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I boldly predicted Mayweather outclasses Pacquiao


Please bear with my Bragging Right's antics: Thanks to diligent research and meticulous observation on the strengths and weaknesses of the richest sportsman on earth Floyd Mayweather and Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao, I did not only win against those gullible bettors, but against all odds including those boxing analysts in the Philippines, I fearlessly predicted on my TV and radio interviews and on my column Mayweather would defeat Pacquiao on their Flight, er Fight of the Century's match last May 3.

Here's the access of my analysis, Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather: ANALYSIS, that offended many Pacquiao fans (since many of these 'idiots" thought I committed treason) when I wrote the Filipino superman would be dominated and defeated by Mayweather because of his superior skills I have been diligently following since the time he was knocking out the likes of  KO artist Diego Corrales and the rugged Arturo Gatti:READ: I boldly predicted Mayweather outclasses Pacquiao 
Thanks to veteran Manila Bulletin and Sunday Punch's scribe Jun Velasco, who since time immemorial enthusiastically shared my takes on the ring brilliance of Maywealther. He even wrote my observation at Sunday Punch  what would happen on the biggest fight since modern boxing (Marquess of Queensberry Rules) was invented in 1867. Here's the excerpt of Jun V's column "Think about it" "On the other side, our boxing analyst Mortz Ortigoza says there’s no way our PK(Pambansang Kamao) would beat Mayweather.
Using boxing science lingo, Mortz says he is just being factual about the Yankee’s big edge — big, not small edge – over our national treasure. His computer-like analysis has impressed his audience with his blow-by-blow account, as if the match was already over.

 "I don't gamble",I told veteran and Pangasinan top broadcaster Ruel Camba when he dropped by at the house recently to get my take on the post Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. " But I could not forgive myself if I would not bet on Mayweather a week before the fight," I told him. Aside from fearlessly predicting a Mayweather win on my columns, TV, and radio station interviews in some parts of the country, I know already the strengths and weaknesses of both pugs since I was diligently  following how they fought since decades ago. Since many Filipinos passionately root for Pacman, many of them send feelers and called me because they heard me confidently told radio interviews I have a wager for Mayweather. Iyong isa doon Y amount, sabi ko gawin mo ng bigger Z amount, pero hindi na tumawag uli. Iyong manager ng Manila based bank bet Z amount pero ayaw naman niyang iiwan sa kilala naming tao. Kaya di natuloy (he should congratulate me, his Z amount is still intact). What I could not forget is a tricycle driver plying in the university belt told me they got Y amount. I told him balik ka dito make it a bigger Z amount. He came back by bringing the bigger amount. "Sabi niya may mga college students na nag chipped in for Pacman para lang maabot ang Z amount".
 I pitied those guys mukhang baon pa ata nila iyong pinusta. Gusto kong ibalik iyong pera ng mga students kasi may anak din akong nasa college. What was amusing was those big suppliers of Baguio vegetable and the famous Dagupan Bangus who bet for Pacman came to challenge me. "Ano ang naka-in niyo bakit kayo Mayweather, sayang lang ang pusta niyo," one of them seemed sorry for me. "Anak ng baka, after MGM announced that Mayweather won the fight, I and my gofer Galman were in a frenzy going to the people where we left the bet and took them immediately baka bawiin pa ng mga bettors ang mga pusta nila. Although I'm no gambler, I just learned that gambling is not totally a game of chance. There is also SCIENCE on it that plays too with the gullibility (katangahan) of many bettors. Sa mga gustong humingi ng balato, naubos na sa treat with friends and pinambayad na ng mga utang namin. Bawi na lang kayo sa rematch ni Mayweather and Pacquiao he he".
Defeated elite pug Manny Pacquiao would earn in that Las Vegas “boxing heist" not less than $120 million or P5.3 billion ( 30% deduction of Promoter Bob Arum's share, taxes, etc., still not deducted).That was a historical match in the planet that both pugs earned, son of a gun, U.S $130,000 per second! With Pacquiao’s alibi that he got a damage rotator cuff on his right shoulder but did not disclose it on the form given by the Nevada Athletic Sports Commission, he opens himself to the 'counter punch" of the NASC for perjury (4 years imprisonment) and class suit for morale damages by those hoodwinked fight fans at the MGM who spent an arm and leg for those prohibitive ticket where a front seat cost $140,000 or P1.7 million. Baka kulangin ang kita at mga bahay (including the recent one he bought from sultry U.S actress Jennifer Lopez) ni Manny Pacquiao sa damage suit na pambayad sa kaso sa kanya? Abangan

Here’s Dagupan City’s promising Assistant Prosecutor, a boxing fan, told me at Face Book when I posted that  NSAC said it was looking at Pacquiao's non-disclosure and would be investigating possible sanctions against the fighter. According to True.Ink, perjury is a D-class felony in the state of Nevada, making it punishable by as many as four years in prison.

With (Pacquiao adviser Michael) Konz owning up to the writing of the answer "no" in the questionnaire that asked whether Pacquiao has any shoulder injury, I think any criminal lawsuit would have no more legal basis because Konz' admission is actually a valid legal defense that Manny could employ. Good faith is a good defense in a perjury charge,” Parayno said.

Here’s my retort: “But Pacquiao supposed to answer that document. When he employed Konz he was only his representative. But the yes or no answer and the signature NSAC asked on that  document should be from Manny "in pain of perjury". Analogy ko dito Fiscal Ferds, kung ganito ang depensa using other person to check the question and the affiant (Pacman) tells all and sundry that he did it in Good Faith, criminal minds would just use this situation to escape the law"

 " That could be possible, but Manny's case would be different. Remember, he was on training, and focused on other things than in the questionnaire that he allowed Konz to fill up although he signed it. . Perjury through reckless imprudence, maybe? But I dont think such “animal”  exist in our criminal jurisprudence since criminal intent [dolo] which is present in intentional felonies, is incompatible with imprudence/negligence which is required in culpable felonies," Parayno, a gun buff, answered.

So on this case NSAC should prove that Pacquiao and Konz conspired in playing around with that “No” answer before the long arm of the law in the United States sanction them or locked them in jail.
Before I end this column, here's a stiff jab from my cousin-in-law and one of Pangasinan's top cockfight aficionados Labrador town councillor Zoilo Rosario: "Bayaw hindi nag disclosed si Pacquiao na may injury sya, Baka naman pumusta sa kabila ang mga yan.  Kaya tinalo nila mga pera ng mga kababayan natin sa Amerika na pumusta sa kanya, Kaya kapal ng mukha ng Pambansang Sugarol na iyan!"
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