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Nuke-powered NoKor negotiates equally with the U.S., Allies – JDV

One of the few persons in the world who extensively knows the South and North Koreas’ politics is Philippines’ former Five-Time Speaker Jose de Venecia.
De Venecia is the Founding Chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) to which many South Korean politicians are members.
Ortigoza and Speaker de Venecia.

When he was Speaker of the House of Representatives, he brought in the Philippines many multi-billion pesos projects and grants from the South Korean government because of his connection with the people in high offices there.
 Northern Watch’s Political Columnist Mortz Ortigoza, for the umpteenth time, interviewed de Venecia whom the former considered as a political connoisseur on foreign affairs like the 2018 Inter-Korean – Summit held at the Peace House in the South Korea’s held territory near the demarcation line. The Summit was led by capitalist South Korea President Moon Jae-in and pariah but nuclear powered communist state North Korea Chairman of the Workers’ Party and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.
 The discussion between the two leaders revolved on denuclearization, peace establishment, and improvement of inter-Korean relations for their mutual benefit. Excerpts of the thoughts of de Venecia:
 MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA  : Do you think  the Inter – Korean – Summit between Kim and Moon will be for good for the peace  between the two Koreas and their neighbors Japan and other countries?
 JOSE DE VENECIA : I’ve been saying that in my three columns in the Manila Bulletin. For the last two months I’ve been saying that.

  Yah, yah.
 You read my column in the Bulletin last Saturday.
 What will be the upside after the Summit? Will the humongous power house capitalist haven United States be engaging North Korea with business just like what it did when Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping through his far-reaching economic reform opened the mammoth Communist Chinese market to the world?
  No, the upside is that North Korea, South Korea will sign an agreement for mutual development on both sides of the 38th Parallel. The next couple of weeks an agreement to be joined by the United States which could lead to a final peace between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea will be a tripartite agreement.
  What prompted North Korea to have this sudden liberal mode of negotiation with South Korea? It was unthinkable before?
 What prompted them is the time has come after they have proven that they could develop their nuclear power to get out and negotiate with an equal basis with the United States of America. And now they could protect their flanks on the basis of semi equality since where before they have no appreciable negotiating power or pertinent power. They have it now they were able to negotiate an agreement that will be co-equal, sovereign, respectable, and at the same time per their nuclear power to get maximum economics assistance from the U.S, South Korea, and Japan.
Can North Korea become a capitalist haven like Mainland China and Communist Vietnam whose economies thrive at a phenomenal rate because of Adam Smith’s capitalist system?
  It would be like the two Vietnams, it could be like the two Germanys that is why I believe that this peace agreement has a lot of potential that could lead to a final peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula.

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