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Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather: ANALYSIS



Many boxing aficionados predicted that Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s haymakers would dominate Welterweight pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on May 2 (U.S dateline) mega tussle of the century.
Since a boxer is as good as his last six fights, let’s dissect if Pacquiao whirling dervish southpaw attack has still the superiority or pop to deck out Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
When Pacquiao fought the “Walking Punching Bag” Brandon Rios and the “Run Away Bride”, er, Boxer Cris Algieri compobox bared Pacquiao unleashes a total punch rates of 790 for Rios and 669 for Algieri in the entire 12 Rounds.
In these two lopsided match ups, Pacquiao looks superb as based on his total punches  just like during those exploding years where he TKO’d (technical knocked out) and KO’d (knocked out) the bigger but dehydrated or struggling in weight Oscar dela Hoya, Antonio Margarito, and Miguel Cotto.
When Manny however fought Juan Manuel Marquez in 2011 and 2012, he unleashes only a total punch of 578
and 256 (before he was knocked out cold at the 6th Round) or an average punches of 48 and 42 per round on their 2011 and 2013  tussles, respectively.
Why the bone lazy punches from the Filipino to the Mexican compared to his bunches of punches on Rios and Algieri?
My Answer: Because aside from their being a ploughing punching bag and Runaway Bride, er, Pug, Marquez superb counter punching skills deterred Pacquiao to whimsically shoot his punches.
He became tentative if not cautious because he became vulnerable to the 1-2 or 1-2-3 of the Mexican every time he dropped a jab or a straight.
The Mexican fought intelligently by exploiting the weaknesses of the predictable style of the Filipino
 (Pacquiao’s right jabs then plunge his chin or set his legs for inertia to trigger his left power punch) by just turning clockwise to avoid the Filipino’s left power punch.
The last time I saw Pacquiao set his predictable left power punch by feinting first two supposed right jabs were in the 6th round of their 2013 match. Marquez made him pay for that blunder as Pacquiao allowed an opening of his chin as a knocked out target of the Mexican looping right punch.
Thanks to his chopping of woods or thanks to controversial conditioning coach Angel "Momo"Heredia?
Pssst, I heard Mayweather, for the first time, chops woods too!

Biyernes, Abril 24, 2015

Q & A: Kissinger Endorses JDV’s China Sea’s Conflict Formula

Northern Watch newspaper correspondent Mortz C. Ortigoza sat with former five- time House Speaker Jose de Venecia, a renowned geo-politics connoisseur, to discuss the disturbing Mainland China's reclamation at many of the eight reefs and islets in the Spratly Archipelago, the United States military pivot from Europe to Asia, the probability of the Philippines hosting again the U.S military bases to deter the Chinese. Excerpts:
SOUTH CHINA SEA'S TALK. The interviewer schmoozes with Former 5-Time
 Philippines House Speaker Joe de Venecia during his interview  with the former Speaker on the brewing conflict at the Spratly group of islets and reefs.

  NORTHERN WATCH (NW): Mischief Reef has been encroached by Mainland China and it has done reclamation there by building an aircraft landing strip liked structure and others. What’s your take on this?
JOSE DE VENECIA (JDV): You know my (North Sea) formula which (Former U.S State Secretary Henry) Kissinger endorsed recently. We should shelve or post phone....
(You can read his North Sea Formula* by accessing at

NW: For the next generation....
JDV: For the next generation and have a joined exploration and joint development of the South China Sea.
NW: But the problem is China is the one that is aggressively intruding on those eight islets and reefs at the Spratly's Archipelago?
JDV: No! But somebody had proposed that! I proposed that! (China’s Former Paramount Leader) Deng Xiaoping  proposed that! I proposed that, Kissinger endorsed it (recently).
NW: How can we stop the sabre rattling and incursions of the Chinese?
JDV: That’s why this formula will stop all the encroachments.
NW: (Davao City Mayor and presidential hopeful) Rodrigo Duterte said he is going to invite the U.S Bases here as quoted from his Q&A at the Graphic Magazine. He is going to put bases in Palawan to deter the Chinese.

Miyerkules, Abril 8, 2015

U.S Military Rescue Operation: Things Filipinos Could Learn


Here is an event that could make the rescue mission in the U.S Vietnam War amateur and the Mamapasano Incident revolting. This military rescue mission could make Senators Merriam Santiago and Alan Peter Cayetano run amok and died with envy after they compared it to our manifestly incompetent Army and police generals who did not even flew a kite from the Army 6th Infantry Division, which is only 3 kilometers away to Mamasapano, Maguindanao, to scare away the operatives of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsa Moro Islamic Liberation Front who were routing like crazy a company of the British inspired commandos' Special Action Force.
U.S Rangers rescued by CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter in nigh time.
 Unlike in the Vietnam War,
superior and infrared equipped aerial rescue of U.S troops in  Afghanistan 

and Iraq have been done in
 pitch darkness to avoid vulnerability from the attacks of the 

enemy on the ground.

I drooled reading a portion of the book entitled “Two Wars” written by U.S Ranger Captain Nate Self -- a 1998 graduate of the United States Military Academy
Here’s the synopsis:
Command radio report at the Joint Operation Center (JOC) Ranger’s base in Bagram, Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush Mountains ordered Shift and his platoon (composed of  21 men) to fly and looked for a CH-47 Chinook helicopter that crash landed and rescue a member of the commando SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Team who fell from the window of the transport chopper.
As they near the landing zone (LZ) in Takur Ghar one of the two Chinooks that carried the Rangers were shot by the rebels with their rifle propelled grenades (RPG), but luckily the Chinook landed safety on the summit.
Just like what happened to the SAF troops in Maguindanao, the rangers were caught by gunfire as they were not able to exploit the BMNT (before morning nautical twilight).
The sunlight became a factor on their vulnerability as they could no longer move in stealth.
Three of Captain Self’s men were hit by the RPG from the Al Queda’s supported Afghan rebels whose bunker was just 100 meters in the hill near the crash site of their Chinook.
They did not know that in that bunkers the rebels held hostage the SEAL guy and another U.S Air force’s combat controller (CCT) personnel.
 The mission of the CCT, for those tricycle drivers and carpenters who read this article, is to establish assault zones for aircraft, and provide air traffic control, command and control communications, and terminal control (CCA).
The Afghan rebels were snipping them, firing machine guns, lobbing grenades, hitting them with RPG, and firing mortars.

Aside from the wounded pilot who was holding his limp hand suspended by tendons, the Chinook carries a CCT named Gabe – who would play a major role in saving the lives of the beleaguered soldiers.
To neutralize the rebels hiding in the bunkers at the North West sides of the hill and the South side of the hill who were shooting the U.S troops, Gabe have been frantically calling a pair of F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, and F-14s multi role jets, Predator, and AC-130 gunships, B-52 bomber to fire 20 millimetre canons and machine guns and to drop 400 pounds, 500 pounds, 1000 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions – a GPS guided bomb), and hell fires (for the drone) not only to the location of the rebels in the bunker but on the 250 Afghan militiamen crawling  at the south side of the mountain’s slope.

Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

Random Drug Testing: Factor on Pacquiao's performances vs. Mayweather


Manny Pacquiao's coach Freddie Roach said he knew how to expose the ring savvy of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. come the May 2 mega fight.
CAN HE BRAVE IT? The U.S Anti Doping Agency's random drug testing
 will be a third for the Filipino world class pug Manny Pacquiao
“I learned how he works a little bit, so it’s helping out with my strategy with Pacquiao quite a bit,” he said at Wild Card Gym in California.
Roach was in the corner of then Pay Per View’s King the dashing Oscar dela Hoya when he tangled in May 2007 with the then ambitious and smaller but loquacious Mayweather Jr.
He explained that when his ward dela Hoya fought Mayweather they won the first six rounds but lost to Mayweather the last six rounds.
Roach explained that split decision fight that went to Mayweather happened because Oscar stopped using his left incessant jabs and contented himself roughing out Floyd at the ropes.
 Yes Virginia, that roughing and smothering strategies  started from Luis Castillo in their (Mayweather) first fight in April 2002), imitated by Miguel Cotto, Victor Ortiz (with his two hands and head), and Marcus Maidana (in his first fight because their  rematch, just like with Castillo, were lopsided in favor of Floyd who stick, slipped, ran, and accurately counter punched.
"He sets traps and if you walk into the trap  you'll get hit," Mayweather is a master counter puncher and it's clear that a focus of the camp  which is extremely private compared to the past ¬ is to not give him certain openings,"Roach cited.
 He explained that Pacquiao will identify when Mayweather sets the trap so the Filipino Superman - except Superman's handsome face - "won't fall for it" and his face, in my impression, would not be a paper target with the accurate looping left jabs and accurate counter punching of the American.
Many experts in this hurt business said the Mayweather-dela Hoya's tiff was a blue print how to defeat Floyd. They said Oscar should have won that fight.
But here's the rub!

Mayweather was the smaller guy, dela Hoya was the bigger one

When Mayweather challenged dela Hoya, the Golden Boy and then PPV king asked an onerous contract with the former.
Oscar gets 80% of the revenues, Floyd gets the measly 20%. Floyd agreed. Oscar wants to fight Floyd at Junior Middleweight (154 pounds) even Floyd had just fought Carlos Baldomir ( November 2006), Zab Judah (April 2006), and Shamba Mitchell (June 2005) at Welterweight or 147 lbs. Before Mitchelle, Floyd was fighting at 140 lbs or Lightweight.

Huwebes, Marso 19, 2015

Extortion Ring in the Media, Gov’t vs. Choppers’ Supplier


I suspected that those columnists and reporters of the national dailies in the Philippines who acrimoniously “exposed” and scathingly commented the supposed anomalies on the procurement of the refurbish 21 1967 to 1981 era’s combat helicopters’ UH-1seem to be part of a bigger extortion ring where these alleged conspirators took orders.
UH-1D Super Delta upgraded version while undergoing flight testing at Clark
Air Base, Pampanga. The Fastfin system is visible from this angle.


News report said a certain Rhodora Alvarez, a brass at the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Manila, allegedly threatened and attempt to mulct a cut of 15% from the P 1.2 billion contracts the Philippine government entered with supplier Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and Eagle Copters (Rice for brevity).
Rice already reported to the media the extortion attempt.
In the following paragraphs I would be citing and answering many the accusations of my colleague in the media, who shot from the hips, without the benefit of clicking Google and reading in Wikipidia on what is the difference of a Bell UH-1H to a UH-1D. They, at the expense of responsible journalism, gun a blazing just condemned the government and Rice on the anomalous, disadvantageous, onerous, Whatchamacallit contract.
1) President Benigno Aquino III was duped into believing and even mentioning in his 2012 State of the Nation Address (SONA) (son of a gun, I was there!) that the 21 helicopters were UH-1H not UH-1D.
My Answer: Records will show that even the president mentioned” UH-1H” (not “UH-1” as media fora espoused) in his SONA what the earlier Invitation to Bid for the acquisition of the 21 refurbished choppers was about “UH-1” which we know could either be UH-1H or the same if not the superior variant’s UH-1D.
Here’s the difference:
UH-1H was built by Bell U.S based company in 1966 to 1970s were many of them saw action in the Vietnam War. UH-1D was built by Bell licensed German based company’s Dornier (that “D” was not “Darna” nor “Dornier” but Deutschland, another name of Germany) from 1967 to 1981. The West German company built 352 UH-1Ds between those periods. According to the in spite of their designation they were standard H models powered by the T53-L13 engine.
Both helicopters are based on the same 205 platform. It means both can use the same spare parts.
Readers, by the way, should not be confused with the older and smaller Bell UH-1D, which was based on the 204 platform and built from 1956.
Some of the 21 German made Dornier UH-1D combat helicopters for
 the Philippine Air Force

The advantage of UH-1 in the project contract with Rice was the bidder could actually bid using other variants of the UH-1 series aside from the standard UH-1H being used by the Philippine Air Force. That is as long as the other variant quality is similar with the old PAF’s work horse UH-IH.

2)  UH-1D not Operational

Biyernes, Marso 13, 2015

Mayweather can negate Pacquiao's Flurry


Floyd Mayweather can negate the hay maker of Manny Pacquiao if based on his previous opponents who gave him a trench war on the ropes.
Photo shows Pound-for-Pound King Floyd Mayweather (L)
 with his signature Stick-and Run Strategy against the hay maker
 of Welterweight King Manny Pacquiao. This kind
of tussle will be seen on May 2 
His hardest and toughest opponents who roughed him up (the only solution trainers and fighters thought to beat him) were then Pay –Per-View’s superstar Oscar dela Hoya (who obliged the 147 lbs Floyd to fight him at the 154 lbs Junior Middleweight),  southpaw Victor Ortiz, and the two combats he had with Marcus Rene Maidana.
In all of those tussles I mentioned, the toughest Mayweather had escaped victorious was with Mayweather vs. Maidana 1 in May 2014 when the rugged hard chinned Argentinean, who disgraced KO puncher Ortiz to say “I was hurt” and gave up the fight in Round 6 in June 2009, dealt Mayweather a split decision victory.
Maidana, by the way, was not only a dangerous foe but a more stronger puncher than Pacquiao
That fight, where some hard core fight fans give some big deals, however was immaterial because in their rematch in September 2014, Floyd and his trainer and father Floyd Sr., hatched a stick and run, clench and stick, stick and slip, and other tricks they could get from that son of a gun’s stick exposed by neutralizing the speed, smothering and hammering styles of Maidana in that one sided target shooting rematch.

Here are my posers to those who root for Pacquiao to win in his May 2 biggest fight of the Century against Mayweather:

This Priest Court’s Contempt, Charges


I was amused with GMA-7 sports caster Chino Trinidad's opinion on Pound-for-Pound's boxing king Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar dela Hoya, Pacquaio vs. Miguel Cotto. Walang binatbat daw iyong dalawa kahit mahaba ang kamay.

He, he, siyempre walang binatbat nag reduced ng weight sila.  Cotto (who should be in 154 lbs limit’s Junior  Middleweight) and dela Hoya (who climbed the canvas at 145 lbs despite fighting as Middleweight) reduced ng ilang weight classes. Those guys were dehydrated, salamabit!
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Wait for my article; I'll carefully analyze it for you guys.