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Bettors for Horn won a Fortune in a Fixed Fight

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Morning radio anchors Audrey Hidalgo and Rod Marcelino of DZXL- Manila asked me today in a phone patched interview if world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao should resign from being a senator because his being a world class excellent boxer was being affected after his controversial tussle with unheralded Australian Welterweight Boxer, a former school teacher, Jeff Horn.
I told them I agreed with their observation that was earlier declared too by Pacquiao and Horn’s promoter Bob Arum.
But I reversed their poser:
What if Pacquiao retired from boxing and concentrate as a full time senator because his being a boxer has been affecting his being an “excellent” full time senator?
The duo guffawed. They know I was humoring them.
Audrey, my former tandem in our morning political radio program in Dagupan City, told me I was right.
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 How can Manny Pacquiao be an excellent senator when he was knocked out by 1,000 pound intellectual elephant in Heavyweight Senator Franklin Drilon in the worst senate debate in the annals and even anal of the Philippine Senate that saw the sorry Pacquiao decimated by the flurries of intellectual and the English language prowess of the Fat Bomber Solon Drilon.
“Na ubusan ng hangin, este, ng English at research si Pacquiao kaya na knocked out ni Drilon,” I quipped.

Okay, ‘nough said!

Let’s dissect the farce called Horn’s victory against the Filipinos’ idol who who many said convincingly won the championship battle for the World Boxing Organization’s diadem last Sunday at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.  

Some ordinary fistic fans saw Horn won the fight because he was the aggressor.
Even Horn was the aggressor in most of the entirety of the 12 Rounds he could only hit Pacman once in his three blows every time they fisticuffs.
The Filipino, although he weaved, bobbled, and slid backward, counter punches with a 1-2-3 or left fist – right fist- left fist combinations that all landed either at the Australian’s head or body.
“They were power punches and not jabs (Jab, to the uninitiated, means a quick and sharp blow but not as strong as the power punch) that out pointed Horn by Pacquiao in getting the 10 points score versus the former settling for the 9 points in a round,” I explained to them the mechanics of power punches versus a pitter-patter punches.
  I told them the set up of that combat in Brisbane could be likened to Pacquiao versus Pound-for-Pound King Floyd Mayweather.
“Manny chased all night Floyd but could not hit the slick American who instead retaliated with a 1-2 or even single hard clean punch on the face or bread basket of the Filipino in the entire 12 Rounds thus he won unanimously,” I cited.

“Nough said for Mayweather!"

 Here’s the Compubox that showed Pacquiao threw more Power Punches and the numbers that hit his opponent Horn.

            Pacquiao                                                            Horn
Thrown: 32 percent                                          Thrown: 17 percent
Landed: 123                                                        Landed: 73

That Compu- Box scoring is patent and glaring evidence to skeptics and morons who said Horn won.

I emphasized the power punches here because that should be the basis of the scoring for the three biased judges in Australia.
And I did not mention here the biased Pay Per View Commentator and Referee Mark Nelson who probably colluded “syndicate or Mafia style” with the judges in what Filipinos called “Ang piso mananalo ng barko (a one peso wager could win a ship) as the odds were in favor of Pacquiao than Horn in betting stations around the world.
The night before the match according to, Pacquiao was a Minus 600 favorite it means a wager $600 would win $100 only or a bet of $100 to Horn (a plus underdog) could win $400.
Poor bettors of the significantly favored Pacquiao who probably many of them lost their shirts,” I quipped.
Was somebody protecting Horn for future big money fights?

                                TOTAL PUNCHES
     Pacquiao                                                            Horn
Thrown: 573                                                   Thrown: 625
Landed: 182                                                     Landed: 92

Why I would not give credence to the totality of the entire punches recorded by Compubox?
Even Manny gave three jabs and Horn only threw one strong blow but smacked off the head of Manny – the judge as customarily done would be giving a 10 points score to the Aussie.
Oh by the way, much generous than the one round given by respected British Boxing Site’s Sports Mail to Horn, I scored the fight by giving Horn Round 4 and a draw in Round 10 or a score of 119 - 110 in favor of the Filipino senator who did not even fear a 1000 Pound Gorilla, er, Fellow Senator for a merciless no holds barred August Chamber’s debate despite not being prepared for the topic he was debating (click here to read Article).

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