Huwebes, Mayo 10, 2018

How a Bet Buy Votes, Win the Barangay Poll

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 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Now that the Barangay (Village) election is few more days to go, I will share the experiences of a Punong Barangay (Village Chairman) bet we will call in fictitious name Philip Dipaawat.
In my almost one hour interview with him, where he asked for anonymity, he divulged the illegitimate ugly sides of winning the vulnerable and susceptible hearts and minds of the voters in his and his opponents determination to win the coveted post in Barangay Nababayaran somewhere in the urban area of Northern Luzon.
In 2007 Barangay Election, Barangay Nababayaran had 8,000 voters.

ME: How many of you aspired for the position of Kapitan (Spanish term of village chief that was termed as Kapitan del Barrio before)?

DIPAAWAT: Five of us, but the two were spent force. My two tough opponents were a rich matron looking businesswoman and the junkie (narcotics dependent) looking son of the Kapitan.