have been seething their teeth the way the airline management treated them. 
After seeing the post at Face Book of Nene Hall, a town mate who lives now in Great Britain,  being given a ran around by the airline’s management in that country,  here’s another complainant who narrated to me how CP evaded him with its responsibility. 
Bonifacio Diestro Dulos said that on June 3 he arrived in Manila through CP’s Flight CX 907 but found his baggage, that contained U.S $1,500 valuables, was lost. CP management in Manila gave him a form and told him if they could not trace the baggage in one week the airline pays him. 
Already two weeks from now Cathay personnel would not answer his query for his baggage or the payment.
“Sir, what would I do? I'm here in Davao still waiting for Cathay’s reply,” he told me in Visayan.
He said he was disappointed with Cathay that he would go to the Philippine major TV and radio stations to denounce the airline.
If I would be the management of Cathay, they should move pronto and settle the beef of Dulos. 

Remember, the Philippine has millions of overseas contract workers and resident abroad that patronize air travel. The expose’ of Dulos could make you lose thousands of passengers and millions of dollars of revenue. 
 As a government licensed Civil Service and Teacher’s Board eligible, I followed with interest any increase in compensation and emolument of our government workers.
During the administrations of Presidents Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and Gloria M. Arroyo it was normal, although modicum, to have a yearly spike of salaries to those overworked but poorly paid civil servants.
Under President Benigno Aquino III, I could hardly hear government workers receive a hike on their salaries.
“Since he became president he did not give any increase to our salary,” a high school principal told me.
But Bureau of Internal Revenue keeps collecting trillion of pesos of revenues every year, why the absence of pay hikes with the government workers?
Was it because we frantically buttress our military's defence presence at the West Philippine Sea by  buying multibillion of pesos combat jets, ships, and other armaments thus our pay spikes to our civil servants are prejudiced?

I met a reporter of GMA-7 TV he told me that a 30 “seconder” infomercial for a politician who aspires for an elective public office in the 2016 election costs P10,000 only while it cost P30,000 at its regional rival ABS-CBN.
“The price will spike during the campaign period. A “30 seconder” in our TV for national viewing is pegged at  P250,000 at election time ,” he said.
I told him that a 30 minute bloc time in the prime time program of Bombo Radyo costs a client P30, 000 a day or P1000 per minute.
“But they are all money’s worth, because your TV and this radio station deliver. Unlike those media outlets that bill you cheaply but there is a dearth of listeners or viewers that patronize them,” I opined.
Besides, advertisers are not stupid enough by just a dropped of a hat they pay  immediately the prohibitive prices these media outfits bill.  They base their decisions on the scientific surveys from Manila that cite the “Who’s Who” in the TV and radio industries that has the most patrons in the province or the region.

Look how idiotic this lady elective town official in a first class town in Pangasinan. The vice mayor and many members of the Sangguniang Bayan (town council) have been exposing to the media the patent and scandalous strings of corruptions of the mayor.
After the press conference the vice mayor and the dads called, I asked one of the lawmakers why the lady solon, known to duke-out, too with the mayor, did not join their press meeting in the hotel-restaurant.
“Ayan niyang sumali. Hindi daw siya na naniniwala sa press con- press con. Gusto niya daw ipa-impeach naming kaagad si mayor,’ the dad sadly said.
One of the councillors who has a rag to riches story commented:: “High school graduate lang natapos naming ng mga ibang kasama ko pero di ba pag impeachment Presidente o Supreme Court Justice iyon? Nakakatakot itong si Konsehala, impeachment kaagad, di ba pueding recall muna ayon sa Local Government Code?” he posed to me.
CAREER CHANGE NA AKO SA MANGHUHULA (Fortune teller). Last May I fearlessly predicted in my column and strongly bet that Boxing King Floyd Mayweather would dominate and win against Filipino Manny Pacquaio. Early this month I wrote that Senator Grace Poe would top the next presidential survey versus Vice President Jojo Binay.  
Senator Poe just dusted off with 8 percentage point poll rival VP Binay as published today by Pulse Asia, and would become the President of the Philippine if election was held on May 30 to June 5. HERE'S AN EXCERPT OF MY EARLIER COLUMN  that you can accessed at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com/2015/06/god-save-us-from-senator-manny-pacquiao.html : "But if the next poll conducted by the Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia had covered June 2 to 5 media’s hullabaloo that Poe, a foundling, has been left as an infant inside the Jaro Cathedral in Jaro, Iloilo (psst our ancestral home is just at the back of the church, teh-heh!) by her poor parent to be picked by the daughter of an illustrative family named Jalandoni, gee whiz I bet, Grace poll’s stocks would eclipse those of Binay and dusted off those sorry presidential wannabees trying their best to boost their polls rating"

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