Huwebes, Oktubre 20, 2016

Let's continue the killings

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

I felt vindicated when the killer of an architecture student Nick Russel Oniot, 18, was extra judicially executed, er, killed by policemen when he grabbed the gun of one of the cops after they arrested him.
 My feeling of relief on the death of Marvin Bernardo, a recidivist and a parolee for murder, epitomized the feelings of the majority of the Filipinos who are tired already seeing on television habitual delinquents and other criminals preyed on defenseless victims.
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Photo Credit: Philippine Star
Bernardo, and his effeminate companion Reynold Clave alias Sakura, attempted to rob Oniot when the Adamson University’s student was walking recently for home at dusk in Taguig.
Instead of yielding to the duo, Oniot fought back by hitting them with his knapsack.
Bernardo, to neutralize Oniot, stabbed him 18 times.
The graphic scene seen by millions of Filipinos on the TV evening news scandalized many of us. It was heart wrenching since after those volley of stabs and after the accused left, the teenager still stood and managed some paces while he hailed passing vehicles to bring him to the hospital.
With blood oozing from his wounds and bloodied his white polo uniform and some vital parts of his organ cut by the knife, he collapsed on the street without anybody from the kibitzers lifting a finger.
Since Bernardo and Clave who were identified by the security camera of the village casually walked from the crime scene, the police arrested the duo that followed the execution of one of them.