Biyernes, Enero 20, 2017

Winning the Crime War: Less robbers and drug pushers now

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Skeptics on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs compared Thailand’s war on narcotics where almost 3,000 died in the First Drug War in February to April 2003 and countless died in the Second Drug War in 2005.
AUTHOR TOOK THIS PHOTO. Ricky Cornel holds affectionately the face
 of his older brother Piggie, 43, who was slain by the police in a drug 
sting operation early of July last year in Dagupan City. Ricky and Piggie 
submitted themselves a week earlier as pusher and user of shabu (meth) to the 
village chief of Bonuan Gueset and made a promissory note that they 
would avoid narcotics. Piggie, however, was caught by the police with a 
notorious pusher in a motel room selling shabu and fought out with the
police that resulted to their being shot to death.

Despite the thousands of persons  killed in Thailand and those 6000 individuals who died in legitimate police operation and those on Death Under Investigation (D.U.I)  in the Philippines war on dangerous drugs, these skeptics say Duterte’s war on narcotics is destined to fail.
But as a radio commentator and journalist who visit regularly city and town mayors and chiefs of police in the 48 cities and towns’ Pangasinan, I could say that the dangerous drugs war launched by the Duterte Administration are picking up and resulted to significant drop not only of drug pushing and using but of index crimes like theft, robbery, and other petty crimes.
In Alaminos City, Police Chief Superintendent Benjamin Ariola cited recently that only two of the 39 villages in this Western Pangasinan city are still not illegal drug free. Dagupan City’s Chief of Police Superintendent Neil Miro declared in January 12 the city as 90.2 percent after narcotics prevalent Barangay Pantal and Pogo Chico of the 31 villages’ city were publicly announced as drug free.

Huwebes, Enero 12, 2017

Good Bye, Political Cartoons

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

I just saw an ugly public official with big lips, protruding upper teeth, flat nose, big eye glasses, fat belly, and crumpled dress. Those downsides could be exaggerated on a cartoon to attract readers and amused them. But, hikbi, er, sigh, beginning last week I no longer drew an illustration for our weekly newspaper's Northern Watch .
The editor-in-chief asked me and writers to add another news article to spike the number of our news for our weekly publication. Since I drew the political caricature for our editorial because the real cartoonist left, I told her I’ll no longer make illustration since it would add more man hours for my work as columnist and  a daily radio commentator.
My 26 cartoons in a row.
For a stint of six months and two weeks, I had passionately drawn cartoons. Drawing, son of a gun, was my childhood past time!
I got the ire of my elementary and high school teachers then because when they became a bore with their teaching, I sketched at my notebooks and my parents reprimanded me when most of these teachers reported my actuation to them.
Image result for ranan lurie
Ranan Lurie's cartoon. Lurie was the illustrator of U.S magazine's Newsweek.
He influenced' my zeal to draw since my elementary grades
"Beside, notebooks are expensive you just don't draw on them," my mother angrily told me and that was in the late 1970s and early 1980s where cheap notebooks from China ay hinde pa ata uso.

Sabado, Enero 7, 2017

Duterte should train guns on corruption at the Register of Deeds, Assessors

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Rose Buenaflor, niece of Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Buenaflor Rosell-Ubial (like Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol, both of them are my town mate in M’lang, Cotabato) told me Ubial and her Iloilo based farmer husband Edwin lived in a modest condominium in Pasay.
Image result for register of deeds
I staggered upon seeing the photos of Rose and the Ubials inside the condominium, the DOH Secretary lives a modest life while directors of government hospitals in the Philippines splurged with their unexplained wealth like palatial mansions and fleet of expensive cars thanks but no thanks to the up to 30 percent S.O.P or cut they fleeced from contractors and suppliers.
S.O.P or standard operating procedure, a euphemism, concocted by the malefactors in the government and their conspirators in the private sectors are usually done when a contractor or supplier, say of medicine, transact with a government office.
 “Those at the DOH are more corrupt, “I told Harold Barcelona on our daily radio program.
“They are not only Tulisan (Brigand), they are “Three-lisan” (from a play of words Two-lisan to Three-lisan),” Harold declared.
Aside from the Bureau of Customs, Land Transportation Office, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue that President Rodrigo Duterte called earlier as most corrupt agencies, he should pounce too at the Register of Deeds and those in the municipal and provincial assessors office.
If these officials choose to shoot it out with the police, the cops know already what to do like the way they did to narc pushers.
A corrupt assessor official could make a sleight of hand tricks for a huge fee to declassify the land the vendor sells to the vendee from commercial to either residential or agricultural.

Linggo, Enero 1, 2017

Daunting defense systems of Japan, Ph in case China attacks

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

In case war breaks in the South China Sea between the aggressor and island grabbing Mainland China versus Japan and the Philippines, the Chinese would be facing formidable defensive weaponry from the Japanese particularly.
As what U.S Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) shouted to Navy Lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee,(Tom Cruise) at the flick’s A Few Good Men: 
“You can’t handle the truth!”
Can the Sinos handle the naked military truth I’m going to enumerate below? Brace yourself if you cheered for the Chinese.
Image result for Soryu-class Diesel Electric Submarines
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's Soryu-class diesel-electric submarine.
Photo Credit: Pakistan Defense
In my daily radio program at Sonshine Radio, I told recently Denmark Suede, a pilot from Australia, about Japan’s insurmountable defenses in case a shooting war erupts between her and the Chinks somewhere in the disputed Senkaku Islets.
Japan’s defense is the best model how to deter China not to jut her air force and naval juggernauts somewhere near the disputed Senkaku Islands and some parts of the Japanese sea otherwise she would be humiliated” I stressed.
Citing the news article “Five Japanese Weapons of War China Should Fear”, I and Denmark summarized by quoting the salient parts of the article written by Kyle Mizokami.
“Soryu-class Diesel Electric Submarines: Japan’s Soryu-class submarines, where 9 are operational while 12 are being planned, are some of the most advanced non-nuclear attack submarines in the world. Four Stirling air independent propulsion systems allow the Soryu class to remain underwater far longer than most diesel electric submarines.

Sabado, Disyembre 24, 2016

Gov’t brass caught betting in a cockfight

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

“Huwag na daw nating pag –usapan iyon (We will not discuss it),” my radio tandem Harold Barcelona, who was already on air for two minutes with the traffic chief, blurted out when I entered the radio booth of DZRD 981 Sonshine Radio.
Image result for cock fighting public official

“Huwag na nating pag usapan” means we would not discuss on air the photos of Carlito Ocampo, Dagupan City’s traffic chief, who went viral at social media Face Book after he was pictured releasing his fighting cock in a cockpit arena in the City.
“Why would we not discuss it? It’s the big talk of the town and that’s what people want to know why the Public Order & Safety Office (POSO) chief was inside the arena’s glass wall covered platform preparing to release his cock, er, rooster to duke out with its opponent by slashing each other with their “Blade of Gory”. Besides, there was nothing illegal there since Ocampo was inside the cockpit in that weekend,” I countered.
Before the second half of the program and with some seven minutes commercial break, Ocampo, a retired policeman, acquiesced to my prodding to go public and explained that the picture taken by an elected barangay official a certain Village Kagawad Decano,who was identified with the mayor’s rival, took the photos on November 19 a Saturday.
How about the two POSO enforcers who were seen escorting Ocampo inside?” Harold posed.
“If they were there inside to inform Ocampo of a pressing problem and they did not bet, there was no irregularity there,” I retorted.
Ocampo, who was probably enlightened about my argumentation, warmed and heated up and prepared himself for a tit-for-tat of with his critics who relished demonizing him at radio and social media when he was seen inside the “bulangngan”.
He said it was not true that it was taken last December 7, a Wednesday.
“You go to the OSSBC (One-Stop-Shop Business Center), you can see there that the Tapuac Cockpit Arena opens only every weekend".
He said he was a cock fighting aficionado since he was a policeman.
The small amount he bet, he explained, came from the hard earning he got from his security agency.
Mga ilan ang security guards niyo all over Region-1?” Harold posed.
“Mga 400,” Ocampo answered
“So kumikita pala si Kuya Lito (Ocampo) ng more or less P800,000 a month,” I mentally calculated at P2000  per guard and quipped.
Kinsenas lang iyon,” Harold, who was poor in math, butted in.
Hinde naman!” Ocampo coyly denied.
Ocampo said he was willing to be investigated by anybody where they could include his cockpit days when he was a policeman.
Why make a big fuss on this, you go to the cockpit every weekend and you can see elected officials bet there for their favorite cocks,” he emphatically argued.
“Pati iyong nag picture elected government official, kasama ko ring nagsasabung,” he added.
“In pari delicto (in equal fault) pala kayong dalawa,” I blurted out with amusement.
“Saan nabibili iyang “In pare delicto”, kasamang Mortz?” Harold asked me again.
“Sa Quiapo” I told him to the amusement of Ocampo.
Ocampo told his detractors that in case he would be sacked from his post at POSO “hinde  ko iiyakan iyan, magpapa-inum pa ako!”
He said he accepted the thankless job at the traffic office because it was “pay – back time” to the mayor who played a significant part of his burgeoning business.
Are government officials like Ocampo allowed to gamble during weekends?