Linggo, Nobyembre 15, 2015

Senatorial candidate Alma Moreno's TV interview

Here is Alma Moreno, your senator:

Alma calls on the phone Philippine Airlines
Alma: How long is the flight from Manila to Vancouver, Canada?
PAL OPERATOR: Just a minute please.
Alma: Wow ang bilis pala (puts phone down).


Alma in a burger joint
Alma: One burger please
Waiter: With pleasure maam
Alma: No with ketchup

Hay naku di ba may isa pa nga nung time nila tinanung siya ni Inday Badiday "More or less why do you think of the rumor that you and Dolphy are living together"
ALMA: "Ahh well siguro naman more..yes definitely more"
And when the audience laughed she retorts
ALMA: Ay hindi pala more....less pala