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How Pacquiao neutralizes an eel in Bradley

BANE FOR PACQUIAO - This Floyd Mayweather- liked bobbling
 of Tim Bradley negated a lot of power punches from the left hand of 
Manny Pacquiao in their 2012 welterweight diadem match the latter lost.

Of all the marquee opponents that clashed with Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley has been a tough customer to crack. Why? He was liked an eel that Manny has been frantically missing to hit big time in their 2012 outing.
Every time Manny threw his right jab or right lead, Tim, in a side way position, ducks ala Floyd Mayweather at the left side of Pacquiao thus neutralizing Manny’s money left killer straight and hook that just flew above the back of the 30 years old Palm Spring, California native.
Every time Manny, 35, used his right feint to bait Bradley to open up to his (Pacquiao) smashing left punch, Tim avoided it by turning away clockwise (just like Juan Manuel Marquez) or in a retreating fashion (just like those communists who were chased recently with stones by the Muslims in Mendiola) from Manny’s left hand.

What should the Filipino pug do to negate the eel- liked strategy of the American?

1.       Every time he and Bradley exchange flurry of punches, Manny should emphasize on the left uppercuts instead of the left crosses (straight) and left hooks that have been negated by a naturally weaving and bobbling American. An uppercut is effective since it comes from his hip level and upward to hit the chin of the opponent.
2.       If the head hunter Pacquiao cannot hit the ducking Tim, the head hunter should transform into a body snatcher.
It happened to Ricardo Mayorga when the fist of stones Tito Trinidad threw everything including the proverbial kitchen sink and the stinking toilet bowl at the face of the showboating and thrash talkin’ Mayorga but to no avail. But when the Puerto Rican dug on the liver parts of the Nicaraguan the hard works paid off as Mayorga knelled on the dais in pain for several times.
3) Every time Bradley swung a right hook, Manny ducks to his left and vigorously hits Tim with counter left punch on the right chin or on the liver part.
I saw him did this strategy in the 2012 fight but he should double or triple this effort in the rematch on the weekend. By doing this, Manny would be giving Tim a dose of his own medicine. Thus, outwitting the counter puncher with a counter punched.

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