Linggo, Disyembre 6, 2015

Q & A: Hit men’s boss

My interview with the hit men’s boss could be likened to the flick “Leon: The Professional”. The only difference with the hired gun movie was the hit men’s boss was not Italian killers’ God Father  "Uncle" Tony (Danny Aiello)but a retired police officer somewhere in a town in Luzon while the hit men were not Leon (Jean Reno) and Mathilda (Natalie Portman) but policemen and civilians' sicarios (gunmen). Brace yourself as you read the narration how people with shady characters were mercilessly killed so that other would be criminals would not emulate them. Here is the interview you seldom read on newspapers and magazines. Excerpts.

MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA: How did you order the killing of a notorious criminal?
SICARIOS. A motorcycle killer riding in tandem
 left his bike and treacherously pumped a bullet
at the back of the head of his victim.

ANSWER: There was this notorious akyat bahay (burglar) in a village. He was fingered every time there was robbery that ensued. Usually I learned his and other culprits’ shenanigans from my police precinct commander.
We would talk how to eliminate the habitual-delinquent. My commander would ask me my verdict: “Sir, engkuentro o sparrow?

Q: How did you eliminate him?
A: We resorted to “sparrow”. The hit man would be selected ala-round robin; I got two civilians and few policemen who are killers who have killed people in the past. I chose the one who did not kill somebody for a while.  Some of them badgered me that they do the billing since they have an itch in doing it. Killing among the hard core is liked an addiction their bodies craved.

Q: What happen to the burglar?
A: My men stabbed him one night. Killing by using a knife needs two to three killers. That’s why you can see a cadaver with multiple stabbed wounds on different parts of his body. Aside from it, it was a signature of our plot, we see to it that the target did not survive. There were cases in the past that a killer would plunged for several times a knife to the victim but still the latter ran away and survived the attempt.
That’s why whenever they strike it’s like an ambush when they mercilessly stabbed simultaneously and in the flurry the victim to make sure he died instantly.
Interviewer points to a victim of killers who were motorcycle riding in tandem in San Carlos City, Pangasinan.
Interviewer and fellow media man were in the former car when ahead of them a hit man caught up with a motorized tricycle driver  and peppered him with lethal shots from a Colt .45 U.S made pistol.
The 45 is the standard weapon uses by hired killers in the Philippines. 

Q: Why you resort to stabbing and not shooting?
A: Because stabbing is the politically correct, it can be suspected to be perpetrated by robbery, grudge, or whatever. Shooting could prejudice my tour record in my post.
Q: I heard from one of your men you ordered the killing of a notorious swindler. How was it done?
A: There this incident when a notorious swindler, an effeminate, in another province hid from those he duped there and resided and ran a restaurant in my area. A high police official who had an earful of complaints on the nefarious activities of this man asked me to silence him.
After some casing (police jargon for “back ground investigation"), my men, four of them composed by two civilians and two cops, implement the mission. I told them to stab the suspect.

Q: What happen to that swindler and restaurant owner you ordered killed?
A: When my men arrived they hesitated first because there was a policeman from the other station having his dinner there. The black jacket he wore exposed his police patrol uniform inside. But my men would not back out. Two of them guarded the policeman while the two charged the swindler with their knives.