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Next PNP’s chief if either Poe, Binay, Duterte, or Roxas wins

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The mayor of a town somewhere in Northern Luzon smarted why the resolution for a loan had been stalled by the provincial board.
Senior Supt Gilbert Cruz, PNPA 1986,
whose patron is Vice President Jojo Binay

After the resolution was dilly dallied by our councillors, here is the provincial board telling us that we still need the requirements of votes despite the resolution mustered by a majority votes of our lawmakers,” a source told me.
A member of PMA Class 1987. Vice Presidential bet
Chiz Escudero is an adopted member of that class.

A media man privy on this back door anomaly said the mayor should emulate what other mayors have been doing: Give the “Honorables” their share so the resolution passes the review of the Board.
Mga between P10 thousand to P20 thousand bawat isa diyan ang presyo,” he whispered.
“Mura lang naman pala,” I said.
He added the Board know that the officials of the town earn, too since private contractors who are going to build the projects funded by the loan will give them their S.O.P (euphemism of cut).

 Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa, member of PMA Class 1986.
                   Davao City Mayor Rod Duterte's fair haired boy for the top post in the national police.

Rubbing elbows lately with some top brass of the police who were alumni of the elite Philippine Military Academy, I asked them who will be the next chief of the Philippine National Police in case anyone of these presidential candidates wins the May 9 election and takes office in July first of this year.
Remember, incumbent Chief of the PNP Director General Ric Marquez will be retiring from office in August this year.
When I asked if Senator Grace Poe wins who will be her fair haired boy.
 The answer was a member of PMA Class 1987 because vice presidential aspirant Chiz Escudero was an adopted member of the Class.
 "Si Grace was adopted member of PMA Class 1991, any member will be too young for the top post of the national police," he told me when I asked if Poe is not only an adopted daughter of action star Fernando Poe, Jr but of PMA class.
"How about si (Vice President) Jojo Binay in case he wins?" "It would be Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz" another PMYer retorted.

Mar Roxas' ward: Generoso Cerbo, Jr., PMA Class 1984

 Cruz police rank is an equivalent to a full colonel in the military. He is not a PMAyer but an alumnus of the Philippine National Police Academy. "He used to be the chief of police of Binay   in Makati when the latter was the mayor," my source told me.
Cruz is now assigned as the Deputy Director of the Police Community Relation Group.(PCRG).

How about (former DILG Secretary) Mar Roxas?
"He would be catapulting Generoso Cerbo, the highest perch. He is PMA Class 1984 and an Ilonggo from Roxas' province Capiz," I was told.
"Si (Davao City Mayor) Duterte, sino ang fair haired boy niya sa PNP? Si Joma Sison (founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines)?" I jested because of the closeness of Duterte with the Reds in Davao City.
Another PMAyer told me it would be One - Star General or Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa - a member of PMA Class 1986.
Presently, there are few members of this batch who got a star rank.
Dela Rosa whose moniker is “bato (stone)” was former Davao City’s police director.
He is now assigned at the Directorate for Human Resources and Doctrine Development in the national headquarter.
When I asked them why junior officers are being groomed to be the top honcho of the PNP that would smack on the senior officers like members of PMA or PNPA Classes 1983 to 1985.
Another PMAyer assigned at Camp Crame and friendly with Cerbo told me that it is not an issue.
“The president can promote a colonel to one star general, then after a week he can be a two-star general, then a week later a three- star police general that could even bypassed those senior officers, “ he cited on past experiences.
Since my police brass sources could not give me who will be Maid Merriam Santiago's favorite to be the PNP chief in case miracle happens that she wins the elusive presidency, I just ventured it would be either Uncle Bobo of the PMA Corp Magazine's cartoon character or Joker of that Batman's movie. 

One of Senator and presidential wannabe Merriam Santiago's choices:
PMA cartoon character Uncle Bobo or;

Joker of the ballyhooed Batman's flick

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