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Pacquiao Should KO Mosley to Prove he is better than Mayweather


Since our dream of a mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather , Jr. is as elusive as the conclusion of a peace treaty between the Israelis and the
Palestinians, then we should satisfy ourselves to use as yardstick the impending rumble between Manny and Sugar Shane Mosley to conclude who is the most superior between them . Mosley is the less shot
Compared to the last three pugs Manny has fought, Shane is the less shot.
Miguel Cotto was resurrected from his death bed by Bob Arum when he fought Manny. The slow moving and Top Rank’s over-hyped Antonio Margarito – who “hanged” Cotto to the guillotine – was a damaged “goods” (of Mosley’s TKO) when he fought Manny.
Joshua Clottey was a joke after he only satisfied himself in re-arranging the face of Manny from Tom Cruise to Walter Matthau, and then sandbagged himself the whole night
that nearly killed some spectators in Texas with boredom.
Pacquiao has tasted TKO
Cotto, Margarito, and Pacquaio have already experienced what was liked to be in the dream-land at the dais. Mosley has not.
The only experience he got near a knock-out is a knockdown from the bigger and taller Vernon Forrest.
This loss to Forrest (twice) is the argument that his two losses to Winky Wright, and his draw to Sergio Mora is about the size (man that was a joke, er, duke in the Light
Middleweight from a natural Welterweight) and style.
Mosley’s go-go style rumble was no match to a turtle shelled but sneaking hitter Wrights. Mosley offensive style was no match to a long reached Forrest and the run-a-away
defensive style of Mora.
The loss of the Pomona, California native to puncher Cotto was disputable.
His then trainer and father Jack said that Shane has been undermined by a breathing problem because of a damaged tissue that made his clashes with Cotto and Fernando Vargas (twice) sluggish.
But after he undergone surgery for that nuisance tissue that blocked 60% of oxygen he breathed, his performances did not only improve. He knocked out big time two
Abram’s Tank poster boys Ricardo Mayorga and Margarito.
Motor Mouth Mayweather did not even knock down Mosley Even Money May schooled Shane in their last fight, he did not knock him down.But if Manny send him to the canvass, that would be a big blow to Floyd. That would be a mother of all rebuttals Pacnuts could argue with Floyd freaks.
As if Pacquaio has knocked –out too the swashbuckling motor mouth of Nevada native.
Then he could say adieu with Floyd, and instead concentrate for his remiss work in congress (Remember, he kept pre-occupying himself in boxing when he was elected to fulfill a full-time job crafting laws for the betterment of his people and not for himself only) if he intends to win a senatorial and a presidential posts that he wants to aspire in the future.
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