Martes, Agosto 21, 2018

Federalism Will Bring Us to the Dogs


In case it will be favorably acted, will the Federal Constitution bring this impoverished and rambunctious country to Nirvana instead of hell as based on the poor financial capacity of the country and the downgrades it awaits with credit watchdogs?
According to the Consultative Committee that hammered the draft constitution, the sharing of wealth that primordially be taken from the taxes of the Filipinos and businessmen would be at least 50 percent to the Federal Government (FG) and 50 percent to the 18 Regional Federal Governments (RFG).

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The additional burden to the coffer of the new bureaucracy will be between P44 billion to P72 billion for 17 Regions (not 18 Regions) under Federalism, according to Rosario Manasan, senior research fellow of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).
Is this the way to inflict more burdens to the already hapless Filipinos in these regions?
 Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III told the senators on a budget hearing that if Federalism will be shoved in the throat of the Filipinos, this country “will go to hell” not with “will go to the dogs” as an idiom usually used by writers ha ha ha !
 What with the P120 billion deficits yearly needed by those handicapped regions to attain the physical and financial need of Federalism.
It means rich regions like Metro Manila, Calabarzon, and Region 3 could easily remunerate them, paid the construction of their offices, and can even have surplus as they collect more taxes in their burgeoning areas.

E-PEPE-DERALISMO!: Asst. Sec Mocha Goes Low

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

! So this was the proposed ballyhooed campaign advertisement by the superiors of Presidential Communication Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to educate us Flips, er, Filipinos about what is federal form of government?
Where an "effeminate" blogger Drew Oliver danced before the eyes of Uson and viewers of You Tube while he incessantly touched, as part of the choreography, his breasts and crotch in a presentation to be given to a female dancer while a jingle plays "E-Dede, E Pepe..."
Dede and Pepe are colloquial Filipino words for boobs and vagina.
The controversial information dissemination from the PCOO has a staggering budget of P90 million. 
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FONDLE - Singer Mocha Uson asked an FM disc jockey on this photo to grope her during her interview.

Was it Uson, my village mate in Dagupan City, who said that most of the ASEAN members' countries are Federal in form?
"Napag-iwanan na ang Pinas, ika nga".
Gee whiz, aside from Malaysia as the only Federal formed of government in the 10 ASEAN countries, federalism has nothing to do with the burgeoning growth of Malaysia.

Cyber libel cases vs critic will expose, deter others – Mayor

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG – The five criminal cyber libel charges filled by the mayor here against a user of Face Book will deter those members of the popular social media who dishonor publicly other people.
Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao said that the cases of five counts of cyber libel he filled against Val Adriano Guevara, a resident here, will be used to request Face Book to unmask the persons behind the demolition jobs against him and others at the social media’s records kept at its headquarter at Menlo Park in California, United States.

LIBEL - Cyber Libel Law accused Val Adriano Guevara (left) and complainant Bayambang Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao. the latter sued Guevara with five counts of the cyber defamation crime.

 “If Face Book acts on it, it will become precedence where other offended people around the world can emulate what we have done here,” 
the mayor told this newspaper.
The fictitious Face Book’s account of Juana Malasakit  where she and other users who hide with aliases have been posting vitriol with impunity against Mayor Quiambao,  former councilor Levin Uy, who is the Executive Director of Quiambao's Kasama Kita sa Barangay, and other officials of the local government unit here.
“Dapat Kong may paratang kayo may kalakip na ebidinsiya o patunay sa mga sinasabi ninyo dahil walang saysay ang mga pinagdadakdak ninyo,” an exasperated Uy once argued with his detractors there who were hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.