Biyernes, Hulyo 31, 2015

Si Drilon at ang pamba-Baboy ng Leftist Solon

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

These left-leaning Makabayan blocs’ Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Representative AntonioTinio, Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares and Carlos Zarate, Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan and Emmi De Jesus, Anakpawis Rep. Fernando Hicap and Kabataan Rep. Terry Ridon should be suspended from the House of Representatives because of their unethical and assailable acts inside the joint session of Congress in the recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Aquino III.

LIGHTNING PROTEST. Militant lawmakers are able to get past security and stage a protest inside the Plenary Hall.
Anarchic leftist Congressmen in the Philippines. PHOTO CREDIT:
Pero ano ba naman itong si Senate President Franklin Drilon, ginaya rin ang pamba-baboy nitong mga Komunista na congressmen when he booed them on the microphone na dinig na dinig habang ako  ay nag ma-mountain climbing sa kabundukan ng Mt. Tralala.
Nasa rostrum pa naman kayo Senator kasama si President Aquino at Speaker Sonny Belmonte, dapat you showed grace and restraint even these idiot leftist demagogues have been somersaulting with their communist antics.
Alam niyo Juana Change, este,   Senator Drilon para na rin ninyong ni level ang sarili ninyo sa kababuyan ng mga makakaliwang congressmen na lahat na lang na nangyayari dito sa Pinas ay mali at sila na lang ang laging tama.
Senate President Franklin Drilon
Dapat kay Speaker Belmonte ay tuluyan ng suspendihen ng Ethics Committee itong mga maka-kaliwa na nag sisigaw, nagtatalak, at nag wawagay-way ng anti-Aquino slogans at banners sa loob ng plenary just after the president spoke his SONA.
Tingnan niyo itong si RepresentativeTinio ng ACT, dapat ginugulpi ito, este, dapat ginugulgol nito ang attention sa mga teachers na constituents niya lalo na sa private schools na tumatangap ng napaka babang sahod na between P5000 to P10,000 kada buwan.
 Pero ano ang ginagawa nitong diyaske? Ayon, busy sa pag file ng kaso sa pagpapahinto ng two military agreements natin sa Japan. Itong Memorandum on Defense Cooperation and Exchanges and Japan-Philippines Joint Declaration: A Strengthened Strategic Partnership for Advancing the Shared Principles and Goals of Peace, Security and Growth in the Region and Beyond  ay makakatulong para hindi kaagad agad tayo masakop ng China na andiyan na sa mga isla natin malapit lang sa Provinces of Zambales at Pangasinan.
Bakit hind gayahin ng ACT ang ABONO Party List na busy sa pag la-lobby sa kapwa congressmen and senators na gawing non-bailable ang smuggling ng agriculture products na worth P5 million and above? Mas productive na act itong ginagawa ng ABONO that genuinely represent its constituents unlike sa fake at misdirected representation nitong ACT ni Tinio at ibang pang maka Komunista na congressmen na anay sa buhay.

Since the 2016 election is just around the corner, the mayor in this first class town wanted to borrow P60 million from the Development Bank of the Philippines for a central transportation terminal.

Martes, Hulyo 28, 2015


After  U.S presidential bet Donald Trump mocked that he did not like Senator John McCain as a hero because he was caught by the North Vietnamese troop in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, and dug on
Texas Governor  Rick Perry who uses  a pair of eye glasses to look intelligent, political commentator Mortz Ortigoza discusses the forth coming U.S election with Philippine Former 5-Time Speaker Joe de Venecia (JDV) who was a former candidate for the Philippine presidency. Excerpts:
Political Commentator Mortz Ortigoza (3rd from left) , former 5  - Time Speaker Jose de Venecia (5th from left) and politicians inside the office of Congresswoman Gina de Venecia in Congress.

MORTZ: What’s your take on the U.S election? Would Hillary Clinton losses to a Republican candidate because she has an albratros breathing on her neck like Benghazi?

JDV:  Well, I don’t want to interfere on the internal affairs of the American politics. But you know she is good and so are the many leaders in the Republican Party like Jeb Bush...

MORTZ: Like Senator Ted Cruz, New Jersey Governor Cris Christie. How about Donald Trump?

JDV: Donald Trump is a colourful personality, a rich man in America. All of them (candidates) have the plusses and minuses. At the end of the day the political order and citizens of the United States will make a decision.

Huwebes, Hulyo 16, 2015

The Anatomy of Illegal Drugs in PH and her provinces

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Just watch the documentary how cocaine has been peddled from Mexico's Nuevo Laredo to Laredo, Texas, U.S.A by the drug cartel. In Mexico the worth of one kilo cocaine is U.S$ 2 thousand or Php 88 thousand, pag dating sa border it is already U.S $5 thousand or Php 220 thousand, pag dating sa burgeoning U.S Mainland it is worth U.S $ 20 thousand or Php 800 thousand or the one million Police Lieutenant Colonel Cris Abrahano told us about the price of a kilo of shabu
. Drug cartels paid millions of dollars the Mexican governors, mayors, judges, generals down to the military and police foot soldiers. To Philippine law enforcement,
that's narco-politics at its finish!

That's why the U.S government was furious last week that for the second time World richest drug cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a rumored ally of the Central Intelligence Agency when it fought the Sandinista in Nicaragua and who squealed to U.S authorities the brass of the Mexican Cartels Zeta, Gulf, others, escaped through an air conditioned tunnel from the high security prison to a mansion being constructed one mile from the prison. U.S earlier had been requesting the corrupt Mexican government for the ruthless and charming El Chapo, who could asked God to drink serbesa with the Devil, to be extradited to the U.S just like what the U.S had done to jack fruit face Panama President General Manuel  Noriega.

The selling of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) is not only lucrative but is based on layers from the main source to the street pusher, according to Dagupan City’s chief of police Supt. Christopher Abrahano.
Drug hoards as shown by the police to the media men
Abrahano, a bemedaled former Presidential Security Group and former Narcotic Command official, cites the Chinese manufacturer of the illegal drugs, say, in Manila maintains three to five middlemen considered as the first front traffickers. Those middle men have been selling the merchandise with the supply areas ((SA) in Quiapo, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Tarlac, Olongapo, and others where a big time trafficker in Pangasinan province patronizes before he distributes them to the number of drug groups (DG) in the 3 million populated province. The DG would cut into pieces what they dubbed as ”tarya” and sell it to the peddlers in the city and the nearby towns who sell them by even adulterating them to maximize their profit.

Abrahano said that these laboratories are found in and outside the Metro Manila areas where the middle men take the drugs.
“Minsan hindi mag re -release iyan pag hindi limang kilo. Basta pinakamababa isang kilo ang i-re release niyan,” he refers to the personality at the laboratory who got the say how much would be distributed in the market.
He said the buyer from the SA buys and sells the P1 million a kilo for P2 million where he earns a profit of P1 million.
But he said buyer deals not directly with the SA but with the latter middleman who is part of the three or five layer again.
Parang network uli. Tatlo, apat na iyon wala pa rin silang (buyer) direct link sa Quiapo, others. Ang Pangasinan hindi maka-diretso diyan sa Quiapo, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Tarlac, Olongapo,” he said.
The chief of police, a Philippine National Police Academy graduate, said the layer is a protection to the heads of the syndicate against arrest by the law enforcers.
Mas marami kang kausap, mas delikado,” he refers to the precaution done by the SA.
He said drug groups (DG) in Pangasinan compete for the market.
He cited the DGs by hypothetically naming them as Dagupan City’s DGs 1-2-3, Alaminos City’s DGS 1-2-3, and Urdaneta City’s DGs 1-2-3.
He said each of these nine drug groups buy from the main dealer in Pangasinan from 500 gram, 300 gram, 200 gram, or P100 gram of shabu.
Abrahano did not say how many main dealers these DGS patronized in the province.
This is where tarya plays its part on the drug groups.
“Bibili ako ng one gram P1000 to P2000. Dito sa Dagupan City o saan man iyon puwedi ka makabili doon puwede sa Bonuan (a village here). Sabihin mo P1000 to P2000, one gram na iyan hahatiin mo iyan into 20 parts, parang peso-peso na ganoon karami iyong one gram. Isang sigarilyo, natimbang ko na ito. 20 parts. Ibebenta mo ng P300 (each), you do the math. P6000 na iyon! P2,000 lang puhunan mo,” Abrahano stressed.
Thus after the DG sells it to the street pusher here or in the nearby towns, he either sells it for P300 to P500 or adulterate it with Albatross (toilet deodorizer) or tawas (alum) to double its weight so he can earn a gross of P1000.
 “Pueding Albatross, iyong pabango ng banyo, tawas. P1000 uli iyon! Ibebenta ng tig P500, hahatiin one part sabihin mo .3 (gram) kamo,” he explained how the enterprising street pusher added more granules or powder on his merchandise.
He said from the P300 seed money, the street peddler can earn a whooping P700 in that adulterated methamphetamine hydrochloride.
Abrahano said there are still street pushers who passed off the drugs to another peddler for the latter to earn a minimal profit.
He explained the DGS earn more compared to the middlemen of the owner of the laboratory if based on the kilo of sale because of the “tarya” and adulteration.
He said the buy and sell of drugs is “kaliwa-an” or cash basis.
But if the dealer in Pangasinan has made a close relationship with the DG the latter can pay after two days when he took the merchandise.
Dahil magkaibigan na tayo dahil consignacion babalik mo sa akin after two days ang pera. Tapos bibigyan kita uli.”.

Linggo, Hulyo 5, 2015

Mayor, VM, Dads pocket part of Loans


Since former Police Four-Star General and Zambales Governor Hermogenes “Jun” Ebdane Jr was indicted on graft and usurpation of authority or official functions for allegedly issuing a mining permit beyond his mandate by the Ombudsman, allow me to give you a glimpse of our conversation in 2010 when I attended his inauguration as the new governor of Zambales on that year.
GOVERNOR: Kamusta si (General) Rey (Velasco)?
ME: Natalo sa mayoralty reelection niya, sir. Pero sabi niya sa akin pang presidente daw ang gastos niyo noong tinalo ninyo si Gov. Amor Deloso (of Zambales, used to be well-entrenched politician).
GOVERNOR: (Affronted). No love lost with me and Rey! Alam mo ba ng dahil sa kanya nag-away kami ni General (Renato) de Villa sa likod ng Malacanang?
ME; Bakit naman sir?
GOVERNOR: E gusto niyang mag Chief PNP (Philippine National Police) si Rey (PMA Class ‘71), e mas senior ako (PMA Class ’70). Minura niya ako “p*tang ina mo habang ako ang Executive Secretary ni presidente (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), hindi ka maging Chief PNP!”
ME: Pero naging PNP Chief naman kayo, sir? Sabi nga ni General Rey sa akin, ang masakit sa kanya hindi iyong tinalo siya ni Mayor (Carlito) Zaplan sa pagiging mayor ng Sta. Barbara (Pangasinan) but noong hindi niya nakuha ang pagiging Chief PNP.
GOVERNOR: Nandito pa iyong mga recibo ng binayad ni Rey (deputy chief PNP then) sa mga newspapers at media para sira-an ako. Pero mabait ang Dios, na heart attack si De Villa. Si (General) Ermita ang pumalit na Executive Secretary, boss ko dati, kaya ako ang naging Chief PNP!
(Ebdane,after becoming chief of the powerful police force , became Defense Secretary (where I asked him in our meeting in Zambales on the Israel U.S made Bell Cobra attack helicopters the Philippines would be buying), and the very lucrative Secretary of the Department of Public Works & Highway.
Warrant of arrest looms to the many former and present Binmaley, Pangasinan’s Councillors dahil sila ay nakasuhan ng criminal case na Usurpation of Authority or Official Function.

Biyernes, Hunyo 26, 2015

JDV hails Poe rise in polls, nixes Duterte’s dictatorship plan

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The person who created the “Rainbow Coalition” in Congress and the Build- Operate-Transfer that expedited government projects during the Ramos Administration lauded Senator Grace Poe for leading the latest presidential polls but scrubed the plan of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to create a revolutionary government once elected as president of the country.
ICAPP CHAIR GIVES HIS TAKES ON SPRATLY. Jose de Venecia, Co-Chairman of the prestigious
International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), answers queries last Sunday from media
 men on the brewing issues between China and the United States and the claimant countries on the
disputed islands and reefs at the South China Sea. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA
Jose de Venecia, a 5 – Time Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that even Poe eclipsed other presidential rivals at the latest Social Weather Stations and the Pulse Asia surveys it is still too early to celebrate since election is still far away.
‘Will there are the ups and downs of the polls. I congratulate her for her significant improvement in the rating, but these are early days, one year away is election. Situation is very fluid,” said last Sunday by de Venecia, a former presidential candidate at his palatial mansion located near the coastal area of this city.

Death Squad

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

While attending the other day my libel case hearing at the Regional Trial Court in Dagupan City, I could not prevent to shake my head with a mixed of consternation and amusement seeing yellow clad inmates of the Bureau of Jail, Management & Penology handcuffed and herded to their special pews inside the court. Almost all of them were charged with possession or selling of the illegal drugs. Selling of the illegal drug in the Philippines, despite its number of gram, is a non-bailable crime if one is apprehended by peace officers.
Death Squad
Some of them used to be my students in a university and one was my village mate.
Since we were not allowed to talk lest we would be chided by the judge, I used a sign language, to ask them their crimes, by mimicking somebody who stabbed (my hand swung a knife to someone), robbed somebody (my hand opening a door knob with a key), pounded for several times on the chair my right index finger where a man raped a woman, or sell illegal drug’s shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride (I opened my right palm and threw something). All of them reciprocated by opening their palm and threw something mimicking a shabu. It means, son of a gun, these putative culprits implied that they were charged in selling of the illegal drugs
It seemed the dreaded Dagupan Death Squad (DDS), that killed countless habitual delinquents in the past, struck again at 1 Pm of June 24 by shooting Maximo Aspric, an ex convict and notorious robber, when he was disembarking in a motorized tricycle at Barangay Malued in the city.
“A white legal sized bond paper with writing’s “Huwag ako tularan, tulak (shabu pusher), Snatcher ako – DDS, was found near his body,” a police text message said.
It was more than a year ago or two that a “recidivist” akyat bahay (burglar) in the same village was waylaid in the wee hour and was seen with a similar bond paper warning the public not to emulate his nefarious activities.
According to my source that has an alleged contact with the DDS, the group on their selective extra judicial killings missed only Rewel S. Bugayong alias “Kamote”, a habitual delinquent in Barangay Tapuac, Dagupan City.
A legal size bond paper with a warning was found too in the place where he was shot by two assassins wearing baseball caps while he was playing cards .
Doon lang daw sila pumalpak kay Kamote,” he told me.
Here’s my report on that incident a day after he was shot :” Bugayong, a notorious robber whose mugging and house looting activities gave headaches to village officials and police for years, was confined at the intensive care unit of the Region I Medical Center, with a bullet ensconced at his jaw after alleged members of a death squad attempted to kill him on the night of May 20.
The same resident said he suspected that the hit man was part of a group that was behind the series of extra judicial killings of illegal drug pushers and robbers whose hog tied bodies pumped with bullets or with stab wounds were dumped like garbage along the national highways here.
The source said one of the two assassins surreptitiously went behind Bugayong and shot him three times but only one of the bullets hit him on the nape and penetrated his jaw”

Huwebes, Hunyo 25, 2015

China to do a Falkland after economy's tailspin?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

According to renowned stock exchange expert’s BlackRock the fall of the Chinese stock market is inevitable despite Chinese President Xi Jinping government rallying the market through central bank’s rate cuts, tweaking margin-trading rules, slowing the pace of initial public offerings, and taking up share prices.
 Argentinian  U.S made A-4B Skyhawk jets incredible low level attack on  the British
 HMS Broadsword and Coventry

But this would be short lived. 
"The tide is going to go out, and there’s going to be a lot of people without their swimming trunks on," strategist Ewen Cameron Watt of BlackRock told Bloomberg Television, borrowing from Warren Buffett's observation about investors caught swimming naked when markets get shaky.
Some of the factors, economists see, on the plunge of the Chinese economy are anchored to its U.S $28 trillion of public and private debt and its unprecedented $363 billion of margin debt that's supporting those shares.
Demand of steel among Chinese manufacturers and building makers are collapsing because many investors shifted their shops to labour cheap Vietnam and Cambodia.
The decline from the ballyhooed double digit growth in the past decades to a single digit and declining, 7%, of China’s Gross Domestic Product undermined the fate of the Chinese workers.
With a slowing economy feared to be gobbled by an explosion of a stock bubble, are the Chinese bracing for the worst?
In case economic hardship caught with the Sinos, would the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) starts a shooting war in the South China Sea (SCS) versus the United States, Japan, Australia, and some members of the South East Asean Nations to divert the attention of its people who would rise up and probably replaced the apparatchiks at the CCP?
 Nánshā or the Spratly Islands spark a patriotic cord to the Chinese whenever foreign powers claim ownership to them.
This scenario had happened with the military Junta in Argentina in April 2, 1981 when it was losing a popular support from the masses who protested in the streets the government because of the country’s devastating economic stagnation and patent human rights violations of the military brass.