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By Mortz C. Ortigoza

VIDEO of News.PH.Episode 86 with moderator Pia Hontiveros (
extreme right) and one of the guests Rep. Niel Tupas, Jr. 

In the Solar News TV weekly political talk show's "News.PH."Episode 86, Rep. Niel Tupas (5th District, Iloilo) told host Pia Hontiveros that if he has his way he would no longer appeal the 13-0 decision of the Supreme Court on the Disbursement Acceleration Program that was adverse to Malacanang.
 “That’s 13-0 decision of the Supreme Court, and if I’ll be the party on that case I’ll no longer appeal,” Tupas stressed.
“The party? What you mean the party, the Liberal Party?” Pia innocently posed to Tupas.
I chuckled at my seat while I saw Tupas paused and was momentarily confused of what he heard from his pretty interviewer.
“The party, the party let us say the defendants (Respondents President Benigno Aquino III, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, and Budget Secretary Butch Abad -MCO) there,” Tupas said.
“Oh, the party…. I thought bago….kasi…,” Hontiveros stuttered.
The solon told her that they are talking about the case on DAP (and not the Liberal Party that has nothing to do with the topic – emphasis mine).
(You can access these exchanges at 3:20 of the above video)

Here’s another blunder at 4:33 of the video:
TUPAS: The president signifies his intention to file a motion for reconsideration. Nakita mo na siya mismo sina-submit niya ang executive to the constitutional provision sa korte suprema so hindi ganoon….
PIA: (Butted in a confused manner)The president is submitting himself to a constitutional process?
PIA: Even if he does not recognize the decision of the Supreme Court?
TUPAS: (Momentarily puzzled) Hindi nya sinabi na hindi niya ni-recognized. Ang narinig ko na hindi siya sang-ayon.
PIA: Ah? Okay.
TUPAS: (In a Political Science 101 Lecture)You can disagree for the decision of the Supreme Court. It does not necessary you don’t recognize it.

Yes, my dear pretty Pia Hontiveros as long as you are a citizen of this country you have  no right not to recognize the highest tribunal we called the Supreme Court. It’s the final arbiter of any dispute in this forsaken country Philippines. Although its nitty- gritty functions are not taught in journalism class, they are being studied by those political science students or those who take first year in Bachelor of Laws in a subject called Political or Constitutional Law.
A wannabe talk show host or columnist should take it first if not diligently read the books about it. If you want to spruce up your professional prowess you should study these stuffs.
I saw Pia before committed some faux pas to her TV interviewees. In the vernacular we called it:” Kulang sa research at hindi nakikinig mabuti sa sagot ng mga guests niya”.
My unsolicited advice to Pia: Watch Solita Monsod (once a College of Law student) of “Bawal ang Pasaway” at GMA-7 TV, Megan Kelly (Albany Law School) of the Kelly File, Martha MacCallum  of America’s News Room, and Judge Jeanine (Pirro) of Justice, the last three women are hot, er, intelligent talents of Fox News Channel's talk shows who handle with expertise their wire in- the- box interviews.

If disciples of Thomson Reuters would tell journalists to avoid redundancy in composing a news article, Reuters and his disciples would be scandalized how journalists -legitimate and illegitimate- in the province if not the whole Philippines violated one of his "don'ts" in gathering a news. These folks have the propensity of interviewing public officials like a mayor on the topics he just read on his State of the Municipal Address that have been included already on the copies of the speech distributed by his personnel to the same media men who do the interview.

“Tingnan mo itong mga kasama natin, binigyan na nga ng kopya ng para doon na pagkukunan ng news sa speech pero mapilit pa ring iinterbuhin si Mayor,” I quipped.
That (mal) practiced has been a waste of time not only for those journalists who can go to their other beats but to the officials who still have more pressing things to finish.
“Okay sana kung clarrification iyong tinatanung, problema kung hindi non-sense inulit na naman iyong sinabi ni mayor kanina,” one radio reporter butted.

Critics of Santa Barbara, Pangasinan Mayor Carlito Zaplan probably have stopped bashing him as no do-gooder hizzoner.

The mayor has recently delivered a long three-hour State of the Municipal Address (SOMA) before the sea of the town’s municipal officials and his constituents who swarmed at the Orbos Gym of the town.
The back-breaking speech he delivered by standing for three cruel hours, and without the benefits of going to the johns in between, could be one for Ripley’s or the Guinness.
The July 31 one-hour emotions concluded State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Aquino III could be child’s play compared to Zaplan’s – a fellow Liberal Party, litany of projects.
Zaplan reads his “never –ending” presentation in English while Aquino read his regular SONA’s speech in Pilipino.
“Does it mean Zaplan had done more to his constituents than Aquino to the Filipinos?” my gofer Procopio Matulis, who was imbibing his 500 ml 6.9% alcohol kicking Red Horse beer, posed.
I asked the good looking veteran politico if he did get tire on his presentation.
“Pagod? Hindi nga ako napapagod na magbuhat ng isang sakong bato , ito pang speech na ito na babasahin mo lang, “ the rags-to-riches storied mayor retorted.

He then whispered to me” Saka hindi ka nga napapagod sa **** ito pang nakasulat lang sa papel na ito!”.
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