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Cops to arrested pusher: You post bail then sell our drugs

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Recently, four member of the intelligence service of the Makati City’s Police Station were entrapped by police’s Counter-Intelligence Task Force because of robbery-extortion to two lovers whom they even kidnapped and released with the conditioned that aside from the one hundred thousand pesos they gave they have to cough- out another three hundred thousand pesos for their safety and those of their love ones.
The other day I talked with two female convicts who served time at the Correctional Institution for Women in Mandaluyong.
Image result for rogue cops
ROGUE. Abusive and incompetent cops in the Philippines being punished by the
 National Police Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa. Photo Credit: Panay News
They told me they were sentenced with Paragraph 3 Section 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2022.
That paragraph talks about possession of less than five grams of narcotics like shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride.
They have the same version of that police racket in Makati City.

Woman A said when police barged at her house in Marikina City they found a sachet of shabu in her possession. The police told her to post bail, that run up to P400 thousand, immediately so that when they arrested another pusher with narcotics, they would take a portion of the drugs so she would be selling those stuffs while she got a percentage from it.

Woman B told me the same modus operandi with policemen in Marikina when she was apprehended with possession of illegal drugs in Dagupan City. They told her to bail for her temporary liberty and wait for another police arrest of a drug peddler so she can sell a part of the shabu the cops confiscated from that pusher.

Now, I understand why President Rodrigo appointed Military Chief of Staff General Eduardo Año and not a lawyer for the powerful top post of the Department of Interior & Local Government – an office that oversees the police. 
"I have a problem with the police....I was reading coming here, another spot report of four policemen again kidnapping – putang ina talaga itong mga police na ito (these policemen are really sons-of-bitches). So you need one, somebody who knows the police by the fingertips. Kailangan 'yan (That's needed),” Duterte fumed in a press conference as quoted by
Here’s what I posted in the vernacular at Face Book last Saturday after the Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote that the owner of food giant Jollibee and Mang Inasal, the family of Tony Tan Caktiong, would be earning a projected P4 billion this year.
   “Mas mayaman si Jai-Alai Lord Atong Ang sa may ari ng Jollibee at Mang Inasal. Si Atong Ang sa 14 provinces sa Pinas, P10 billion ang kinikita niya a year sa hinde pa nagbabayad ng tax na Meridiane Vista Gaming Corporation (MVGC) that runs a number game played like Jueteng called Jai-Alai and clinched a six year injunction at the Court of Appeals so it could not be harassed by the police and the personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation".

But Atong Ang’s Jai-Alai is being threatened not only by those who want to kill him allegedly from those- powers- that- be but to a rival sanctioned by the government’s Philippine Charity Sweepstakes’ Small Town Lottery (STL).
A police general assigned in the national office told me the other day, Atong would no longer raise a howl on the presence of STL operations in the towns and cities where his Jai Alai operate and police raids.
“He would rather spare his life under the gauntlet hands of the Duterte Administration than raking those hundreds of millions of pesos a month from his Jai-Teng”.
Another police general told me before that in Pangasinan alone, a 44 towns and 4 cities’ province, Ang’s cobradores could collect a ten million pesos daily revenue from the number games.
Half of that goes to elective and police officials in the province and in Manila as protection monies, Ang gets the five million pesos a day,” he told me.

With three percent given to the mayor of a city or town of the gross sale of Small Time Lottery (STL), operators of illegal number games they called “guerillas” are dangling ten percent to Pangasinan mayors, according to the right hand of a mayor, for their collectors to get bets for their jueteng operation at the detriment of the PCSO run STL. 
With ten percent share of the gross sales, the mayor can even pocket seven  percent while he can give two or one- and- a- half percent to the chief of police and the free three square meals a day to the cops, and the one percent to the vice mayor and the nine  councilors.
The ten percent share given by guerrilla or illegal operators is huge since the under siege Jai-Alai of Jai-Teng of Ang only shell- out 3%, 1.5%, 1% for the mayor, police, and vice mayor and the dads.

STL, runs by the Republic of the Philippines, is tightwad.
According to the letter sent to the mayors and signed by PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan, a former Marine general, it gives only a measly 3% for the mayor and nobody else.
Anak ng bakang dalaga, gutom dito sila Vice Mayor and mga Kagawad. Gutom dito mga pulis!

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