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Boxing Analysts Differ if Pacquiao Continues to Fight

Pacquiao vs Marquez pentalogy will happen late next year because Promoter Bob Arum,the oil snake merchant, believes that savagery in that fateful December 9, 2012 (Marquez got a broken nose that oozed with lots of blood and Pacquiao fell with his face flat to dreamland) will make hundred of thousands of people to shell out again their $50 or $60 (P2,400) for a Pay Per View connection on their cable TV. Jesus Christ, that's another billions of pesos or millions of dollars in the making. And it seems Manny relishes the glitters of the money at the same time he want to vindicate his devastating loss (Text by Mortz Ortigoza).

Boxing analysts nagdebate kung dapat ba ang Part 5 na Pacquiao-Marquez fight
 By Bombo Radyo -Philippines

 Hindi magkamayaw ang mga local boxing analysts sa pag-analisa sa laban ni Manny Pacquiao lalo na kung dapat bang mangyari ang ika-limang laban kay Juan Manual Marquez.
 Ayon sa kilalang boxing expert na si Atty. Ed Tolentino, para sa kanya ay dapat na mag-retire na si Manny. Pero kung hindi maiiwasan, ang ika-limang laban kay Marquez ayon kay Tolentino ay dapat na magsagawa muna ng tune-up fight si Pacman para bumalik ang kumpiyansa.
 Ang dapat harapin muna ni Pacman ay hindi kasinggaling ng Mexican warrior.
 Para naman kay Pacquiao handa siya sa ikalimang laban pero depende pa rin sa kanyang promoter. Inihayag naman ng sportswriter at analyst na si Ronnie Natanielsz, dapat bigyan ng daan si Manny na magdesisyon kung magreritiro ba. Kawawa rin umano siya Pacman kung hindi maibabangon ang kanyang sarili.
 Para naman sa sportswriter na si Edwin Espejo, sinabi nito na ilang beses na ring bumangon sa knockout noon si Pacman. Pero sa ngayon hindi na bata si Pacman.

 Sinabi ni Mortz Ortigosa kilalang boxing analyst sa Pangasinan, bagamat tumatanda na si Pacman mag-aakyat pa ito ng maraming pera sa boxing industry at kumikita pa ang mga laban nito.

 Tinawag naman ng dating gobernador at boxing manager na si Manny Piñol na isang "suicide" kung lalabanan pa uli ni Pacquiao si Marquez. Binatikos ni Piñol ang nagsasabing ang tumama kay Pacman ay isang lucky punch mula kay Marquez.
 Giit ni Piñol na isa ring boxing, sa boksing umano ay walang lucky punch dahil pinapakawalan ito na may target.
 Ito rin ang pananaw ni Natanielsz at Recah Trinidad. Ani Piñol, kung ang isa umano ay makaiwas sa suntok, matatawag na swerte ang boksingero.
 Ayon pa kay Piñol kung tamaan ang isang boksingero ng suntok, simple lamang ito, mabagal siyang umaksiyon sa atake ng kalaban. Labis namang ikinalulungkot ni dating Bacolod Rep. Monico Puentevella ang masaklap na pagkatalo ni Pacquiao. Ayon sa sportsman, nangyari na ang kinakatakutan ng Pilipinas na darating ang panahon na mananamlay ang boxing career ng Pinoy ring icon.
 Kaugnay nito, pinayuhan ni Puentevella ang malapit niyang kumapare na pag-isipan na ang pag-retire sa boxing at maawa ito sa kaniyang katawan.
 Aniya, kung gusto pa ni Manny ng rematch ay ito na lang ang pinakahuli na at huwag ng pag-isipan pa ang laban kay Floyd Mayweather Jr.
 Naniniwala naman ang ilang observers, na mismong si Marqez ay baka hindi rin na pumayag sa laban pa na Part 5 kay Pacquiao dahil nakuha na niya ang gusto niya sa isang paraan na hindi na maaaring makuwestyon pa.

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4: Analysis

BANE FOR PACMAN: In the illustration above Marquez (black trunk) waits for the right jab of Manny before he (Marquez) lunches his counter left punch  (or a rattling combination of right and left punches) before he turned clockwise to frustrate Manny to hit him with his lethal left straight punch.


 I told Philippine GMA-7 TV before the quadrilogy of Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao that Marquez got the numbers of Pacquiao. Every time Manny lunches his right jabs, he unleashes his (Marquez) power right cross, left uppercut and right cross to the face of Manny while he runs clockwise. As a consequence, Manny could not hit him with his big left straight because the Mexican, like the Coyote in Lonney Tunes, has been running beyond his range. This phenomenon has been almost the same strategy Marquez has done from his three controversial outings with the Filipino congressman. Marquez has been waiting for Manny to unleash a punch where, just like a boomerang, he immediately counter it with a 1-2 combination or even a 1-2-3 flurry. In their trilogy however, Marquez innovated by hitting Manny first with his right or left. But it was his strategy to goad Manny to hit him where he could counter-punch Pacquaio with his trademarked combination. Manny in their rubber match shilly-shally every time he punches Marquez. He could afford only a right and left combination and withdraw to avoid the rattling counter punches of the Mexican. As a result that trilogy was a bore among ordinary fight fans that used to see the explosiveness of Manny when he fought Eric Morales, Oscar dela Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito who stood in front of him and did not abscond like Marquez every time he wants to exchange blows.
The camp of Manny assured the fans that the fight on Sunday (Saturday in the U.S) would be exciting because Manny would summon his fearsome power punches by pressing the fight to Marquez. But how could Manny brings the fight with Marquez when he got tag by the counter punches of the Mexican every time he hit Marquez? They said he would slip by docking the counter punches of Juan while he delivers his bombs to the latter. Incase this would be their fight plan, they could borrow how Floyd Mayweather Jr. penetrated the ring of fire from Marquez. In that bout Floyd bobbled, weaved, covered his face with his gloves, or jumped in and out from the counter punches of the Mexican. Since I was writing this article a day before the fight, let's cross our finger if Manny could weather the counter punches of Marquez who would expectedly increase the volume of his power punches to grab the victory in this fourth fight. 
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Lessons Filipinos could learn from the US election


 Even the U.S and the Philippines are representative democracy where the voters directly elect their president, the US differs from the Philippines in the mode of electing its highest leader. Filipinos elect directly their president and their vice president, the Americans only elect directly their president and whoever wins the presidency he gets his chosen vice president. If Democrats’ Barrack Obama wins in November 6,2012, he gets Vice President Joe Biden. If Republican or GOP’s Mitt Romney’s wins he gets Congressman Paul Ryan. If President Noynoy Aquino got 500 thousand votes in Pangasinan and 250 thousand votes in South Cotabato all of them including the votes he got in other local government units (towns, cities, provinces) in the country would be tallied and if he got the highest votes say 15,208,678 from the more than 50 million registered voters he wins the election.
 If Barrack Obama got 50.1% votes versus Romney’s 49.9 votes in the State of California and 55 % versus Romney’s 45% in the State of New York, the Office of the Federal Register at the National Archives and Records Administration, US version’s of our Commission on Election, do not add all the votes the way the Comelec has done to Presidential candidate Aquino.
 California is represented by 55 electors or Electoral College votes while New York is represented by 29 electors that would go all to Obama in a winner-takes-all rule (55 plus 29 equals 84). In the U.S ,a presidential candidate needs to win 270 electors in all 48 States and the District of Columbia to become a president.
 The States of Nebraska and Main however do not practice this winner-take-all as they have another formula in computing who wins in their States.
The distribution of electors, by the way, is based on the number of congressmen and senators in a state. Members of the Electoral College are chosen by the state.
There are five presidential candidates running for the highest office in the US now. Obama, Romney, and third parties candidates (although they are spent force), Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Birthday Party (Is he an independent?) Richard Duncan.
Moreover, Electoral College does not mean that the winner got most of the popular votes (A hypothetical 51 million votes versus 50 million voter for his rival). When George Bush, Jr. defeated Al Gore for the presidency in 2000, the latter got most of the popular votes but lost in the Electoral College against Bush, Jr.
As of press time (Sunday, November 4 Philippine's timeline) and two days to go before the U.S presidential election Democrats presidential candidate Barrack Obama is tied by 49 percent each with Republican presidential bet Mitt Romney according to the Rasmussen Poll.
 Before Super Storm Sandy crashed on the East Coast, Romney has a two-point lead against the incumbent president.
How did the Democrats change the face of the race that once favored Romney to become the next elected president after the November 2012 election? According to Republican poll strategist (political operators in the Philippines listen!) Dick Morris who heads, together with Mike Reagan, the son of former president Ronald Reagan), the GOP’ soliciting body Super PAC, Obama Team outspent the Romney’s team in funding negative TV ads against the latter by millions of dollars on swing States like Ohio and Wisconsin. According to Morris: “Pennsylvania, Romney led on Wednesday night by two points but in Thursday night’s polling, he was tied.” We have also seen slippage for Romney in Michigan. More troubling, Rasmussen shows a two-point gain for Obama in job approval, rising from 48% to 50% in the current poll. All of these changes are, no doubt, related to Hurricane Sandy.
** *
The lessons we Filipinos could learn on this TV ad thing (either be it in the gubernatorial poll or senatorial poll in the May 2013 election) is it is a major factor in winning the election. TV (like ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and TV-5) penetrates all sectors of the society from the cross stitching grandma to the basketball buff grandson who is already eligible to vote.
The only problem in the Philippine is most of our politicians don’t exploit the defects of their opponents on their paid ads on TV (or count here too the AM and FM bands on radio, and the cheaper “White Paper” circulated by politicians in exposing the weaknesses of their opponent).
Despite being embodied in Section 79 of the Omnibus Election Code that says"election campaign" or "partisan political activity" refers to an act designed to promote the election or defeat of a particular candidate or candidates to a public office which shall include: 4) Publishing or distributing campaign literature or materials designed to support or oppose the election of any candidate. Filipino politicians satisfy themselves by paying the service of somebody to make a brownie points ads only for themselves like “Nasubukan mo na bang lumangoy sa basura?” or “Mr X the Action Man!”.
In case Obama makes it on Tuesday (Wednesday in the Philippines) on the present neck and neck derby, he should be thankful too to the timing of killer Hurricane Sandy where his mettle through his immediate and effective assistance to the states gnawed by Super Storm Sandy was tested (Republicans however dispute this because of the long queue and the gas and power shortages that infuriated people on those affected areas) . As a result nominal Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York and dyed-in-the wool GOP Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey “kissed” him and paid him obeisance just like what Amerigo Bonasera to Don Vito Corleone in the God Father.
Gezz, the stout Governor Christie, who spitted fire at Obama before, could be likened to Filipino politicians who piggy-back at a snap of a finger at the popularity of Obama’s feat in the Sandy’s debacle. Everybody knows he was doing this for his re-election bid? Morris, Romney, hard line GOPs just cry your heart’s out on this circus in New York and New Jersey! This Murphy’s Law on the part of Romney (imagine a storm crashed a week before the election that favors the enemy?) was no different to a toss-up contest in towns, cities, and provinces in the Philippines after the command votes of the Iglesia ni Cristo (a religious sect) entered the scene in favor of a certain candidate.
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JDV on disputes between China and neighbors

Former Speaker de Venecia in a Q & A 
Former five - time Speaker Jose de Venecia discusses the growing belligerence of Mainland China in the South and East China Seas vis-a-vis the South East Asian nations and Japan. Northern Watch's columnist Mortz Ortigoza interviewed the former speaker., Excerpts:
 Northern Watch (NW): Former President Fidel V. Ramos said in recent interview that Mainland China cannot be an aggressor forever because the Association of South East Asian Nations that includes the Philippines has 600 million people which are economically rising to challenge the Sinos in trade dominance someday. Can China afford to lose these countries as trade partners because of its incessant incursions on the disputed isles in the South China Sea?
 JOSE DE VENECIA JR (JDV): Our formula, our strategic joint exploration solves the problem. The problem between (Mainland) China and the Philippines has the same solution as the problem between China and Japan. It can solve the problem with Japan and (South) Korea and their disputed water. (The formula) is a China- sea- wide solution between the Philippines and Malaysia because we have conflict there. It is also the same solutions to the Philippines and Vietnam. It is not only for the Philippines but for the problem of Japan.
NW: Why do these countries don’t adopt your formula?
 JDV: Because nakalagay lang sa conscience natin (what was in our conscience) China is a multi-sided multiple conflicts and a complex issues. My proposal for the joint exploration (on the disputed water and isles) is profit sharing, reasonable profit sharing. At the same time the real solutions of this problem are reconciliation and development. That is the solution!
 NW: Do you think war is inevitable between Japan and China as the former is determined not to give an inch of the Senkaku Islands or Diaoyu Islands for the Sinos ?
 JDV: That will be forestalled again by our joint formula may 50-50 sila (they can divide 50-50) from the resources, the gas, 50-50. It is the same 50-50 formula to solve the water dispute between Japan and Korea. I just came from East Timor Sea where the (gas) resources between Australia –East Timor in North Darwin have shared for joint exploration. The same profit sharing in the Caspian Sea among Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan.
NW: What’s your take on Edward Luttwak’s, a senior associate for the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, USA, and consultant to the Pentagon, thesis on his provocative book “The Rise of China vs. the Logic of Strategy” that the Chinese have been imbecilic enough to re-launch territorial quarrels with Japan, Vietnam and India more or less on the same day, when those three countries have more people, more money and more technology than China. Would severing of ties economically with these countries possible as based on the thesis?
 JDV : All of these are possible, that’s why our formula will forestall it. It’s all about the political crisis there, the economic wars will that will follow with this conflict.
NW: Is the growing bellicosity of China in the South China Sea and in the disputed waters in Senkaku Islands is because of the forthcoming election of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party this November? That party leaders want to portray their patriotism to ingratiate with the party members?
 JDV: They have already decided who will be the president and vice president. They have already decided who will be the prime minister there is no need for that bellicosity.
NW: Press reports said the hard-line stance of the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of Japan to nationalized Senkaku against Chinese’s incursions there was because of his forthcoming re-election in Japan?
JDV: In this case that must be necessary because he is for re-election. He is to ensure the victory of his party which is the Democratic Party of Japan - the ruling party which is now facing difficulty. That's why he has taken a high profile stance on the isles.

Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012

China Cannot be an Aggressor Forever - FVR

 Mortz C. Ortigoza (Left) interviews former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos

Northern Watch political columnist Mortz C . Ortigoza sat again with former President Fidel V. Ramos, a West Pointer, recently in Dagupan City to discuss the growing belligerence of Mainland China in the West Philippines Sea and the state of the Philippine’s armed forces vis-à-vis the incessant Chinese's intrusions in the territorial waters of the Philippines, Excerpts:

MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA (MCO): Mr. President, some quarters said armed conflict between the United States and Mainland China is inevitable. But the U.S has $1.164 trillion of debt with China, notwithstanding the latter as the U.S’s biggest trade partner. Do you think war is indeed inevitable?
FIDEL V. RAMOS (FVR): You know I hope you read my Sunday columns in the Bulletin. I’ve been writing about , No. 1: “Who is Scared of Scarborough? Or Panatag Shoal which is 124 miles only from Masinloc, Zambales, 550 Miles away from Hainan, Islands – the southernmost place of China, thereby we have some advantage already. No. 2: If we sacrifice our trade using the 200 miles EEZ or Exclusive Economic Zone provided for long by the UN (United Nations) Convention of the Laws of the Sea, UNCLOS tagilid diyan si China (that will be China’s dilemma).

Sabado, Hulyo 14, 2012

CORRUPTION 101: Devil's Guide to Struggling Philippines' Politicians


 Mayor pockets up to 30% loans from bank

 My politician friend told me that a corrupt mayor can get 20 percent to 30 percent of the loan his town or city obtained from government- run Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines. “If he wants the money immediately, he can get P20 million or 20% of the P100 million loans in advance from the (private) contractor,” he whispered to me not to divulge his name but to expose this perennial anomaly in public. But if the mayor wants a 30% or P30 million from the loan, then he should be the one to own the construction firm (of course though a dummy) if he wants the bigger chunks of the anomaly alias S.O.P (Standard Operation Procedure) after the project (construction of either the municipal hall, public market, or other public building) is completed and approved by the concerned government agencies.

Angry Vice Mayor felt cheated in division of Loot 

A vice mayor in a town in Pangasinan yaps and bellyaches about the “anomalous’’ transactions of the mayor he is going to challenge in next year’s mayoralty poll. “Why it is that checks that run to millions of pesos were released without their corresponding vouchers?” he told me. When I met the mayor I asked him why the vice mayor continued to assail the X million pesos loan his town contracted with the Land Bank of the Philippines. “Sa ibang bayan mayor tahimik lang ang vice mayor dahil may share siya na P1 million sa loan (In other town mayor, the vice mayor there just keeps mum after he was given his P1 million share from the loan),” I continued.

Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

Pacquiao’s loss blames on Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera)

 “Miracle tree” malunggay has been promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the past 20 years as a low-cost health enhancer in poor countries around the globe

Huwebes, Hunyo 7, 2012



A top government official told me how an assessor of a town or city fleece a taxpayer (seller or buyer of a real property) who asked for the certification of a real property’s classification.
The classifications are residential, agricultural, and commercial.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 6, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Bradley: Analysis

The author (Left) analyzes the nitty-gritty of the Pacquiao versus Bradly tiff at the Philippines major TV station GMA-7


Manny Pacquiao is Jim Croce’s Big Bad Leroy Brown on his outing against Tim Bradley on June 10, 2012. Manny has been fighting at 147 lbs for countless of times while Tim fought on it, but excellently and dominantly, only once versus Luis Carlo Abrigu in July, 2010.
The Filipino has knack for knockouts with 64.41 % ratio on his 54 fights versus the modest 41.38 % of the American's  28 fights.

But there was a cracked on the armor of Pacquiao in his sluggish rubber match against Juan Manuel Marquez in  November 12, 2011.
It can either be a sign of wear and tear from the wars he had been, or a sign of too many activities in politics and showbiz?
Bradley declared he trained hard for 10 weeks on this toughest fight of his life.
“I studied Pacquiao for four years he quipped.
 Manny satisfied himself with seven weeks of training that could be deducted by “a week” of emphatic prayer meeting, intense proselytizing, zealous curing of believers with eye and hand problems who flocked for a miracle to an overnight preacher in his training hideaway in the cloud kissed mountain of Baguio City, Philippines.
In case the congressman loses because of these spiritual distractions, it means God Almighty has a plan for him: Preach, sing, govern, or a comeuppance. It is a comeuppance for him to train harder for a rematch with the “Desert Storm” on November this year.
Advantages of Bradley
He is the busiest body puncher Pacquiao’s has ever met.
Fast pace puncher and slick foot worker who will give Pacquiao a problem when he brings the fight inside the telephone booth.
He got three heads, two are covered by real gloves the other, as big as a Kevlar helmet, by bare skin. You ask Nate Campbell and Devon Alexander how it felt to be hit by a black skin head cum short jab.
He has intense body punching prowess that Pacquiao has not dealt with his past opponents.
Can box and brawl like what he did to opponents like Devon Alexander and Junior Witter.
Advantages of Pacquiao
64.41 % knocked out ratio against 42% of Bradley.
He is the bigger and stronger fighter on this fight.
 This is David versus Goliath once again -- but Goliath here carries a bazooka for a kill and revenge.
Lethal left hook and straight left complemented by his newly minted power right hook.
Disadvantages of Bradley
His propensity to slug aggressively with “the baddest man in the whole damn town” in the hurt business will be his undoing
He telegraphs his right straight and hook by shaking his fist first before he uses it.
His KO ratio is only 42%, and a possibility of becoming a splattered jig-saw puzzle after the match.
Disadvantages of Pacquiao
He does not fight effectively inside.
Sign of wear and tear on his rubber match with Marquez.
Every time he uses his right and left straight or hooks his bread basket becomes open target from the enemy’s counter punches.
What Bradley should do
Hit Manny with powerful left and right straights to his face after he (Pacquiao) pitter-patter him with a right punch.
Use a strong combination of 1-2-3-4 right and left hooks to his body like what he did to Alexander and Peterson. Repetition of these can weaken Manny.
Use that looping overhand right that hits Luis Carlo Abregu with success at the face. Manny was vulnerable to this every time Marquez avoid Manny’s 1-2 hooks and unleashed this technique.
Every time Manny covers his face with his gloves and forearms; Bradley punishes him with body punches and a ricocheting uppercut to the jaw that enter between the ankles of Manny.

Bait his left face for Manny’s right jab so he can hurt his (Pacquiao) face with a right punch.
After unleashing his 1-2, shrewdly butt Manny’s eyebrow just like what he did to Alexander and Campbell. The Filipino would surely be destructed to the blood that oozes to his eye just like in his Eric Morales fight.
To avoid being knocked out by Manny’s left, he heed what his trainer Joel Diaz told him in the Witter fight: “Cover your right face with a glove and bury your chin to your breast”.
What Pacquiao should do
As the bigger and stronger pug, steamroll Bradley every time he engages him in a brawl.
Watch Bradley’s looping power left hook after he unleashed his right hook or jab.
Watch Tim’s right hook that he incessantly pounds to the face of his opponents.
Feigns his right but hit Tim instead with a powerful left straight or hook then followed by right hook. He was successful on this tactic against Marquez lately.
Right jab followed by power left straight or hook then back pedal or bobble to avoid Bradley’s counter.
Hit Bradley with a left upper cut to the jaw after he attacked.
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‘We don’t want a new Cold War in the Asia Pacific’

RP's former 5-time Speaker Joe de Venecia speaks before an international forum

Statement of Former Speaker Jose de Venecia, Founding Chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP)
On His Speech and  Meetings Last Week in Beijing
June 3, 2012

For the United States, its military presence on the peripheries—the outer limitsof the Chinese mainland may be a kind of “forward defense.” Since the nineteenth century, American strategists have feared that it is from Asia that an invasion of the US mainland would threaten. The Japanese and World War II justified that fear.

Lunes, Hunyo 4, 2012

Corruptions at Assessor, BIR, Register of Deeds


A top government official told me how an assessor of a town or city fleece a taxpayer (seller or buyer of a real property) who asked for the certification of a real property’s classification.
The classifications are residential, agricultural, and commercial.
“With the right amount given by the taxpayer, he certifies the land as residential even it is located in a commercial area,” he told me.
He explained that the government lose a huge amount of taxes that runs to thousands if not millions of pesos because a P30 thousand per square meter (PSM) of real property (land and/or building) will become P10 thousand PSM only for just a stroke of a pen by a corrupt assessor .

Lunes, Mayo 7, 2012

Malacanang protects smugglers because it raises election funds?


An engineer from the Department of Public works & Highway commented on my last week’s column titled “Where is the money for the footbridge, DPWH?”
He explained the nuances of a program budget for the P90 million repair of the Marusay Bridge in Calasiao.
He gave a hypothetical illustration.
Program project is P120 million. The lowest bid chalked up by DPWH from a private contractor is P90 million thus a saving of P30 million for the government.
He said if the people and leaders in Calasiao want a foot bridge, the office of the mayor there could facilitate its construction through a resolution and an intercession of 2nd district Rep. Rachel Arenas and 2nd sub-engineering district chief Marietta Mendoza at the DPWH’s central office since its construction is a national government-supervised project.
He said the project is not a grant (free) from the Spanish government. It is a long term loan where ‘usually the freebies given by the Spanish government are the trusses (steels that hold the bridge above or below its platform)”.
Except the trusses, he said the rest of the materials are funded from the loan the taxpayers would pay later.
He disagreed to a previous proposal by an expert by borrowing one million pesos (from the P90 million appropriations) intended for the riprap of the Marusay Bridge for the contractor to use for the construction of the foot bridge and pay it later after Eng. Mendoza source out the one million budget.
“That is risky, I’ll not do that. What if the P1 million could not be sourced out by the DPWH?”
He feared that DPWH official would be administratively and criminally liable for that.
Hog raisers group said they welcome the decision of Secretary Proceso Alcala of the Department of Agriculture to sack Efren Nuestro and Jane Bacayo as heads of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), respectively, for the unabated smuggling of cheap imported meat at the expense of backyard swine raisers particularly.
My poser: When would president Benigno Aquino III ax Custom Chief Ruffino Biazon?
For more than a year now he has yet to apprehend a smuggler of imported pork who misdeclared good meat as cheaper offal that cost our government billions of pesos in revenues.
In year 2010 alone, the government lost P2.8 billion because of smuggling, technical smuggling, and mis-declaration of good meat to offal (swine parts like heads and innards for sisig but not consumed abroad). He explained the total revenues lost due to smuggling, technical
The top ten smugglers of pork in the country have each a capital stock of P100 thousand.
This is incredible because with that measly capital they eclipsed big swine meat importers Purefoods, RFM, and Monterey in terms of the volume of importation.
A source told me that the scandalous smuggling of meats could not be stopped because Malacanang abets it. The palace, according, to my source, allowed the unabated smuggling because it gets a cut, just like in jueteng, that it saves to help bankroll the election expenses of the senatorial and other major candidates of the president’s Liberal Party in the midterm poll next year. (You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

Philippine and Chinese Air Forces: Tale of the Tapes

Philippine Airforce plans to purchase a squadron or 12  of the South Korean-U.S consortium made F/A-50 supersonic light combat jets.
Russian made Sukhoi Su-27

In case war breaks between the Philippines and Mainland China, the following are the aerial military hardware the two possess:

Fixed-wing jets:  Two (2) from the 13 (that crashed or lack of spare  parts) ground support and jet training Italian made Aermacchi A-211,
12 North American OV-10 Bronco attack aircraft, 39 SF-3 260FH/TP/MS, and MADSIDHING PANALANGIN (Fervent prayers by our poorly equipped air force pilots).

Multi Role’s Fighter Jets:200 Chinese made Chengdu J-10, 76 Russian made Sukhoi Su-30MKK ,76 Russian made Sukhoi Su-27 Air Superiority Fighter, 180 China made Shenyang J-8 Interceptor Fighter, 350 China made, Chengdu J-7 Fighter/Interceptor,70 China made Xian JH-7 Fighter bomber.
Jet Bombers: 120 China made Xian H-6 Strategic bomber, 130 China made Nanchang Q-5 close air support
Airborne Warning & Control System: 8 China made KJ-2000 AWAC and 2 KJ 200 China made AEW&C.
With the proposed plan of the Philippines government to purchase a squadron (12 jets) of F-16 multi-role jets (where the latest model can cost up to $30 million or P1.3 billion apiece) to strengthen the defense of the country and make very costly any incursion of Chinese warship in case war breaks between the two countries, the question is, can the Philippines afford them?
The answer is “yes” at the expense of the government’s appropriation for social service and infrastructure!
Vietnam, who has a claim too, like the Philippines, in the South China Sea versus China and is poorer than our country, has the following modern Russian made fighter jets that are at par or much better than the U.S made F-16 Thunderbird.

24 Russian made Sukhoi Su-30 Multi Role fighter (44 more Su-30 til 2015 to build three Su-30 Fighter Regiments), 15 Russian made Sukhoi Su-27 Air Superiority fighter (that is superior than the F-16 but with the same price of $30 million apiece(or equivalent of the entire military U.S aid worth $30 million or P1.3 billion to the Philippines this year)), 144 Russian made Mikoyan MiG-21 fighter.
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Linggo, Abril 22, 2012

R.P's empty tourism come-on slogan


I am not impressed by the government’s come-on: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” This is empty rhetoric. We Filipinos are good only in sloganeering. How can you attract tourists, particularly deep pocketed foreigners to come to our shores and start spending their monies when a toilet bowl at Terminal 2 in Manila could not even be provided with toilet paper by airport officials ( I know this because I was a victim of this when I arrived from abroad). A hotel in Dagupan City shuts-off its water system even before midnight because its owner wanted to save power and water bills, and another hotel seems to have an air conditioners that are programmed to decrease its cooling system from cool to hell as hours pass by. Even how catchy is our country’s slogan originally coined or plagiarized (hey, are the Swiss listening?) by the wise guys at the Department of Tourism, the figures speak that in terms of drawing tourists we are still a wimp even in our backyard South East Asia.

Martes, Marso 20, 2012

FVR irks by Benguet's governor long speech


 Come election time, this first term mayor in Pangasinan will reap a landslide votes from his town’s voters. 
Why? Everybody can go to his house 24 hours a day seven days a week and confide to him their problems from hospitalization to burial without any qualms.
Patronage politics at its finish, eh?
 The mayor said he shoulders half of the P8 thousand burial expenses, and give up to P3 thousand hospital bills to the destitute including those media prostitutes, te heh!.
 “You sourced all of these from your town’s social funds?” I posed. 
The down-to-earth hizzoner answered me in the negative.
 He said his P600 thousand social funds were already depleted since February this year. The money he selflessly spends for his indigent constituents comes from his pocket, the 4 percent SOP (moniker of illegal cut) his district congressman gives him to every project of the solon’s in his municipality, and the P9 thousand a day or P170 thousand a month payola from the illegal gambling jueteng . 
Former President Fidel V. Ramos

“All of those monies I get from projects and jueteng, I gave them back to my people who need them badly,” he told me.
He said in case the former mayor of his town made a comeback, he should contend himself with the crumbs of votes as he used to monopolize for himself the financial spoils his office got when he was the mayor. Solomonic (greedy), eh?

 The event was the unveiling of the marker dedicated to former president Fidel V. Ramos, and the launching of the first San Roque reservoir boat at the San Roque Power Corporation in San Manuel, Pangasinan.
It was an event treated by a five-minute speech (as dictated by the event’s program in brevity "protocol") to each high roller government officials like Japan Ambassador Toshinao Urabe, president and Chief Executive Officer of SRPC; Mr. Froilan A. Tampingco, President, National Power Corporation, Pangasinan; Ryukichi Kawaguchi, President& CEO,SRPC;Governor Amado T. Espino, Benguet Governor Nestor. B. Fongwan, and others.
But the rule did not apply to the main guest former President Ramos, known as FVR , who had been given a 15 minute allowance for his peroration.
 He wowed the crowd after he gave his signature EDSA Revolution’s jump after he was introduced by SRPC’s vice president for corporate affairs and renowned master of ceremony Tom Valdez.
But FVR bravado was frustrated by Governor Fongwan after the latter gnawed not only the 15 minutes allocation for the latter but even those five minute’s allocations given to the other VIP guests. Fongwan’s “kilometric” speech was probably written by columnist Max Soliven.

 He dissected the nuts and bolts of the shares of Real Property Tax and the Special Education fund from the earning his province Benguet gets from the SRPC that were reduced from 2 % to 1.1%. He assailed how his province and his town Itogon are shortchanged in the distribution of revenues from the SRPC, and other grievances he showboated through his legal prowess. 
I heard he ain't even a lawyer but probably an LL.B holder sans the bar.

This irked President Ramos who impatiently and incessantly biting his cigar and eventually stood up and went to the seat of Benguet Vice Governor Crescencio C. Pacalso by telling him in Ilocano like “napudot(hot) and commanded him like what general do to his colonels to stop Fongwan’s lengthy verbal exhibition.
 Everybody at the back seats laughed when the former president gestured by cutting his (FVR) throat to the amusement of the members of the provincial board of Benguet and other spectators. 
FVR then went to have some niceties in Ilocanos with some folks at the back as the unwitting Governor Fongwan continued his sentiments and encomium. 

The raucous continued when FVR came to my seat when I asked him when I would give him my article in relation with my recent interview with him. Instead he extended his right hand and hand locked my right hand by asking me to counter his gripped.
 “You already know sir, I could not beat you ever since we had hand locked before,” I whispered to him as the crowd no longer looked at Governor Fongwan, who still delivered his legally loaded piece, but to our direction. 
“ Kahit si Manny Pacquaio surrender dito (Even Manny Pacquiao (world class boxing champion) gave up on this hand locked),” Ramos told me. 
FVR then asked his close-in bodyguard to get my folder that included my article with him and my latest Q & A with former speaker Jose de Venecia on the South China Sea (See too next issue my Q & A with Ramos). 
Thereafter the Benguet governor, who probably sensed  the demeanors of President Ramos to him, has returned to his seat.
 When it was Ramos turn to speak, he said he would only speak in 5 minutes because Governor Fongwan consumed his 15 minutes allocation (crowd guffawed again). But it did not stop FVR to go 20 minutes impromptu.
 He dramatically threw at the gusty San Roque wind all the three sheets of folded papers he took from his front pants’ pocket by telling the crowd he no longer need them because it would consume more time at the expense of the crowd who endured in the noontime scorching sun. 
What amazed everybody about former alumnus of West Point during the entirety of his speech? 
He, clad in a long sleeve barong, spoke outside the mammoth sunbrella unmindful of the scorching noontime heat. 
This made FVR a cut from the rest. 
All the preceding speakers spoke under the comfort of the sunbrella. Despite the blistering sun he continued to crack jokes, reminisced how as the then incumbent president of the land he helped conceive the SRPC, and the significance of the hydro-power plant to the need of the country that reeled on the power debilitating crises then.
 The chivalry made FVR a soldier's soldier.
 I saw these awe in the eyes of retired and active generals, officers, and enlisted men who were there. This made him an Erwin Rommel and a Charlie Chaplain in one and reincarnated susmariosep like when he treated the hoi-polloi the great giant tilapias and the shark’s story him and former Speaker de Venecia cultured at the reservoir of SRMP. 

"When I was president Joe de Venecia narrated to me how big by gesturing the size of the mature shark to those fingerling of tilapias we threw years ago at the reservoir. You know Joe loved to exaggerate. sabi ko naman sing laki na iyan ng pating e mas maliit naman iyong giant tilapia".

FVR brought the house down, son of a gun, with that anecdote!

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Martes, Marso 13, 2012

Analysis:Why the Philippines is poor?


 I felt bad every time I saw on TV the celebration of the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. Since that historic date in 1986, the economic stocks of the Filipinos went to the dogs.
We remain poor while people in neighboring Mainland China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have experienced economic growths catalyzed by their government led pro-business environment. Before EDSA Revolution, according to the United Nation data the Per Capita Income/ Gross Domestic Product (PCI/GDP means an approximation of the value of goods produced per person in the country, equal to the country’s GDP divided by the total number of people in the country ) in current U.S dollar prices in 1987 of these countries were the following: China ($308), Malaysia ($1,965),Thailand ($929), and Vietnam (No record), and the Philippines ($645). In 2011 or 24 years after the revolution, these countries have the following bigger and fast growing PCI /GDP: China ($4,354), Malaysia ($8,373), Thailand ($4,613) and Vietnam ($1,183). The Philippines has an anemic $2,140 of PCI/GDP as based on the PCI/GDP growth of these leapfrogging countries except Vietnam. But with Vietnam’s $1,183, it would not take some years before this former backwater but fast growing” communist” country that embraces 100 percent foreign business ownership on her shore to catch up with us.


Biyernes, Pebrero 24, 2012

Q and A Spratly Islands’ conundrum:” We should play the Philippines Card” – De Venecia

In a recent article of the Global Times published by the Communist Party’s People’s Daily, the tabloid exhorted China to punish economically the Philippines because of its recent military dialogues with the United States to host a more regular and much bigger military exercises on her territory.Former five-time House Speaker Jose de Venecia, Jr., an imminent connoisseur of geo-politics, was interviewed by Mortz C. Ortigoza, political columnist of Northern Watch, on the Chinese’s threatening belligerence towards the Philippines and the East Asian Countries who have claims on the Spratlys and other island territories in the South China Sea (SCS), the United States growing presence in the SCS, and the debt crises at the European Union in the face of the forthcoming election in France and the volatile political coalition in Germany. Excerpts:

MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA (MCO): Mainland China’s president Hu Jintao recently said war is imminent between China and the United States, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
Radio Commentator Mortz Ortigoza and former Philippines
House of Representatives' 5-Time Speaker in one of their
huddles that usually zero's on international  affairs.

JOSE DE VENECIA (JDV): Well, in the first place I don’t know whether it was true Hu Jintao made that statement that war is imminent against the U.S, Philippine, and Vietnam.

MCO: I read that in the internet an article entitled “China prepares for war over South China Sea Spratly Islands” after Hu reacted, in a speech he delivered at a military industrial complex in China, to U.S President Obama’s announcement in January 5, 2011 on a new military strategy in Asia as Vietnam and the Philippines were acrimonious on China’s incessant and aggressive encroachment in the Spratlys. 

JDV: I don’t think there will be war in the South China Sea.

MCO: How strategic is the SCS to the U.S and the claimant nations in South East Asia like the Philippines?

JDV: Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei and so to address to the U.S and the Europeans to insure an untrammeled navigation of the South China Sea that is their main concern because of the oiltankers of Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan would pass through these Spratlys in going to the Malacca Straits, going through the Andaman Sea, going toward the Indian Ocean, going toward the Arabian Sea. Imagine that our ship through Manila bring this (oil) through Corregidor. We don’t have tankers (to pass) to the front yard and backyard.

 MCO:President Barrack Obama has just decided to reduce the United States troops in Europe by transferring them in South East Asia like the Philippines and Vietnam, Guam, and Australia to buttress the U.S Military presence there. How did you see this latest U.S policy?

Sabado, Enero 21, 2012

A stupid Catholic priest

Boxing great Muhammad Ali will celebrate his birthday on February 18 at the MGM Grand Area in Las Vegas, Nevada.
According to Associated Press, his guests would be high rollers of the boxing world like former heavyweight champions George Foreman, Ken Norton, and Leon Spinks. Former welterweight king Roberto Duran will be there, too.
As far as this corner is concerned, the only kings that could not attend are the "Three Kings".
But there is a special guest that could ruin or turn the party into success.
Philippines's pride and world’s pound-for-pound boxing boss Manny Pacquiao would  treat the  Parkinson disease-suffering Ali and the guests with a love song.
Did I hear somebody yell: “Mag boxing ka na lang!( Just concentrate on boxing!)”
Does retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz shoots from his hips without any basis as he comes to the succor of beleaguered Chief Justice Renato Corona of the Supreme Court?
In an interview at the program of Bogs Torribio of Bombo Radyo- Dagupan, I asked Cruz that in case we stop now the impeachment he brands as a charade against Corona how would he solves the dilemma incase detained former president Gloria Arroyo asks the high court to grant her a bail by invoking the constitutional mandate that evidence against her is not strong on her non-bailable case.
“What if the Court grants her, and she absconds to a foreign country that has no extradition treaty with the Philippines?” I posed.
Susmariosep, the good archbishop, who is my neighbor in this paper, said he could not answer my question.
Tsk, tsk, Cruz should better shut his mouth and restrain himself if doesn’t know the nitty- gritty of the impeachment trial and its political and moral consequences.
As you know folks, an impeached Corona would straighten the other magistrates not to entertain evil thoughts otherwise they would be next on line of impeachment.
What I don’t like about many of the Catholic clergies in this country, they sided with issues that are no brainier.
For instance issues like the artificial methods of birth control.
The absence of free contraceptives glares its ugly heads on our street.
Poor families kept bearing children that become street urchins, petty criminals, you name it. Vehicles on the streets’ slums are hampered by poor malnourished kids playing their things there.
“These sorry sights would aggravate for another ten years from now,” I told somebody in the car as I tread carefully the roads.

         By the way, we are already 101,833,938 (July 2011 estimate) million rambunctious Filipinos. Number 20 in the world in terms of demography.
Then here comes  retired Archbishop  Cruz and a priest who officiates a novena mass at the Supreme Court lately for the beleaguered chief justice Renato Corona.
I could forgive and forget Cruz craps there at the executive department of the government  that he accused of bullying the chief magistrate, but I nearly kicked my TV after I heard the officiating priest asking Corona if he is ready to become a saint after the conclusion of his impeachment try.

Susmariosep my foot! How can be the chief justice be a saint when he could not even submit publicly his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and  Net Worth (SALN) for some years now and his recently P14.5 million already discounted posh condominium unit  purchased that would not jibe with his salary?
A saint is beyond suspicion. Corona’s stalling to show publicly his SALN elicits strings of suspicions that he enriched himself after he prostituted himself with the infamous former president Gloria Arroyo.
On the latest Pulse Asia survey, it said that Corona had the highest disapproval (24 percent) and distrusts (27 percent) ratings among the five top government officials
Res Ipsa Loquitor eh, chief justice?”