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Pacquiao’s loss blames on Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera)

 “Miracle tree” malunggay has been promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the past 20 years as a low-cost health enhancer in poor countries around the globe
Former world boxing champ Pacquiao endorses a malunggay drink.

A day before and a day after the controversial Manny Pacquiao – Tim Bradley tiff, the wire of my internet “burns” in eternity thus I got a backache and strained eyes trying to get the best and latest news from boxing websites all over the world for me to share in public through Philippines'  GMA-7 TV and Bombo Radyo.
I told them that three of the judges (yes, including Jerry Roth who gave Manny a close 115-113) conspired to chalk-up the broad daylight heist.
I scored the fight 117-112 in favor of the Filipino Praying Mantis, er, congressman where I gave to Bradley Rounds 10, 11, and 12 and and a tie in Rounds 2 and 5 ( Tie score is sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission).
 My score was corroborated by the CompuBox I brought straight from Nevada (pssst, Nevada Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines) for Exhibit A before the TV viewers.
I explained that Manny lost because he did not eat all the malunggay (moringa oleifera) leaves he endorsed in his Sting Power Pacq Energy Drink, but  should have gnawed as well all the barks and the trunk of the malunggay tree for an explosive lethal treat to the public who thirst for blood, gory, and knocked out.
I scooped on TV that the motive to swindle the boxing world hinged on Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, who will end his contract with Manny this year.
“He hated (Juan Manuel) Marquez because he asks an exorbitant purse ($10 million) and wants the rematch to be held in Mexico,” I explained in Filipino after I ran out of English.
I added that Marquez avoids Las Vegas because he was being cheated there by the judges.
With Pacquiao-Marquez in November, Arum gets a reduced share in the revenues at the gate and the Pay Per View.
But with Bradley versus Pacquiao, Arum still gets a windfall as he dictates how much Bradley gets.
Son of a gun, the American pug was too surprised to learn he won after announcer Michael Buffer announced the winner)
The other multi-million dollar motivation to swindle boxing fans was the $100 bet that wins $450 if one bet for Bradley.
A big time gambler in the Philippines needs only $1 million to win $4.5 million. Big time gamblers who conspired with the promoter and judges in Vegas were laughing on their way to the bank.
The justification of Judge Duane Ford that Bradley schooled Pacquiao was crapped.
My poser to judge Ford: How could you sell your souls to the devil and ruins your reputation and the boxing industry?
I emphatically recommend that judges Ford and Cynthia J. Ross be sacked and replaced by Jennifer Lopez and Paula Abdul as the next judge in the rematch of the Filipino and the American on November.
At the end of my interview at that morning TV show Primera Balita, I denied the text messages rumor that three of my fellow media men committed suicide by committing Hara-Kiri after the Filipino superman except superman handsome face lost.
“First, Atong Remogat, Harold Barcelona, and Ronel de Vera did not bet and lose their P10 thousand against the P1 thousand bet of the hao-shiao (fake) media men who disagreed Pacquiao could knocked out Bradley. Second, they did not commit Hara-Kiri, first because they are not Japanese; and second they don’t have samurai”.
Oh, by the way, scientist has just found out that there is an anti-dote to the efficacy of the malunggay diet. It is called BobFather plague whose picture is now on the cover of the mafia best seller book God Father. You can click or copy and paste the link to warn bettors in Las Vegas to be wary every time he promotes a marquee fight there with the devils.
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    1) Vegas SportsBook winnings: Most gamblers would have likely placed huge money on Manny, as Bradley did not seem have the power to stop him and Pacquiao’s non-stop flurries would make scoring a decision against him also very unlikely. A Bradley win therefore would keep all that cash that was bet on Pacquiao in Vegas and would no doubt give the city and the bookies a huge economic boost.

    2) Manny was set to retire and/or leave Top Rank: As Pacquiao has become heavily focused on non-boxing activities such as religion and politics, rumours have swirled that he would be stepping down from the boxing mantle in the very near future. With a sport running low on stars, it would definitely hurt boxing and especially Top Rank if he left the sport without losing to an up and coming star; as it would be difficult to find a boxer to fill his void. A win for Bradley (who has shown potential marketability with his aggressive attitude leading up to the fight) would help put a shine on the young, undefeated fighter and possibly help set him up to be a huge star in the sport who could draw big crowds and big gates for years to come; over Manny who’s time in the sport is running out. This would keep Top Rank lucrative for the future as well as the present.

    3) Keep the money in America: With a big decline in the most rewarding division in boxing (the heavyweight division) from an American perspective; Bradley (an American) winning this fight and becoming a star in his own right would generate more American dollars as Tim’s current and future big earnings would likely be spent in America whereas Pacquiao usually heads back to Philippines to spend his vast millions made from his fights.

    4) Get Manny for fight Mayweather for less than 50/50: Now that Manny has agreed to random drug testing, the main issue stopping the potential mage event with Floyd has been due to the split of money. Manny is insistent on 50/50 while Floyd says he will never fight Manny for an even split. No doubt that a loss here would soften Manny’s stance and possibly get him to fight Floyd for a less than even split.

    5) Powerful bettors put money on Bradley: Though Tim was undefeated, he entered the fight as a pretty big underdog and whoever was brave enough to put money down on him stood to make a huge gain if he won. Due to the odds heavily against Bradley (combined with his possible ability to draw crowds on his own down the line), influential figures could have placed huge sums on Tim and then done all they could to influence the outcome in order to score the extraordinary gains when he won.

    It is quite possible that none of the above happened and in actuality the judges simply thought Tim won while the rest of the world saw a different fight. It is also possible that one or more of the reasons above played a factor in determining why the boxing world got turned upside down last week. The whole truth about what really went on that night will likely never be known however it seems pretty clear that Manny Pacquiao won the fight against Tim Bradley but did not walk out of the ring with his belt.