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Can a Col. Borromeo do a Col. Rabusa?

By Mortz Ortigoza

Retired Colonel George Rabusa did not cast accusation at allegedly corrupt generals with clean hands.
He was accused by the Ombudsman (government anti-graft prosecuting body) of three counts of perjury and unlawfully acquiring property and vehicles amounting to more than P43 million. His net worth rose from P618, 000 in 1990 to P7.18 million in 2003 despite his annual salary then being less than P275, 000.
This culprit is a member of Class 1981 of the elite Philippine Military Academy that practices ostracism among fellow cadets who lie, cheat, and steal.
Rabusa’s expose is his come-on for the Ombudsman to include him as state-witness.
As state-witness, he would no longer be going to Muntinlupa (National Penitentiary) in case he would be convicted because of incriminating pieces of evidence prepared by the Ombudsman against him.
Instead those who would be in the jail house would be his former chiefs of staff Angelo Reyes, Roy Cimatu, and Diomedio Villanueva (susmariosep, all four-star generals who should be the epitome of PMA motto’s “Integrity”!) who would be embracing the proverbial cold grills of the detention cell as they would be charged with a non-bailable plunder cases.
Lt. Colonel Dionisio Borromeo is a soft-spoken former Chief of Police of Dagupan City. A decorated Philippine Military Academy Class 1988 graduate who was implicated as the protector of the mother-of-all shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) dens in the Philippines. The illegal drugs were found inBarangay Upper Bimmotobot, Naguillan, La Union years ago. The worth of the prohibited stuffs he allegedly protected was estimated to run to P1 trillion.
As Reyes, Villanueva, and Cimatu still roam the country as freemen, Col. Borromeo has long been sleeping on the cold floor of the jail in La Union.
Many people did not believe Borromeo is the sole protector of that mammoth drug hoard. They believed he was only a pawn sacrificed in the games of generals at the Philippine National Police.
Can Borromeo do a Rabusa?
In case he will do that, this country will be an exciting place to live in again.
If Egypt got a corrupt President Hosni Mubarak, the Philippines will be clamping a dozen of mini-Mubaraks in a non-bailable charge circus.
Can you imagine drooling readers and viewers hook on their newspaper and TV set everyday as the embezzling case is being sensationalized by the acrimonious media?
Holly Molly, what’s this? After I finished encoding this lowly column, the website of Bombo-Radyo Dagupan on its February 3, 2011 news release said that Colonel Borromeo has just left jail by bailing-out P1 million at Branch 33 of the Regional Trial Court under Judge Rose Mary Molina-Alim who is tasked to hear his case.
“Evidence against him is not strong,” as what the judge opined.
Did the prosecutor oppose this application for bail?
According to Bombo, prosecutors handling the case were not able to file within the filing- period their Motion for Reconsideration (MR) as they just receive the judge’s resolution for bail last Monday. The Rules of Court says that MR should commence within five (5) days after the receipt of the resolution otherwise it would be final...

Crazy as the fixcals, er, fiscals want to justify their failure to oppose, my poser here is:
Is this part of a quid pro quo before “Borro (his moniker)” starts finger pointing his superiors as he applies for a state witness protection program?
News report said Dagupan City has collected P40 million in taxes from January 3 to 20, 2011.
This higher collection is attributed to the threat from the city government of a pain of closure for tax delinquents.
Is this worth rejoicing about?
NO! This if we take a peek how neighboring Urdaneta City collects its tax on the same period.
Urdaneta City used to lag behind the Bangus Capital countless of years before. But in the same month this year, her bursar optimistically said that he could collect P45 million of his target.
What’s Urdaneta’s secret?
It has efficient tax collection. She has an Urdaneta University that pays ten millions of pesos of revenues yearly.
There are no business tax cheats as big as in Dagupan that monkey around their tax books.
It has no college like in Dagupan that masquerades as a non-profit tertiary institution so it can escape taxation.
As Urdaneta efficiently collects bigger revenue for January, continued “brickbats” between the mayor and vice mayor in Dagupan become a treat for everybody.
Vice Mayor Fernandez pooh-poohed the P40 million tax collection by the executive department led by Lim last January.
A media woman was heard telling Mayor Benjie Lim that the Vice Mayor downplayed it since “bina-braso daw ninyo ang mga business establishments to pay taxes”.
An exasperated mayor was heard asking the media woman in the vernacular: “Sino ang namba-braso? Ang alam ko may babae diyan sa SP (City Council) na may malaki ang braso”.
Susmariosep, if Urdaneta got all the tax efficiencies, we in Dagupan got all the laughs and guffaws.
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