Huwebes, Disyembre 1, 2016

Shame on you, Senator Leila!

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

My radio tandem Harold asked me the difference between promiscuous Senator Leila de Lima and West Point graduate Captain Elisabeth Campbell in the movie “General’s Daughter”.
ME: Campbell allowed herself to be screwed by Captains, Majors, Colonels while De Lima allowed herself to be bonked by security guards like Ronnie, Jomel, Warren, and whatchamacallit!
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Senator Leila de Lima lamented recently the outcome of the probe of the House of Representatives: "As a woman, it breaks my heart that my private life and personal relationship (to her body guards) has become subject of the public and Congress' ridicule."

What a nerved for her to say that.
She acquiesced early this month her “illicit” relationship with a married driver and body guard at Winnie Monsod’s TV talk show at GMA-7.

She blamed human frailties on that relationship.
Dayan told congressmen last November 24: "Totoo pong nagkaroon kami ng relasyon ni ma'am at nagsimula po ito noon ding 2007. Mga two to three months pa lang ako sa law office niya”.
"Bago pumasok yung 2015, nagkalabuan na kami ni ma'am. Kesyo hindi na daw kami masaya sa pagsasama namin. Lagi kasing bangayan at laging nag-aaway kami”.
"Parang nasampal ko siya ng bahagya. Sabi ko, 'Uubusin mo yata kaming mga security (details like Jomel, Warren) mo."
De Lima should know that aside from committing a criminal case of concubinage, she is not  an ordinary woman, she is a legislature, for Christ sake, a senator of the Republic of the Philippines and not a high official of the Republic Cement based in Bulacan, whose public and personal life is subject to the microscopic scrutiny of the press and the public.

Can you still remember this law on your Constitution 101?
“Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, AT ALL TIMES, BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives (Section 1, Article 11 of the Philippine Constitution)

Senator, if you couldn’t take the psychological pressure on the goods being hurled at you including your involvement with dangerous drugs peddling at the national penitentiary, you resign!
Immoral legislature like you should have no moral suasion from your perched at the August Chamber to moralize on us Filipinos.
Son of a gun, better look at you first.
Nakakahiya po kayo!

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  1. Efigenia Jean Lacson Fake picture na naman, grabe kayo ha.
    Like · Reply · 15 mins
    Mike Marquez
    Mike Marquez I like the Republic Cement..hehehe
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    Lito Ramos
    Lito Ramos Concubinage for delima??? he he he!!!
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    Luis Sander
    Luis Sander Ang linaw linaw ng mga allegasyon ayaw padin patalsikin sa senado at di pa makasuhan
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    Gerald Panulaya
    Gerald Panulaya The hoax attack
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    Michael Wittmann
    Michael Wittmann well if the wife of dayan does file a case against her then her political career will be over. since with all the current evidence dayan himself stated he just admitted to the crime, it would be a done case.