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Mayweather can negate Pacquiao's Flurry


Floyd Mayweather can negate the hay maker of Manny Pacquiao if based on his previous opponents who gave him a trench war on the ropes.
Photo shows Pound-for-Pound King Floyd Mayweather (L)
 with his signature Stick-and Run Strategy against the hay maker
 of Welterweight King Manny Pacquiao. This kind
of tussle will be seen on May 2 
His hardest and toughest opponents who roughed him up (the only solution trainers and fighters thought to beat him) were then Pay –Per-View’s superstar Oscar dela Hoya (who obliged the 147 lbs Floyd to fight him at the 154 lbs Junior Middleweight),  southpaw Victor Ortiz, and the two combats he had with Marcus Rene Maidana.
In all of those tussles I mentioned, the toughest Mayweather had escaped victorious was with Mayweather vs. Maidana 1 in May 2014 when the rugged hard chinned Argentinean, who disgraced KO puncher Ortiz to say “I was hurt” and gave up the fight in Round 6 in June 2009, dealt Mayweather a split decision victory.
Maidana, by the way, was not only a dangerous foe but a more stronger puncher than Pacquiao
That fight, where some hard core fight fans give some big deals, however was immaterial because in their rematch in September 2014, Floyd and his trainer and father Floyd Sr., hatched a stick and run, clench and stick, stick and slip, and other tricks they could get from that son of a gun’s stick exposed by neutralizing the speed, smothering and hammering styles of Maidana in that one sided target shooting rematch.

Here are my posers to those who root for Pacquiao to win in his May 2 biggest fight of the Century against Mayweather:

*How can Manny impose his hand speeds and left power punch when Floyd would not mix-up with him but instead backtrack every time he unleashes his power punch or haymaker?
 *How can he solve the puzzles when every time he lowers his right or left guards, Floyd sneak an unexpected flushed punch where the Filipino least expected it – call it  radar guided accurate smart bombs from the Stealth bomber F-35?
*How can Manny avoid an opponent who seldom uses jabs but looping power punch that landed behind his ears despite Pacquiao burying his face in his gloves just like what happened to Miguel Cotto and Canelo “Saul” Alvarez?
*How can Manny solve the puzzle despite turtle shelling his face , the American hits him by his 5 inches advantage right straight or left hook on his bread basket when he least expected just like what happened to the brawlers Ricky Hatton and Maidana ?
*How can Pacquiao drag, trap and maul Mayweather on the rope when the latter clenches him or shoulder roll or weave and bobble and unleashed those short hard hooks inside?
*How can he dominate a stealth in Mayweather when he could not only weave and bobble beautifully but can emulate a Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker by retreating in inclined position as he evades  the right and left hooks of his opponent ? He did it beautifully at Maidana -2 and Juan Marquez's fights. Oh Sweet Science, how could I not stop lovin' you?
*How can Pacquiao counter punch Mayweather on his trespasses when the latter slip, run, and hatch another trick on his pocket to fire those vicious punches on his right and left faces or on his belly?
*How can this wannabe Filipino boxing writer seems to side with the showboating, bragging, and crowing African American without courting treason, sedition, sowing intrigue, whatchamacallit cases from his government before the May 2nd mega feast where the lowest ticket according to Pretty Boy Floyd cost not U.S $ 1,500 but $ 8,000 (360 Philippine peso) according to his CNN interview’s lately?
That’s why my dear Procopio, I am still soul searching how could I convinced myself betting on the future Filipino Senator, notorious for his absences at the August Chamber of the House of Representatives as congressman, when he struggled with the clockwise foot works of counter punching artist Juan Manual Marquez who avoided Manny’s left power punch and counter it with his (Marquez) staggering left or right punch every time the 8th Division Filipino Champ lower or withdraw his hands to reset.
Does Mayweather three times better as counter puncher and tactician than Marquez, who knocked out the careless Pacquiao cold in their 4th rematch? Hurry Procopio, please give me an answer before I start betting my hard earned savings to that brash swell head Rolls Royce riding American!

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