Martes, Hunyo 5, 2018

Filipino Senators For Sale?

   Amendment of the PSA 
remains unacted by the Senate

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Amendment to 100 % foreign or Filipino the ownership of a business utility in the Philippines can solve the Filipinos unemployment problem as it will open the economy to more investors.
So who says that Federalism is the economic silver bullet?
It’s the amendment of the Public Service Acts (PSA), dimwit, that until now the Senators procrastinate to pass so President Rodrigo Duterte can sign it into law.
The present PSA or otherwise known as  Commonwealth Act No. 146 covers all types of common carriers, be it by land, air or water, water supplies and systems, petroleum, electricity, communications systems and even broadcasting stations.
It is where utilities have been mandated by law to be averagely 60 percent owned by Filipino or Filipinos despite the thick pockets of the foreign partners who sulked themselves to settle for the 40 % of the voting stocks.
Tycoons in the Philippines where 14 of them joined the richest  people in the world according to Forbes Magazine's Richest People in the Planet for 2017. Photo Credit: Cebu Properties.
Because of this seemingly xenophobic equity, foreign investors go instead to Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other South East Asian countries.
If the House of Representatives passed the PSA in September last year, why the Mabagal na  Mataas na Kapulungan or Slow Senate as derisively called by Speaker Panty Alvarez until now sits on it?

Is it because its campaign time for the May 13, 2019 poll for re-elective senators like Grace Poe, Cynthia Villar, Nancy Binay, Sonny Angara, Koko Pimentel, Bam Aquino, and JV Ejercito where they have to crisscross the country in an expensive hundreds of millions of pesos stump where they need radio and television advertisement? 
Do they need badly the monies and aircraft of these corporations being affected by the amendment of the PSA?

Filipino Cadets Bare Sad Plights at West Point

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 Cadets from the Philippine Military Academy sent to the United States Military Academy and those at military colleges in South Korea, Japan, Canada, and Australia disclosed some of their sad financial plights.
USMA Second Class Cadet Jesson Peñaflor said that he and his co- West Point, New York based cadet have to pay each $2,000 (P105, 270.00) their education and training supplies and equipment at USMA before they trudge their four years military and academic courses.
WEST POINTERS – United States Military Academy’s First Class Cadet Renier Dela Cruz (extreme left) and Second Class Cadet Jesson Peñaflor flanked former Military Professor Gabriel Ortigoza of the Philippine Military Academy when Ortigoza attended the USMA Class of 2018 graduation held at the Michie Stadium in USMA, New York recently.
The two Filipino cadets are part of the treaty called Foreign Service Academy Program signed by the Philippines with the United States. The country has other similar programs with South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

This disclosure was recently posted at the Face Book’s account of Gabriel Ortigoza, a former military professor at the PMA, when he attended the graduation of the USMA Class of 2018 in New York last May 26 this year.
He said neither the PMA nor USMA pay for these materials.

The PMA have two “international cadets” it sent to USMA in Peñaflor and Renier Dela Cruz.
Dela Cruz, who is from Baybay, Leyte, will be graduating in May next year while Peñaflor, from Bukidnon, will get his diploma at the Michie Stadium in May 2020.