Biyernes, Marso 13, 2015

Mayweather can negate Pacquiao's Flurry


Floyd Mayweather can negate the hay maker of Manny Pacquiao if based on his previous opponents who gave him a trench war on the ropes.
Photo shows Pound-for-Pound King Floyd Mayweather (L)
 with his signature Stick-and Run Strategy against the hay maker
 of Welterweight King Manny Pacquiao. This kind
of tussle will be seen on May 2 
His hardest and toughest opponents who roughed him up (the only solution trainers and fighters thought to beat him) were then Pay –Per-View’s superstar Oscar dela Hoya (who obliged the 147 lbs Floyd to fight him at the 154 lbs Junior Middleweight),  southpaw Victor Ortiz, and the two combats he had with Marcus Rene Maidana.
In all of those tussles I mentioned, the toughest Mayweather had escaped victorious was with Mayweather vs. Maidana 1 in May 2014 when the rugged hard chinned Argentinean, who disgraced KO puncher Ortiz to say “I was hurt” and gave up the fight in Round 6 in June 2009, dealt Mayweather a split decision victory.
Maidana, by the way, was not only a dangerous foe but a more stronger puncher than Pacquiao
That fight, where some hard core fight fans give some big deals, however was immaterial because in their rematch in September 2014, Floyd and his trainer and father Floyd Sr., hatched a stick and run, clench and stick, stick and slip, and other tricks they could get from that son of a gun’s stick exposed by neutralizing the speed, smothering and hammering styles of Maidana in that one sided target shooting rematch.

Here are my posers to those who root for Pacquiao to win in his May 2 biggest fight of the Century against Mayweather:

This Priest Court’s Contempt, Charges


I was amused with GMA-7 sports caster Chino Trinidad's opinion on Pound-for-Pound's boxing king Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar dela Hoya, Pacquaio vs. Miguel Cotto. Walang binatbat daw iyong dalawa kahit mahaba ang kamay.

He, he, siyempre walang binatbat nag reduced ng weight sila.  Cotto (who should be in 154 lbs limit’s Junior  Middleweight) and dela Hoya (who climbed the canvas at 145 lbs despite fighting as Middleweight) reduced ng ilang weight classes. Those guys were dehydrated, salamabit!
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Wait for my article; I'll carefully analyze it for you guys.

Attaboy Duterte!


When I was huffing and puffing past 2 Pm of February 18 trekking the snaking stairs of the new Hotel Le Duc in Dagupan City for its 5th floor's convention hall  (I ain’t know there was an elevator there) for the press conference of colorful and tough talking Davao City’s Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, I bumped into a former colleague at the University who told me the mayor “spiced” his impromptu speech with the amused members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Pangasinan Chapter with expletive's “p*tang In*” every time he cited a patent corruption issue bedeviling the government.

PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER. The no-nonsense  Davao City Mayor  Rod Duterte posed
with the tough talking members of Pangasinan media after he spoke last February 18
at the Rotary-Club of Dagupan City. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

Aside from the male and female lawyers there, there were several retired generals who were mostly PMAyers, that North Cotabato's former Governor Manny Pinol introduced to me, prominent Manila lawyers including my political law professor and former President Gloria Arroyo's counsel Raul Lambino, Dante Jiminez and his Volunteers Against Crimes & Corruption (VACC), and the “sea” of members of the media where many of them patiently waited for Duterte at 11 Am for the 2 Pm press conference of that day.
Parang ikaw pag nagsasalita, may spiced of swearing in between your emphatic statement,” my colleague at the academe ribbed me.
When I met Dagupan City’s Chief of Police Supt. Cris Abrahano at the parking ground of the hotel while he supervised his police manning the flow of the traffic for the mostly Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) of Duterte’s entourage and guests to conveniently egress to the national highway, he told me he has not yet heard Duterte’s speak.
Instead of citing to him the one liners of the no-nonsense mayor at the 5th floor, I rephrased to him, that amused him, the excerpts of the  Q & A of the editorial board of the Graphic Magazine Special Edition on Duterte that former Governor Pinol, a town mate, gave me when I brought him the day before to Ruel Camba’s No. 1 radio commentary program at DWPR.