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Vice President Binay’s sexual tip to an associate

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

I and some pals crossed path recently into a seductive and flirty former lady employee of a legislative body in Pangasinan. One of my colleagues asked her on the rumor from employees at the August Body that she and a member of that body had sexual relationship.
She denied it but said the dad was an exhibitionist.
Philippines Vice President Jejomar Binay and his alleged mistress.
“Pag kaming dalawa lang sa office niya doon pinapakita-an niya ako ng ari’ niya (When we were alone he flashed his dick to me),” she told us.
She said it was just okay if the BM had big genital but the problem he got a size bigger than a pinky finger.
This refers to Mon Tulfo's column on the popularity of Senator Chiz Escudero for the vice presidency and Davao City Mayor Rod Duterte as threat to the presidential bid of Senator Grace Poe. Talking about popularity if Escudero runs as the vice presidential tandem of presidential hopeful Sen. Grace Poe, DILG Sec. Mar Roxas is more popular than him based on the April 2015 Social Weather Station (SWS) polls. Roxas was No. 2 with 12% while Escudero was far in No. 4 with 6%. I could not understand the logic of Mr. Tulfo, a Davaoeno, that because Duterte (No. 3 or 15% SWS Presidential) has not declared his intention to run for president he would be a threat to Grace Poe (No.2 with 31% SWS Presidential). But Poe and even Roxas, just like Duterte, did not yet declare publicly their moist eyes for the presidency. So in case the duo declares their ambition, their polls stocks would spike too just like what Tulfo argued on Duterte?
I observed this kind of reasoning when I asked two weeks ago Roxas Political Campaign Lieutenant Congressman Mel Sarmiento. "Dapat mag VP na lang si Roxas dahil hanggang ngayon kulelat pa rin siya sa survey, I said".
Sarmiento retorted : Kasi hindi pa siya nag-declare ng intention niya for presidency, matagal pa ang election.
 Sannamagan, even Roxas and Duterte did not declare their intention for the country's top post their everyday three times a day 30 seconder at ABS-CBN and GMA-7 TVs betray their being mum on their presidential ambition.
"Bakit pa sila nagbabayad ng milyon-milyong TV ads kada araw?

I was at the office of a close associate and political operator of Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay when he told me that Binay was warmly received by the wide eyed people of the two provinces Ilocos when he barnstormed there.
They loved him because he speaks their vernacular,”  I said.
The operator, who was with the controversy hounded presidential hopeful in that powwows, said Binay does not speak Ilocano. He said Binay, who looks like Ilocano because of his dark skin, comes from the Ybanag Tribe of Cagayan Valley and Isabela.
“Oh I know, I have some students in college who came from that province and they have that funny accent “.
He told me that the secret of the Vice President of his young looks despite being 73 years old is the food he eats.
My source confided that Binay eats a small cup of raw garlic as one of his viands everyday so he can maintain his normal blood pressure and his “youthful” vigour because garlic is an elixir and an aphrodisiac.
The Vice President whispered to him: “Maniwala ka sa akin lalong lalakas ang sexual performance mo dito (bawang) (Believe you me, you would be sexually reinvigorated by garlic),” as he pounded the table for several times with his right index finger.

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