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Winning the PH Crime War: Less robbers and drug pushers now

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Skeptics on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs compared Thailand’s war on narcotics where almost 3,000 died in the First Drug War in February to April 2003 and countless died in the Second Drug War in 2005.
AUTHOR TOOK THIS PHOTO. Ricky Cornel holds affectionately the face
 of his older brother Piggie, 43, who was slain by the police in a drug 
sting operation early of July last year in Dagupan City. Ricky and Piggie 
submitted themselves a week earlier as pusher and user of shabu (meth) to the 
village chief of Bonuan Gueset and made a promissory note that they 
would avoid narcotics. Piggie, however, was caught by the police with a 
notorious pusher in a motel room selling shabu and fought out with the
police that resulted to their being shot to death.

Despite the thousands of persons  killed in Thailand and those 6000 individuals who died in legitimate police operation and those on Death Under Investigation (D.U.I)  in the Philippines war on dangerous drugs, these skeptics say Duterte’s war on narcotics is destined to fail.
But as a radio commentator and journalist who visit regularly city and town mayors and chiefs of police in the 48 cities and towns’ Pangasinan, I could say that the dangerous drugs war launched by the Duterte Administration are picking up and resulted to significant drop not only of drug pushing and using but of index crimes like theft, robbery, and other petty crimes.
In Alaminos City, Police Chief Superintendent Benjamin Ariola cited recently that only two of the 39 villages in this Western Pangasinan city are still not illegal drug free. Dagupan City’s Chief of Police Superintendent Neil Miro declared in January 12 the city as 90.2 percent after narcotics prevalent Barangay Pantal and Pogo Chico of the 31 villages’ city were publicly announced as drug free.

In the mammoth Pangasinan which is one of the top five most populated provinces in the country, 940 barangays out of the 1,364 villages are drug free and the police projected it to be narcotics free on February this year, according to Police Superintendent Jackie Candelario, Deputy Provincial Director for Operation.
The criteria in declaring a village as drug free are mind numbing, according to Mangaldan Chief of Police’s Supt. Jeff Fanged.
“The process for their declaration was tedious. We followed the procedures at the BADAC (Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council), MADAC (Municipal  Anti-Drug Abuse Council ),and  PADAC (Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council)," he stressed.
As what Cebu Police Provincial Office’s Director Senior Supt. Eric Noble, a Pangasinense, posted on his Face Book account: “As a requirement prior declaration of a barangay cleared from illegal drugs, cops have to walk muddy roads up the mountains and cross rivers to reach villages in Tuburan, Cebu.
Thanks for the support of Ms
Ivy Durano of Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Office. Indeed we are traversing the less traveled road towards a drug-free Cebu!”

Look Ma', No more robbery of taxi drivers

When I was in Manila last week, I asked Bernard Piedad, driver of the Bawa Taxi, if hold-up or robbery of taxi drivers was still ubiquitos after President Duterte assumed office middle of last year.
Piedad told me, when I was bound from EDSA-Ayala to my hotel room in Makati Avenue, there was almost no more robbery that sometimes resulted to the murder of the drivers.
AUTHOR TOOK THIS PHOTO. Slain suspected dangerous
 drug seller former Pangasinan's policeman Vicente Moulic who tried
to shoot- it-out with the police poseur buyer in Dagupan City last 


“In July last year three robbers died after they encountered the police. Fortunately the robbers left the driver at Commonwealth,” Piedad said in Pilipino.
When I was bound from Makati Avenue to EDSA- Guadalupe, another taxi driver, I forgot to get his name, collaborated what Piedad told me.
“No more holdups of taxi drivers, robbers are afraid that they would be murdered too by the cops who arrest them,” he told me.
The phenomena in the Cities of Alaminos and Dagupan where I interviewed their chiefs of police and those in Manila, the center of the demographic congestion in the country, are epitome’ of what happened in the entire Philippines.
What can those skeptics say of those robbery, cellphone snatching, akyat-bahay incidents that plummeted to all time low  since July last year as told to me by a high ranking cop in Urdaneta City?
The only crime that peaked are murders since the victims are those malefactors, who want to maintain their drug habit, committed crimes like selling drugs, and other index crimes.
Are we winning the narcotics war unlike those in Thailand?
Son of a gun, I just cited those dangerous drugs free cities and province and phenomena in Metro Manila that did not happen since Cory Aquino became president of this forsaken country.

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  1. Tony Santos Don't u think with all these killings we will eventually pay for these as consequence?
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Kris Ferr
    Kris Ferr Ay naku Mark, ndi maniniwala sau ang mga crablets, gusto nila ndi pa safe ang pnas, mapupuri kasi si Digong nyan kahit safe na lalo na sa mga notorious na lugar like Tondo, Silang Caloocan, etc.

  2. Roy Angana yes lesser criminals in the streets now, kasi nagtipon na mga kriminal doon sa Camp Crame.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 4 mins
    Jefferson Masing Casim
    Jefferson Masing Casim So mas gusto nio mabalitaan na mamaya yun mga law abiding citize kesa mga criminal????

  3. Raoul Banzon your logic is skewed...many of the 6000 killed werent criminals
    Like · Reply · 1 · 19 hrs
    Mackoy Hular
    Mackoy Hular 6k killed false data.. tsk tsk.. stop spreading false information. 2.2k killed in drug related crime.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 15 hrs
    Gan Rebueno
    Gan Rebueno But not all killed were confirmed drug dealers/users Mackoy Hular
    Like · Reply · 1 · 9 hrs
    Raoul Banzon
    Raoul Banzon Mackoy Hular ...I dont spread false info. PNP stats count roughly 2000+ killed in "legitimate" police ops, about 4000+ killed by vigilantes, EJKs, others for the 6 months since start of the so-called Drug War. Actually the total has reached over 7000 as of Jan 22, 2017
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Mackoy Hular
    Mackoy Hular drug related crime... make it specific...
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Raoul Banzon
    Raoul Banzon Mackoy Hular Thats how the PNP presented it...
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Mackoy Hular
    Mackoy Hular last i check it was 2.2k.. drug related cases.. the others were other crimes
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Raoul Banzon
    Raoul Banzon *facepalm*
    Like · Reply · 1 hr
    Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza

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    Zaldy Usba
    Zaldy Usba Mas takot ako ngayon ang madamay.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 21 hrs
    Christopher Dionne Castino
    Christopher Dionne Castino Ang galing nating bumanat sa admin ngayon tungkol sa war on drugs pero ano kaya kung isang araw ang kapatid mo na babae or ang anak mo na babae ay biglang ma rape ng mga adik kc sinubukan ka ng panahon kc puna ka ng puna ngayon, ano kaya mararamdaman m...See More
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    Gan Rebueno
    Gan Rebueno Ibalik ko ang tanong sayo, paano kung isang araw ang anak mo ay aksidenteng mabaril at mapatay ng pulis o kaya kamag-anak mo ay napatay dahil napagbigtangan lang na adik? Pumapatay na ang mga pulis ngayon ng walang due process at ang masama pa dito ay may pahintulot at pagkampe ng presidente.
    Like · Reply · 3 · 9 hrs · Edited
    Zaldy Usba
    Zaldy Usba Pagmahirap walang patawad pagmayaman ipinatatawag para magpaliwanag pantay pantay ba yan?
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    Gan Rebueno
    Gan Rebueno FYI

    Human Rights Watch also voiced fears that policemen who now enjoy a license to kill in the name of President Duterte’s war on drugs will eventually venture into killing for personal profit.