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Senatorial candidate Alma Moreno's TV interview

Here is Alma Moreno, your senator:

Alma calls on the phone Philippine Airlines
Alma: How long is the flight from Manila to Vancouver, Canada?
PAL OPERATOR: Just a minute please.
Alma: Wow ang bilis pala (puts phone down).


Alma in a burger joint
Alma: One burger please
Waiter: With pleasure maam
Alma: No with ketchup

Hay naku di ba may isa pa nga nung time nila tinanung siya ni Inday Badiday "More or less why do you think of the rumor that you and Dolphy are living together"
ALMA: "Ahh well siguro naman more..yes definitely more"
And when the audience laughed she retorts
ALMA: Ay hindi pala more....less pala

 Di ba mayroong O.A iyong siya ang hostess sa TV at binati ung damit ng guest nya sinabi nya "Wow ang gandà naman ng damit mo who is your caterer?"

Host: Ano naman ang specialty mo sa pagluluto
Alma: Mostly Chinese diseases

  Alma umoorder sa fastfood:
 Alma: 1 cheeseburger please
Crew: for dine in or for take out?
Alma: No for Vandolph

Q: Miss Alma Moreno what can you say about the ongoing violence in Mindanao"
ALMA: "Kayo naman hihihihi.......gitara nga di ako marunong VIOLENCE pa hihihi

Senatorial bet Alma Moreno told me how smart she was when she was a kid. “Those neighbourhood guys asked me to climb a mango tree to get some ripe fruits”. She said when her mother learned about her feat, she told Alma that those boys were not really in after for her to climb the tree but to take a peek on her panty.
Alma confidently told her concerned mother: ” Inang naman I was smart, I took them off!”

(NOTE: The conversation here are satires and parody)

KAREN DAVILA: Why run for senator?

ALMA MORENO: Hindi ko pinlano tumakbo for senator. Dasal lang talaga.
KAREN: Why are you qualified to be a senator?

ALMA: Siguro yung experience ko bilang LEGISLATION. Councilor ako for 9 years. First lady ako for 9 years

KAREN: Do you support the anti-discrimination bill?

ALMA: Yes! Discrimination? Oo.

KAREN: Expound

ALMA: Pag discrimination kasi iba-ibang klase, pag sinabihan kang bobo ka, discrimination
 yon diba?
KAREN: Same sex marriage?

ALMA: No. It's a sin
KAREN: If you won a senate seat what would be your advocacy?

ALMA: Magna carta of women

KAREN: The law exists

ALMA: No, may mga hindi nai-implement...

KAREN: Like what?

ALMA: Teka muna
KAREN: Are you for the RH Law?
ALMA: Oo naman
KAREN: Yes in all forms or Yes with reservations?
ALMA: Yes with reservations
KAREN: What are the reservations?
ALMA: Kailangan pa bang sagutin?
KAREN: Of course, you are running for the senate.
KAREN: What are your reservations?
ALMA: Dapat unahin natin yan
Take 2
KAREN: What are your reservations?

Take 3
KAREN: Ang sabi mo kasi, para ako sa RH Law with reservations. Ang ibig mo sabihin 

"para ako sa RH Law pero meron sa batas na mga hindi ko gusto" ang tanong ko ano ang 

mga hindi mo gusto sa RH Law?

ALMA: Teka nawawala ako. 'Di pa kasi ako napupunta doon. PILLS!
KAREN: Should the government buy contraceptives* for barangays?

ALMA: Yes, dapat talaga kino-control

KAREN: Paano maco-control?

ALMA: Dapat laging bukas ang ilaw
(Please see my Question and Answer (Q & A) with Manny Pacquiao and Alma Moreno by clicking Q & A: Senatorial Bets Manny Pacquiao and Alma Moreno )

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